The clicking of keys ricocheted continuously into the thick atmosphere. Web pages flashed before his eyes as he searched for genuine information about the legendary myth. He allowed himself to temporarily rest as his eyes and back began to ache. He headed off to the lunch room, where the aroma of coffee suddenly fascinated him. Colleagues offered to make the coffee for him; his philosophy and pride prevented him from accepting the offer. Within a couple of minutes, he managed to formulate a cup of latte for himself. As the warm concoction touched his soft lips, and down his throat, he felt a rush of refreshment and warmth throughout his whole body. Satisfied, he gave an audible sigh, before continuing his drink, until the very last drop diminished from the cup.

Feeling revived, he headed back to his desk and continued his research. After a couple more minutes, a link caught his eye. There was nothing eccentric about the title however; it was the summary that intrigued him.

'Many believed it to be just a myth, but numerous of unexplainable mishaps occurred throughout the century that no one seemed to elucidate why. A groundless statement or an incredulous anecdote? Everything is not all it seems to be, not everything can be explained logically. Here's a site giving both the negative and positive aspects of this myth.'

A website questioning logic was what that had caught his attention. Curious in what the individual had to say, he double clicked the site and began reading. As he continued reading, the more captivated he was with the site, and the more intrigued with the writer's perspective on this matter. It was not until his colleagues bid goodbye to him did he realized how late it already was. Indifferent to the time, he continued reading. When he finally finished reading, he glanced at the clock, it read one o'clock. Yawning, he forced his drowsy eyes onto the screen again. This time, he searched for the author of the site. He decided to pay the author a visit later in the afternoon. Tomoyo Daidouji. Eriol assumed that she was the author of the site. He scribbled the address down on, a piece of paper, before grabbing his coat and scarf. He switched off the lights and closed the door with a bang. The noise resonated into the tranquility of the office.

. . . . .


A flushed woman, in her early twenties, quickly dressed herself in a sky blue top, a pair of ripped jeans and thongs and ran towards the door. She opened the door slightly and peered outside, with her amethyst eyes, and was greeted with a young, casual dressed man. The man gave her a smile. The young woman was uncertain if he was being genuine since his eyes were shaded with a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses. Cautious, she asked the man want he wanted. His was one word: you. Shocked, she unconsciously stepped backwards, providing the stranger and opportunity to allow himself into the house. Unlike his apartment, her house was quite messy. Unwashed clothes were scattered everywhere, while finished meals were left unclean in the dirty sink. Opened books were laid on a coffee table and a laptop was left open, with an ongoing document displayed on the desktop. When the woman finally came to her senses, the man was already entering the corridor of her house. Alert of the possible dangers she might encounter with this stranger, she quickly grabbed her mobile and dialed triple zero. She was so intent with the dial that she didn't realized he was right behind, until he grabbed her mobile away.

"Hello, this is the police station, what is the problem?" a woman's voice finally answered the phone.

"Nothing's the matter, sorry to bother you. I just pressed the wrong number," answered the stranger fluently. After another apology and a warning, the other person on the line cut off.

"Are you the farmer?" Trepidation evident in her shaky voice. The man laughed heartily. There was no doubt that this woman was Tomoyo Daidouji, but he had to ask to make sure.

"Tomoyo Daidouji, I assume?" queried the stranger. Nodding, Tomoyo cautiously walked backwards, towards her couch. "Just because I have black hair, purple eyes and have three distinctive dots on the bottom left side of my back it doesn't mean I resemble her! I know I'm the descendent of her mother's sister's husband's younger sister; I have no relations to your lover! Don't take my heart out, I still want to live! I still have a dog to look after, and a mother to visit! I'm not married; I'm too young to die! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

With an ear piercing shriek, Tomoyo crouched down with her hands on her head and began weeping. The man just stood there. He was still trying to compute what had just happened. A woman, he just came to visit, just begged for mercy and told him a number of her personal matters. He did not have a clue as to how to react in a situation like this. Finally comprehending the situation, he pulled Tomoyo up and took of his sunglasses, revealing his radiant sapphire eyes. Smiling, he introduced himself. He briefly explained his reason of being there and that when he said that he wanted her, he meant he wanted some help from her. Reassured, Tomoyo slumped on the couch and began laughing.

"So you think the issue's just a stupid myth?" asked Tomoyo. Eriol replied with a hesitant nod. He was beginning to regret coming here in the first place. The woman in front of him was the complete opposite of how he imagined who Tomoyo Daidouji would be. Her behaviour, so far, had been foolish and obtuse. Her voice disturbed his train of thoughts when she spoke again. "You've got a lot to learn about perception, detective E, a LOT."

Now he definitely regretted coming here.