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Summary: After spending seven years innocent in Azkaban prison, Ron manages to escape with two purposes in his life: to win Hermione back and get revenge on those who framed him.

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It would be understatement of the century to say that wizarding world was happy at the moment. Truth to be told it seemed almost everyone was on cloud nine. And for a very good reason also. Lord Voldemort, the most evil wizard ever walked this earth, was killed, destroyed, vanquished or whatever you want to call it. Most of his Death Eaters were captured or killed during the Final Battle. Such dark wizards as Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy were killed. Others like Peter Pettigrew and Severus Snape were sentenced to Azkaban for life. Without these leaders the rest of the Death Eaters were totally lost, running away as fast as they could. Aurors captured most of them in two days after Harry Potter had cast a killing curse towards Voldemort. "The-Boy-who-Lived" had suddenly become "the-Boy-who-Saved-Us-All", much to his own dislike, as this 20 years old young man hated publicity. What Harry Potter would have wished to do was relax with the peoples he loved, especially with one red haired girl.

It was almost a miracle that during the war only one member of the Weasley family had died; Charlie. Everyone else had survived, amazing when you consider how huge the family is. Most of them were now at the Burrow celebrating their victory. You would think that Harry Potter's best friend would be there but no. At the moment Ronald Weasley was still at the Ministry. For days Order of the Phoenix had been going through personal property of caught Death Eaters in attempt to find information about which ones were on the dark side. For Ron and most that went to school with him it had been great shock to find that Oliver Wood had been a Death Eater. Wood had killed himself before he was captured but failed to destroy his property.

At the moment Ron was holding a letter in his hands from Wood to someone named "Elisabeth". Letter was full of information about Order's activities. Still nobody had slightest clue what this Elisabeth's real name is. Ron looked at the clock and realised he should be getting back to the Burrow. He put all Oliver Wood's things from the table back to a basket which was labelled "evidence". Except the letter, which he put to his pocket.

"I must be out of my mind" he thought. Still he knew that if one wanted more clear information about Death Eaters one should ask from unofficial sources, he had learn during the war. But today is the party, he thought. I can ask about this tomorrow.

As Ron left the ministry he happened to see his brother Percy who had been arranging his desk as he was transferred to bank. What Ron didn't know was that Percy had seen Ron put evidence to his own pocket.

"Well, well. This could turn out to be good…for me" Percy said as he followed Ron.

At the Burrow:

Burrow was at the moment so full of peoples that party had been arrange both in- and outside. Not only was there the Weasley family but also aurors, ministries, members of the Order and closest friends. Not to mention all the peoples that Fred and George Weasley had decided to invite without their mother's approval. One of the quests that nobody had expected to see there was a Bulgarian man named Victor Krum, who at the moment was talking to one Hermione Granger.

"Victor, please let it be" Hermione said, trying to look cheerful with all the quests around them, but was frustrated by what Krum had again suggested to her.

"I don't understand you, Hermione" Krum said. "With me you wouldn't want for nothing. You would have money, contacts, fame, anything you desired. Can that boyfriend of yours arrange that?" he asked, spitting the word boyfriend from his mouth like it was poison. "You said yourself that you two always fight".

Hermione turned to look at Krum fully now. "Honestly, Victor. I thought we had ended this subject. Ron may not be as rich or well connected as you but I don't care. I love him. I have loved him for years now and it's high time you understand that" said 20 years old witch. "And yes, we do fight, but if we didn't it wouldn't be us. You don't understand Victor".

"And you would settle for him?" asked bewildered Krum.

Just then Ron entered to their sight with Percy. The moment Hermione saw his blue eyes a smile came to her lips. "Oh yes" she answered simply, excused herself and went to Ron. Just then Harry Potter raised his glass and his voice.

"Uh, everyone, please listen to me!" he shouted. "I would like to say how grateful I am that you have all decided to come here to celebrate our victory". Peoples clapped for him. "And before I let you back to your drinks and foods" little laughing was heard "I need to correct a few things. The Daily Prophet has made some articles that seem to make a picture like I alone would have won the war. It's false news. I may have been the one to explode old Voldemort" some peoples shivered when they heard his name "but I could have never been able to do it nor come out of the war alive without some of the peoples here. These peoples have been friends and family members to me at the time I have needed them. And it is I who should thank them for helping me". He raised his glass. "Thank you!"

Fred and George started to clap again and soon did everyone else.

When people started to get back to their drinks and gossips Percy found his way to Krum. Unlike everyone around them Krum wasn't smiling. Instead he looked straight at Ron and Hermione, who were embracing each others, and shot daggers to them. Percy saw his opportunity.

"It would certainly be shame" Percy said aloud, causing Krum to turn to watch him.

"What would be?" he asked.

"If ministry would get this" Percy said, pulling a piece of parchment from his pocket. "I happened to see something interesting today considering my dear brother" he continued, pointing to Ron who was still talking to Hermione. Percy waved at them as Ron noticed them. Ron looked at them for a moment curiously but then took Hermione from the hand and took her out of sight.

Percy continued. "It seems my brother my not follow the law as much as he should. Of course I had to make this letter for the ministry telling about him but still…he is my brother. Should I post it to ministry? I wouldn't want to jeopardise the happiness my brother seems to have found" he said, faking like he wouldn't have made his mind. Then he dropped the letter to the waste basket that was near them. "No, I couldn't do it, not me" he sighed innocently.

As soon as Percy walked away Krum took the letter from the basket and went away. Percy saw this from the corner of his eye. Jealous hot-blooded Bulgarian is easy to manipulate. Its high-time for my "dear" brother to learn that after all the work that I have done it's me who deserves to fame and glory. What did you do, Ron? All you have ever done was to sit in the same train section as Harry Potter. Percy thought bitterly. He had turned his heart to stone a long time ago then.

Away from the party Ron was walking with Hermione at the lake. He suddenly turned to look at her straight in the eye.

"'Mione, do you love me?" he asked.

Hermione smiled. "Of course I do, Ron".

"Even though I'm nothing but a Quidditch crazy sidekick who has an emotional range of a teaspoon?" he asked smiling to her.

Hermione giggled when she recognised her words from few years back. "Yes even when you are. Why do you even need to ask?"

Suddenly Hermione realised that Ron had dropped down to one of his knees still holding her hand. "I know we are both still very young but I have to ask; will you marry me, Hermione?" Ron asked, very seriously this time. He noticed that Hermione had stopped breathing for a moment.

"Yes, YES!" she then said, her eyes shinning and her lips in huge grin. She threw herself to him and they laughed and embraced and kissed. Ron had never been happier in his life. Unfortunately for him, he was about to learn how easily happiness can be taken away.

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