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The Return of Shadow.

During the Silver Millennium, there existed a group of Warriors, the power of who caused even the members of the Moon Court themselves to tremble with fear.

One warrior was known simply as 'Ice'. His name had long been forgotten, even to 'Ice' himself. The name was given to him by the fact that he was cold, and seemed to be emotionless. His clothing was all black. Black leather shoes, black jeans, black long sleeve shirt, a black trench coat with a pentagram on the back with a shard of Ice in silver in the middle.

The assassin of the group very rarely spoke, and seemed at times to have no emotions, or at least showed no sign of them. He wore a long black jacket that reached the ground, with a collar that covered his mouth. Also, he wore a wide straw hat to keep others from seeing his face. When one did see his face, the few that survived, his eyes were a deep blood red color, with strange black designs. On the back of the black jacket was a pentagram; in the middle was a red and black cloud.

One of the sword masters had blond hair, and was usually garbed in red. His ears were slanted like those of an elf. His eyes were a golden blue color. He was a master in the use of the combination of sword and shield. Over his blood red clothing was a black cape, with a pentagram on the back. In the middle were three different stones. One was an emerald, the next was a ruby, and the last was a sapphire.

One member used art of Alchemy, a practice that had long been forbidden by the laws governing the Silver Millennium. Unsurprisingly, he was unconcerned with his breach of the law. He had deep golden colored hair, and his eyes were completely white, with no signs of pupils. His right arm and his left leg were lost due to the rules of Exchange in Alchemy. However, he had obtained metal limbs to replace his lost ones. He wore a black jacket with a pentagram and a white design in the middle, consisting of a cross with a snake going around it.

The other sword master was known as the Solaris Knight. He had managed to turn the power of the sun into his weapon. However, the first time he had unleashed it, his body was horribly burned. After being burned, he wrapped his body in bandages, so as not to damage it further, or to accidentally unleash the power and injure others. Over his bandages he wore a simple light purple shirt and loose light purple pants. Over his purple clothing he wore a black trench coat, with a pentagram, inside of which was a fire, in dark red, orange, yellow, and white. He was a master in the use of the katana, and a style he called Battojitsu. His eyes burned a bloody crimson.

The healer of the group was an experienced white mage, and she could summon beasts of lore to aid in fighting with her friends. She too, knew how to use a special type of weapon, a weapon that the Alchemist called a gun. Her eyes were what set her apart. One was blue, while the other was a deep green color. Her long black hair was tied up in a pony tale, save for a small strand near the corner of her face. This strand of hair was a deep blue color. Her clothing was a white sleeveless kimono top, bright yellow sash covering her waist, Dark blue skirt that reached her ankles, soft leather shoes and a black trench coat, with a pentagram of a seal of power in deep green.

The next warrior was a practitioner of the Black arts, which had been banned by the Silver Queen herself. She wore a midnight blue one-piece outfit; which matched her hair and eyes, which were of the same color. Her cloak was different from that of the other members of her group, in that it had a hood that cast over half of her face in shadow. She was often a loner, because she had seen her family and friends burn when a spell escaped her control. On the back of her cloak was a pentagram; in the middle was a picture of a ying yang symbol encased in purple flame. Her skin was very pale, making her look almost like a ghost made of flesh.

Another of the members was an experiment gone wrong. His hair was bright silver, and called a sacrilege by the queen of the Moon. His eyes were a pure gold color, like those of a wolf. His clothing was similar to that of the Solaris knight but was red instead of purple. He too wore a black cloak over his clothing, with a pentagram on the back, inside of which was the design, in blood red stitching, of the image of a rabid animal, either a small wolf, or a large dog. When the Silver Queen wanted his death, she dispatched her two best hunters. She soon received a box containing their severed heads, along with a card inside with the words: Jupon Gatana.

Also within this group was a Time warrior. She had fiery red hair, purple eyes, and a temper to match her hair. She may not have been able to use the Gates of Time, but with her invention, The Sands of Time, she controlled time just as well, if not better, than her sister, Setsuna Meiou. She liked to dress up in Gothic attire. Black mini skirt, black low cut blouse, black high heel shoes, with a large black trench coat over it all, with a pentagram on the back with an hourglass filed with sand in white gold thread. She wore black lipstick, as well as black eyeliner. Her skin was very pale, even by albino standards, quite a shocking contrast to her sister, Setsuna who had a golden brown tan year round.

