Yes. I am still alive. I am sorry for taking over two years to update, but I kind of burned myself out trying to think of backgrounds for all ten characters, but that died with Ice and so did my muse for this fic. Then one day, when I should have been studying for an exam, I grabbed my notebook, and wrote this out in a total of 18 hours. I hope you enjoy. Review and Criticism is welcome, and so are flames. Also, I don't own any of the series or characters herein except my own. And so, without further waiting, Here you go!

"Why are we in your room, Nabiki?" asked Ranma as he was guided to a chair to sit down in.

"It's secure, and only Kasumi comes in here to clean. Came the curt reply from Nabiki as she sat down on her bed, "Who is he Ranma, what did he do to you?" her voice was unusually soft this time.

"His name is Ice, and I don't know what he did to me, but I for some reason want to thank him…"

"What is this 'Lord' he keeps calling you?" she interrupted, wanting to get as much info before her body caved into sleep.

Ranma grinned, but it was different, and his voice changed pitch, just a little, but Nabiki still caught it, "I am the lord of the Shadow Empire, or Twilight as it was nicknamed…Or would have been if it was destroyed by those damn assassins of the White Queen."

"And what is this "Twilight Empire?" Nabiki asked as she lowered herself into her bed.

"After all this time, I'm not really sure, but back then….Oh, a thousand worlds, three galaxies where allied to my families banner. Peace in three sectors of the quadrant, but…they were probably assimilated by the White Queen after her assassins did her dirty work and murdered my family." Ranmas' fist clenched in his lap, as his voice grew harsh at the memory, "…..they probably don't even realize what we kept sealed in our world." 'Kami I hope the sisters managed to survive.' His head jerked as he heard Nabiki snore.

"Heh, good night Nabs." He whispered as he pulled the blanket over her form, and he seemed to ghost out of the room.


His single exposed eye looked over the barren desert landscape that stretched in all directions. He looked closer to the west, there seemed to be some kind of mountain range there, he turned and walked in that direction, as he pulled his aura into him to keep him cool from the sun and sands deadly heat. "Who am I looking for now?" Ice asked himself as he continued to march on.


"This food is great brother."

"You got that right Al." agreed Ed as the two blonds chowed down on the spread before them.

"Ahem, your bill, sir." Sneered the waiter as he handed over the check to Ed who looked it over. "Sure, here ya go." He said as he pulled out all his German franks left on him, plus what little money he somehow managed to obtain while back in his home world.

"Sir, this establishment only deals with Yen. Give us the money now." He demanded.

Ed looked at the waiter, "RUN!" he screamed as he and his brother made a mad dash for the door, into the street, and into the morning sun.


Setsuna laid back, her mind far away from the meeting with the other senshi, so what about sleeper youma or droids? Her sister took her attention.


"Hmmm?" she asked as the world around her came back into focus.

"Your thoughts on the matter, please?"

"On what?" she asked as the inner scouts gasped while Haruka passed Hotaru a thousand yen note, and Michiru smiled behind a hand.

"The youma and droids that keep showing up" growled Rei

"Oh, them. Dust them. They are of no consequence."

"Well, what about the weird anomaly that happened a couple days ago?" asked Ami.

"What about it?"

"According to the Mercury computer, the energy was defiantly general class Negaverse, but then the temperature in the immediate area plummeted, before your magic was added to the mix. Was it a new youma?"

"Once, Mercury, I would have hands down said yes, but now…..after all these millennia, I'm not so sure. The temperature was due to a warrior from the Silver millennium…"

"We have allies? Cool. When can they help us I'm tired of fighting these youma, and the bad guy of the week." Cried Usagi.

Setsunas' eyebrow twitched, "If you would let me finish, He is not an ally, never has, and never was. He was a part of a gang that could go toe to toe one on one with your old selves. Except Saturn, and tie the fight. He has the ability to…..Give me that damn thing." She grabbed the mercury computer from Ami. She started to slowly type on it, before snapping at it, "Voice activation code, one-four-alpha-whiskey-omega-inner-guardian Pluto."

