Fayarah Chronicles

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Everyone is gone, seeing that the contest is over and that there is no second place. Sitting at the edge of the stage, petting Hysteria on my lap. I didn't really care if Drew was mad now; I had won myself a special prize. Sai…... I wonder where he went. It's good that I've calmed down, I would've been screaming my head off even if I heard the name. I smiled down at Hysteria as she purred and looked up to see Sai right there.

"OMG it's SAI!"

I nearly fell off the stage, but instead I feel back on the stage floor, my head hitting it with a thud. Hysteria coming over and licking my face. My head hurting so much. I could barely see. Well what I did see is his face like inches from mine. Smiling.

"Hello there yourself"

I smile weakly, I didn't want to get up, and if I did my lips would hit his, wait…nothings wrong with that! He moves his head back and holds out his hand to help me get up. I clench my head, which aching so much. I wince and he must have noticed it because he held his hand where mine was.

"Hurt yourself already pretty girl hmm?"

Pretty girl? A compliment from the heavens! Somebody pinch me! Wait! There's more, he picks me up bridal style and smiles down at me. I'm in shock, Sai holding me like I'm his bride! Lovely! I'm in heaven or an illusion…but I doubt it is.

"You shouldn't walk; if you do your head would hurt more with each step"

Hysteria walked next to Sai; like she didn't care he was holding me. God shows how much she cares. I nod my head, which hurts! I just like that Drew comes around the corner. His eyes widen like a deer's in headlights. Like seeing me being held by a super cute, all time celebrity and trainer, bridal style with me blushing every minute and him looking clueless (and cute) is really going to endanger him…wait….I proved my own point.

"Fay! What the hell!"

Typical, I reluctantly drop out of Sai hands, to see Ash and the others too, May staring at Sai, who was looking at me. Ash staring at me, Brock staring at a picture of Nurse Joy and Max staring at Hysteria who was staring Sai. Drew, I don't know if he was staring at me, Sai or both of us…who cares. Sai wouldn't let go of my hand, don't know why…who cares! He's holding it!

"Watch your mouth! What the hell do you mean by what the hell?"

Wow Fay, tell the boy to stop saying what the hell and you say it two times. Who cares, not like he's going to listen?

"My Pretty girl wanted to meet me"

Pretty girl! HIS pretty girl! My cheeks turned bright red, and I almost fell but Sai caught me, his face looking down to mine, Showing his cute cheeky grin. He speaks like an angel, and with such innocence

"Pretty girl who are these people, except for two older boys (not counting Brock) the rest I don't know"

I smile weakly as he brings me back up to a standing possession. May's lower jaw almost down to the floor. Heh…not a good time.

"Her name isn't Pretty girl…Is Fayarah, what the hell is wrong with you!"

Drew starts to yell, and a crowd starts to gather, the fan girls staring at Sai lovingly, but he pays no mind to them. The crowd is really getting on my nerves, they're shouting and the commotion is unbearable.


Wow, mental me. Surprised it worked though, the worst part is that the sun seemed to disappear behind dark clouds. I sigh, before my head hurts again, I feel woozy too. The drama right now isn't helping it at all.

"Pretty girl…Fayarah…she's still a pretty girl"

Sai grins again, which would have helped my head in seeing his beautiful smile but, it's too deep now. Sai could tell it too, and he walked past the bunch and started out of the park, putting me back the original way he had me.

"HEY! Where are you going?"

Sai stopped and turned around, my head swerving the whole way. He smiled lightly before turning back around and heading out the park.

"If you're coming come…Fayarah's head hurts no need for drama"

Drew looked dumfounded, which was kinda funny. May going over to drew to help him calm down, but he brushed her off quickly…he turned to the others, following Sai and me. Hysteria at his heels.

"Let's just go…"

I swear, he was stomping all the way! I know it's wrong, but you have to see a little amusement while watching him. I couldn't giggle though, my head was killing me. Yeah, people were staring as we excited the park, and guess what? He had a limo! A stretch Limo, god what does this city not have? Everybody piles in; Sai gently sitting in the seat next to him, making sure my head was placed so gently that it wouldn't throb.

"Thank You...Sai..."

I smile weakly not seeing Drew roll his eyes, Sai turns to the others pointing to Drew.


"You're that Coordinator am I right, that's the talk of the Pokemon world hmm?"