The last warrior was the leader, he was the Prince of the Shadow Kingdom, and he had the Shadow Crystal to prove it. His clothing consisted of black silk shoes, black shin guards, long black shorts, black shirt, and large black trench coat with white embroidery on the back, but contained within the center of the pentagram was a crown with a black gem set in the center. His hair was black as night, his skin, a light brown color; his eyes were the deepest blue to be seen in a human, a blue equaling that of a sapphire.

At the fall of the Silver millennium, the Leader used the Shadow Gem, and sent his friends and fellow warriors away until they would be needed again. Ice was the only one to remain with his Lord and he was the one the others trusted to wake them when the time came. He was given the Shadow Gem to do such. He used a cryogenic tube to be locked in stasis until he was needed again.

The rest of the Juppon Gatana, were sent to the future, but they would not all end up in the same time period. The Leader was also sent to the future.

10,000 years later

In a castle on the planet known as Shadow, in the master bedroom, a Cryo tube beeped as it entered into meltdown. After five minutes, the glass shattered. Out of the tube stepped Ice. His clothing covered in a thin sheet of frost. His face was covered in a black shawl, only his eye and a bit of his cheekbone was evident. His blue-black eye held a mysterious sheen in it.

As he looked around, Ice realized that he stood on the planet Shadow. This planet was over one thousand light-years away from Earth. Ice quickly began to check over his person, making sure that none of his weapons or tools had been harmed by his time in the tube. He then noticed that around his neck was the Shadow Gem, softly pulsing as it hung on its chain. He heard the gem in his mind, as it asked,

What is you wish, Ice?

I want to bring back the Jupon Gatana.


Light flared, and in a bright flash, Ice disappeared from the planet.

The sun had just set, the air was pleasantly cool, and not a cloud was to be seen. The half moon and stars glowed brightly. At the Tendo Dojo, Ranma Saotome, cursed martial artist, killer of a demi-god, suddenly looked up from his meditation, as he felt a power, one that felt as cold as ice, maybe even colder, manifest just down the street. This person's power levels were high, higher even then those of Saffron himself.

I could take him,' was Ranma's thought, believing it, since it was his cockiness talking.

Meanwhile, at the Neko-Hanten,

The diminutive Chinese elder, Cologne, aged matriarch of the Joketsuzoku, was sitting on her bed, smoking her pipe, when a huge Ki source became known to her senses. The pipe fell from her numb hands, as the waves of cold radiating from this source caused her to feel as she had been submerged in freezing cold water. To make it more amazing, all this energy was radiating from one single person, seeming to be male.

'He makes Ms. Nabiki's Ice Queen effect seem trivial in comparison. Who is he?' were the thoughts of Cologne.

Ice stood on the streets of Nerima, noticing that it was now night. He ran a quick check of himself, making sure that he still had everything. He then took off, his cloak blowing with the speed he walked at.

Ice soon found his way to the Tendo Dojo. As he came to the front gate he noticed a sign on the gate, which read: Challengers, please come around back. Visitors, knock at the front.

He turned and began walking towards the back entrance, and upon reaching it, knocked on the door. He did not wait long as his leader opened the door, but Ice could easily see with a glance, that his lord was not fully aware of himself, his powers, or his memories.

Not even bothering to speak, Ice snapped a palm strike to Ranma's gut, sending him flying backwards. Ranma landed on the wooden floor, the sounds of the attack carrying in the still night air, causing the other occupants of the house proper to come running out to the Dojo.

Ice released his restraints on his aura, the energy of which caused the temperature started to drop drastically. Ice drew his six-foot wooden staff and waited for his opponent to regain his footing.

Looking at the group assembled before him, Ice mentally analyzed their status and threat potential.

Two older men, masters of the Art, long past prime, Threat: Low

Youngest female, shows some experience in the Art, but not very advanced. Threat: nothing to worry about.

Middle female, showing little of the marks of a fighter, but eyes shining with a certain degree of intelligence and craftiness. Threat: Questionable

Oldest female, also showing few marks of a fighter, but with an unusual aura, and a seemingly oblivious expression. Threat: Unknown.

