It had been two months since this man's death, but his death was not the only one. No one knows what happend that day, no one knows it's secrets. For all the world it was just a poor man dead, yet these figures were seen near his grave, digging. Other citizens have gone missing, or have been found with their blood drained. Europe was having it's epidemic, it's panic. London was worse than any country. The streets were empty, only the wind and rats remained unafraid. Of course their precautions were useless. People were dying more than the Black Plague, and yet the missing were greater in number. Children hid under their beds at night, parents had the lights on. Not that many were lucky using these tactics. It was slowly turning to spring now, the flowers were in bloom and it was slightly warmer. But this wonderful gift of God could not be enjoyed with the deaths becoming more in number. People wore crosses, holy water was on hand, but it didn't work at all, nothing did. Their fear was greater than Michael's, their lose was greater than his. Families mourned the lose of loved ones and children.

As April came closer, and the deaths soon subsided, everyone finally felt a peace. They randomly danced among their families in their homes, delighted that it was finally over, or so they thought. They wouldn't know of this threat, they wouldn't know of it's great power until one April night. It was on the warm side, but the wind was chilling to the bone. Their had been a great party, much like any feast of God could have been, and everyone had gone home except for three young teenagers; two boys and a girl. They were drunk of whisky and wine, and they giggled amongst themselves of the dead man's death, Michael's death. They didn't care of this epidemic that had happened since then, and they were damned brave souls, well they would be. They walked past the church, they thought of religion as pagen, stupid. They had no use for it. What would it help them with anyway? Salvation? A grand eternity? They had no beliefs at all, for they were young and had the world at their feet.

As they walked on, a strong breeze came, the girl's flowing red curls rushed infront of her face. To her the breeze was inviting, romantic. The two boys on the other hand, were frightened.

Boy 1 : " We should be getting out of here."

Girl: "Still believe a monster is responsible, are you afraid?" She teased.

He shook his head, as the other boy was frozen stiff. They all looked on to a figure. His black cloak covered his body, and his raven hair was blowing wistfully in the wind. The girl couldn't help but be amazed at his beauty, and how handsome he was. The boys were..shall we say petrified? They couldn't move, and the girl was shaking both. This man walked forward, smiling. The girl was afraid now, the boys tried to scream but were unable to. The girl backed away, her eyes stared at the man as he appraoched. She watched in horror as the man grew fangs and bit down into one of the boy's necks. Now the girl was frozen stiff. As the second boy died, the man came towards her. She ran to a building and knocked hard on the door, screaming, crying for her life. The man was behind her, and he sighed. The girl screamed insanely, pounding on the door. The woman inside the house was holding a lamp, and when she saw the two boys she screamed herself. The woman wouldn't let the girl in, and the girl pleaded. The woman made the sign of the cross, as she backed away into her bedroom. The man grabbed the girl, gently by the arm. He looked so innocent to her, and she was being willed to do this.

He kissed her lightly on the forehead, and she pressed her head against his chest. Mistake. He nuzzled his nose near her neck, and started kissing it. Soon he bit down hard, and she screamed. He hadn't heard anyone scream in a very long time, and he enjoyed it. As she was breathing her last breath, he slit her wrist. He still held her, as he walked toward the woman's door and knocked it down. And on the wall, written in blood :

Well it seems as if you are doing well since my last visit. Thank you for the lovely entertainment and dinner. It was delicious. I will return, on further notice, and next time, don't have parties with alcohol; it's a waste on today's youth. But I will warn you, try anything stupid, and something dreadful might happen. Actually it already did. See you next time.


As the sun arose of this day, the people of London were horrified. Three teens, dead. When the woman found the writting in blood, she fainted. His message was cruel, and it seemed as if he were laughing in a way. His letters were eligantly curved and quite beautiful. D, what did that mean? Of course the deaths continued, but they were more gory. Their hearts were ripped out, or their throats were ripped open. It seemed as if he was sending a message, or maybe not. Every person in Europe only had candles lit, in memory of their lose. But in all the pain, the hopelessness, there seemd to be a light at the end of the tunnel; a light of all lights. Now the people had hope.