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The silence still hung in the air like a pestering bug. After many attempts to liven up the walk to Kisa and Hiro's elementary school by many people finally the one who started the disturbingly awkward silence decided to break it. "Soooooo," Mai said, "How was everything while I was gone?" "Oh! It was fine, I was fine I remember this one time...!" started Momiji only to be interrupted by Yuki " Everything was less lively without you Mai," said the rat, but as expected Momiji kept on his rant even while Yuki was talking. "We all missed you," 'And then this big frog came out of nowhere!' " All the games were not as fun anymore," 'I was so surprised! I decided to make friend with Mr. Frog, I named him George you know,' "But over all this went by the same as always we all grew and matured."finished Yuki. "Well im glad you guys weren't to sad when I got locked up by Akito. Haha...im so relieved!" sighed Mai. "Hey were you even listening to me? That's rude you know!" cried the now somber tow-head. "Im sorry Momiji, I'll tell you what when we get to Shi-chan's house you can tell me all about it ok? I swear to listen." the young wolf promised. "Oi! What are you guys doing here? We aren't kids, we don't need to be picked up!" yelled an angry new voice from beyond the gate of the elementary school they had just arrived at. "Hiro! Please be more considerate! We have a guest with us you know!" said Yuki forcefully. "Hiro you shouldn't yell so much..." Kisa muttered. "Oh yeah Rat? Who do you have that is so important that you have to come pick us up like little kids!"screamed the now angered ram. "Hello Kisa, Hiro." Mai said quietly with hidden glee under her breath. "Who was...M-Mai?" exclaimed Hiro. " Nee-chan!"gasped the young tiger. "Hehehe...its nice to see you two again...still as easily angered as ever Hiro." Mai laughed "Mai..." Hiro breathed out. "Hello Hiro, how have you been?" Mai gently said. "How have I been? How have I been?" yelled the boy angrily as he steadily made his way over to Mai. Then finally as he was close enough to feel Mai's breath on the top of his head, he stopped slowly raising his arms around Mai in a tight hug he with a slight tremble in his voice "I've b-been fine...sister" Now tearing up Mai returned the hug loosely. "Hehehe...your still such a cry baby." As Hiro's tiny body started the shake uncontrollably the muffled sound of sobs came from within both of the to reunited siblings. As Mai buried her head in Hiro's hair she promised herself 'I wont leave you alone again Hiro...no more darkness...I wont abandon you, I promise.'

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