"Voice activation confirmed." Replied a smooth male voice from the laptop.

"It….it….it has a voice activation and you….NEVER TOLD ME?" Screamed Ami as she was quickly dog piled by her fellow senshi to stop her from murdering Setsuna.

"Unlock sealed file Twi-zero-zero-light."

"Denied, unknown body matrixes detected."

"That's right, it has your original matrix, but your different now, Activate full body scan. Ladies, I suggest you stand still. And you never asked Ami."

"Confirmed, commencing body update…..Now."

The room was bathed black as a blue light scanned each of the senshi, as a series of beeps was heard, "Sailors mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus confirmed….Saturn is awake, wish for me to activate Protocol Alpha-one-niner-sierra-Romeo?

"Negative, Delete that file."

"What was…" started Hotaru fear making her voice tremble.

"Something we were stupid to create, and pretend it didn't exist."

"The Queen is dead, long live the Queen. Princess is alive, where is the Prince?"

"Not here. Now open that file."

"File opened."

The blue light turned off, as ten figures appeared in above the computer.

"These ladies," started Setsuna, "where you direct counterparts in the silver millennium. They…..played by their own rules, and they were hated and feared by the Silver Court, but they never harmed an innocent, but they held the Kingdom responsible for deaths or wrong doings in their lives….." Setsuna stopped her mind away for a second before sighing, "….Mad Max, profile data please."

The female dressed in a white kimono top and a dark blue dress shifted into first place. "Yana. White mage. Gifted in the healing arts and was proclaimed the top white mage in the Empire before her fall from grace by being found out of the forbidden art of summoning. Ranged fighter with hand held guns, and close fighter with the use of the staff. Planet of origin; Kobal. Heiress to the throne, before leaving the planet to study as a white mage on the moon. At time of exile was fourteen years. Would disappear for several years before being an escort for the Lost Prince of the Shadow Empire."

Her form shifted, and was replaced with a pale skinned red head with piercing purple eyes, "Lady Utada, Younger sister of Setsuna. Age of birth unknown, released from cryo tube ten years onto the current Queens reign, physical age, sixteen. Upon her awakening, she held rage at the Silver Queen, Reason is unknown. After obtaining the Family Heirlooms: Sands of Time, and the Tonfas of Charon, she went into self imposed exile, and wouldn't be heard from for several years."

The form shifted once again, this time being replaced by a female of skin the color of ivory, her body encased in a form fitting body suit reaching mid-thigh and to her elbows, made of some kind of black fiber, her face was covered by a hood and cloak which gave her a mysterious air about her. "Rave, Black mage. Self-taught on her home world of Korriban, but when her magic shifted against her control, and it burned the town to the ground, killing the inhabitants. She fled to beg for forgiveness of the queen, but was persecuted instead, and while on her trip to be executed the ship was attacked, of all the body found, hers was missing. Would later ben seen in Twilight occupied space. Warning is advised when fighting her, her unique ability with hexes make her very formidable."

A man dressed in a crimson colored tunic, and white leggings shifted next. His facial features where very Elven. Name, Fenrir, Last of the Elves of the planet Caprica. Master of Sword and Shield combo. Beyond mastery level of archery, Tracking abilities are beyond comprehension. No one really understand what made him turn against the Silver Queen."

Next appeared a man dressed in a black cloak going from lower lip to ankles, his eyes were unique, as they were a dark ruby red color, verging on crimson blood. "Name Taki. Home world Pein. Even at a young age, he rose thru the ranks of his villages warriors. However, it was later found to have a serious eye infection caused by a youma's blood entering his eyes. He was exiled by the very village he loved. His anger at being rejected turned form his village to the silver queen, when he found out that it was standard practice for anyone with youma blood to be killed or exiled."

