Dear All:

Realising that profile changes will not be seen by those who have favourited or put this story on alert, I've decided to write here that I am formally abandoning this fic from today onwards (It was already informally abandoned many years ago).

By doing so, I have one main worry, that people will read all the earlier chapters first before realising this fic is abandoned (I hope I may have prevented that problem to an extent by changing the summary), as I know how frustrating it is to read a story only to realise it's never going to be completed. But in other respects, I do think it's the right thing to do: to let everyone know in this way instead of disappearing. Even though this fic has been informally abandoned for many years, looking at the reviews and traffic statistics, I see that there are still people reading and reviewing, and I'd like to let you all know exactly what is up with this story. Namely, that nothing is up. I haven't had the urge to read nor watch Harry Potter in many years, and this has translated into my apathy for my fics too. Life has been busy (in that really good way) and coupled with the fact that I'm not into the Harry Potter world anymore, there really has been no motivation for me to continue. That being said, I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and reviewers all these years: when I was writing, you guys were the ones who really kept me going, and kept me determined to give you the best story I could. It's not enough anymore, but I'd still like to say I can't thank you enough for it. Also, an apology - That my facts were sometimes mixed up, that I made countless errors that could and should have been avoided by more conscientious fact-checking and book-referencing. Thank you for putting up with me through all that, you guys have been amazing.

An update with my life: I've completed the rest of my formal education, and it was a wonderful period of time, filled with memories I will treasure. I'm now in my first year reading law at Oxford, and it's shaping up to be a fantastic bunch of experiences and memories as well. Coincidentally enough, my college was the basis and the actual filming-grounds for some scenes in the Harry Potter movies, and that's pretty awesome - to be surrounded and living in a very 'Harry Potter' place, that I would never have dreamed of when writing these fics. All in all, life has been good, and it will continue to get better. I wish you all the very best too in your lives, wherever you are, and I hope that you will continue on to find more fanfics on this site that you will enjoy(:

All the best,