Ice then looked to his opponent, who wore long black silk pants, red silk sleeveless shirt, had bright blue eyes, and black hair tied in a pigtail. Ki, powerful, but was over shadowed by overconfidence.

"Who are ya?" Ranma asked, standing in his trademark ready stance, in other words, hands by his side, waiting for his opponent to attack.

"My name is Ice, My Lord."

The temperature continues to drop, causing almost everyone to shiver from the quickly dropping temperature.

Every one looked at Ranma, but it was Nabiki who asked the inevitable question, "Are you a Lord, Saotome?" her voice positively dripping with sarcasm.

"I…ain't no.o.o. Lord." Ranmas breath was coming in clouds now. His speech was beginning to stutter in the cold. "Everyone, get inside now." Ranma ordered to the other residents of the Tendo dojo.

Ice noted, with some interest, that the middle female stayed just on the other side of the door, and left a small crack in order to look in.

Ice charged with the staff, and tried to slash at Ranma, Ranma went to grab the staff, and when he did, his hand would not respond, and he was thrown to the side of the dojo.

"You can not touch my weapons." Ice said, his voice practically an amused purr.

"Moko Takabisha!" Ranma cried, as he sent off his signature Ki attack.

The Ki blast rocketed towards Ice, but it never reached its target, as the cold temperature caused even the energy in the attack to freeze, creating a large ice-ball, which fell to the ground, and rolled to Ice's feet.

Ice looked at the ball of frost, and laughed, not a happy laugh, but a laugh lacking any form of emotion, so it had a harsh grating sound to it.

"W…what's so…funny?" stuttered Ranma

"That attack was weak. Nothing of what you should be able to do." Ice removed the Shadow Gem from around his neck, and tossed it to Ranma.

Ranma, being the martial artist he is, used to catching throwing spatulas, throwing stars and knives from Ukyo and Mousse, caught the small black gem, and was encased in a wave of darkness flowing from the gem, before the darkness receded back into the gem, leaving Ranma to topple.

Nabiki threw open the sliding door and ran forward and caught Ranma just before he hit the ground.

Ice calmly walked up, and took the Shadow gem from Ranmas body and calmly walked out.

Nabiki quickly enlisted Kasumi's aid, and placed Ranma in his room.

Later that night

Ranma lay on his sleeping roll, sweat beading on his brow as he tossed and turned in the depths of sleep, his mind flashing with memories from a time long before the present.

Flashback: Watching my parents being killed by Sailor Mars of the Moon Kingdom. I am eight years old.

Flashback: Running to my parents' chamber via the secret tunnels. Smashing the bracer that held the Shadow Gem.

Flashback: Watching my home burn to the ground. The first tendrils of anger seep into my soul.

Flashback: Sneaking off the Planet, and from there, learn how to fight for the next eight years.

Flashback: Finding and recruiting others who hate the Moon Kingdom as much as I do. I am now 17 years old.

Flashback: The name Jupon Gatana becomes infamous.

Flashback: Learning that my Time mage is the sister to Setsuna Meiou, AKA Sailor Pluto.

Flashback: Sending the Jupon Gatana to the future, until we are needed again. Ice taking over the spell, and sending me to the future also. I am now Thirty years old

Flashback: Ice taking the Shadow gem for safekeeping.

Ranma woke up in his bed with a splitting headache; barely noticing that it is still nighttime, as his consciousness his hazy and cloudy. His head pounding for having thirty years worth of memories shoved into his brain.

Ranma stumbles out of the room, somehow not stepping on his father, and runs right into Nabiki.

"How are you feeling Ranma?" Nabiki asked, holding out an arm to help him stay stable.

Ranma grabs it as he slurred out, "I'm fine."

Nabiki, who is dressed in flannel pajamas, with yen imprints. She leads Ranma into the kitchen, where they sit down at the table.

Ranma's eyes seemed to be a shade darker than before. "Where's…Ice?" He slurs out as he fails to get his eyes to lock onto anything.

"He left. He didn't say anything else about himself. That's 2,000 yen for my help, and, it is going start costing you 100 yen a question." Nabiki said as she looked at Ranma's face and saw his eyes were failing to lock onto her.

"Nabiki?" Ranma asked before everything went black, his voice was laced with fear.