Drew snapped from his moment and looked to Sai smirking, trying to act cool now. His ruby eyes locking with Sai's own aqua ones. It seemed like a stare down, neither let up though, until Drew spoke that is…

"Yep…but that's not my priority right now, I'm supposed to be helping Fay find her sister"

Drew turned to Fay seeing her asleep, her head resting on Sai's shoulder. Sleeping soundly, wincing her head now and then, Hysteria on her lap, Pikachu also. Curled to from a tight ball like a 69, dozing instead of sleeping.

"What did you do Drew, make her walk the whole way"

Max looked to Fay and then to Sai who was grinning, his small earrings glimmering. He had heard of Sai…Who didn't he was nation wide, a sweetheart amongst the girls and a rival amongst the boys. He was crop of all envy, girls leaving their boyfriends to pursue him. To Max he wasn't all he was cracked up to be, he was the one causing all the commotion, and now it comes to Fayarah…he seems to have a liking to her too.

"Where are we heading Sai?"

May looked lovingly at Sai, which only crept him out more, he looked away from May to Fay, but the car quickly jolted to a stop, making Fay lean forward at the sudden jerk and land on Drew. Sai sighed, as he opened the door, squinting at the sun. A hotel standing in front of them, a big nice one. With gold lace and a shinning disposition, as if the hotel was the sun itself.


I awoke, very rudely, opening my eyes to see drew, who didn't look that inviting. My head ached; I lifted it my hand going for that spot, the sun from outside made me squint. Everyone got out one by one, me and Drew the last ones inside. Drew began to climb out, not even acknowledging my presence.

"Drew, can you help me up please?"

Drew got all the way out turning around looking at me with ice cold eyes. He glared at me, his gaze very…creepy.

"Get up yourself!"

He slammed the door leaving me in the car, on the floor. What did I do now? Something I said, something I did? Is it Sai or is it me? I wish I hadn't gone to sleep…I sighed, a lump in my throat already. Yes, I'm very sensitive…sometimes, when I really don't know what is going on. The door opened again, Drew wouldn't dare comeback, and luckily it was Ash.

"Are you ok Fayarah?"

Wow, how am I so easy to dry, god, never knew I was THAT vulnerable. Tears wield up in my eyes so quickly, emotional much? At the sound of this, Ash had the door opened very widely; Sai popped his head in looking to me with dissatisfaction, seeing my wet face dripping with salty tears. Tears are always salty, bitter…to the taste.

"Ash help her out, I take over from there"

Ash helped me up, my head still hurting, but the tears made me forget about it, my face met Sai's chest, I couldn't help it, and I grabbed his shirt more, digging my head into it. I really had to let it out. Crying over getting yield at and slammed in the face with a door. Wait, that's a good reason to cry! Sai, was sweet, he really knows how to sooth a girl, he rubbed my back, silently saying shh in my ear, which really helped me calm down. In a matter of minutes, all that was left was Hiccups, and the headache came back.

"C'mon…you NEED some soothing"

Sai began to push me to the entrance of the hotel; I guess Drew was already inside. I didn't care about him now, I had Sai. At least he treats me right, even if we have known each other for like, half an hour. I nodded my eyes turning to slits, I was ready to just lay down. Drama isn't the kinda of medicine I need…


Yes, I heard her from inside the hotel, god. She can cry loud can't she, the hotel's walls are thick, and I could hear it clearly. It was just a mood I was in at the moment. I hadn't ment to be that way to her, but she really pissed me off, now what id she do to piss me off? I really feel awful now, she probably hates me, she probably wants nothing to do with me. She's known me longer than any of those other people, so would I did could easily make her cry. I would have to apologize, me and her have to share a room, granted, we aren't the only ones staying here. Millions of other people, famous and all staying here until they must go, the inside is like pure gold, they even went for enough to trim the edges of the clothes. I that many rooms, I can tell that now, the place is big, and I feel out of place.I turn to apologize when Sai and Fay enter, followed by Hysteria Pikachu, Max, Brock and May. May stopped and turned to me, the others following Sai, him showing them their rooms.

"This is the lowest of the low Drew…how insensitive can you be?"

I snorted at her comment, her eyes looking angrily to me. I glared back at her, before begging to walk away.

"I'm apologizing okay? Get off my back"

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