A man dressed in silk pants, a white u8ndershirt, covered by a red jacked stepped up next, his gold eyes shined as darkly as his golden hair. "Name, Ho'en. Alchemist of unrivaled ability. Against the Queen he swore to obey, he learned Alchemy, and would later conduct what was termed "Human transmutation, and transmuted an entire world to cull a planet who was threatening to go to war against the Silver Queen. He created a set of blood red stones. Stones that allowed him to skip the matter of Equivalent exchange. When captured the first time, he fell in love with his guard, and she, him. However when she was killed, he tried to bring her back from the dead. What happened, he lost his left arm and right leg. Was rescued by Yana and Rave, and they crafted him a set of metal limbs that connected to his nerves. Home world: Shaba."

The senshi could only stare as they slowly absorbed the information.

A man wrapped from head to toe in bandages came next; his clothing was simple purple pants and an outer shirt. "Salish. Warrior of the Sun, or Solaris Knight. When he was nine. He harnessed the powers of the sun, but his body couldn't contain it, and was horribly burned. Normal body temperature is 105 degrees. Has a fighting limit of 20 minutes, but, in cooler climates, or a heavy downpour, can fight for up to two hours. Self taught swordsman, in a style utilizing the pulling of the sword from the sheath in a single motion. Style he called Batto-jitsu. However his mind is sharper than his sword skills. He only needs to see an attack once or read about it, or hear of it, and he has already come up with a counter attack to said attack, and always one step ahead of his opponents. Served the Royal court of the moon for two years, vanished on a solo mission, then came back with Shadow Empire Alliance colors."

The man with silver hair appeared next. "Experiment: 001-D, name; Infar. With consent from the queen using her own DNA, a single hair strand and blood from some of the best warriors of the time, and some animal blood, from the local moon wolves. However, the experiment was male. And he could use the Imperium Crystal, if reduced in effectiveness. Result was a human with the abilities of the wolves and some odd quirks. Escaped form the lab, killed three scientists. After the queen sent out her best hunters to gather him, she found out that he had been tortured by those three guards. Her hunters returned, bodiless in a royal envoy box from the Shadow Empire, or as it had become known, the Twilight sector or Twilight.

A man dressed in black that seemed to absorb light stepped up next his visible eye seeming to glare at the senshi. "Name, Unknown. Alias: Ice. Weapon user of short to mid-range. Controls the moisture in the air and converts it to ice. Any weapon that he makes, if touched by someone, even magically protected, can cause first degree Frostbite. He has been captured once and his face was recorded, his face is covered by burn marks that are outlined in ice. Excess heat has appeared to cause him severe pain."

Last came what was the leader, his clothes were simple, a step up from peasant clothes, but below that of a noble. Around his neck was a black multi faced crystal. "Prince Kumori. Leader of the Jupon Katana or Ten swords; which is not accurate because only four had swords, while the others had other weapons to use. Family murdered by the elder senshi of Mars and Jupiter. Fled with his families dark crystal, and traveled all over the know universe gathering skills and magic to get his revenge. However, he did not know that the Senshi had disobeyed orders and were later killed. His magic level in raw term was that of the late queen, but he had no apathy with using magic. Home planet is Jenova."

With that Max turned himself off and the room lightened back up. "Well ladies," asked Setsuna, "Friend or Foe? What are they?"

However before the scouts could respond, and a few looked a little green at seeing how what they thought was a pure society, was tainted, another hologram showed up, this time of the city, and labeling a new youma appearing by the arcade. The girls left the temple in a heartbeat, transforming on the run. Had they just waited, they would have seen another warning of a different kind. One that would have saved them a lot of heartache and misunderstanding.


Noah flinched as another car zoomed by her, she was not used to these fast vehicles, she was lost and couldn't ask for help since no one understood her accent and vice-versa. She desperately cried for Edward to come back and help her with this new world. She was so pre-occupied with her thoughts she never saw the fist of the youma hit her and send her into a brick wall. She turned around, coughed up blood just in time to see her Edward and his younger brother show up to fight the creature, before darkness overtook her.