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Sakura was sleeping in her full size bed twisting and turning sweat coming down her face it was know 12:55 p.m

.Sakura's Dream.

" Give us the child and we will spare your pitiful lives " said a man wearing all black, " I would never give you her so just leave " said a women holding two babies one was a girl the other was boys they look like twins the girl look like the women which had pink hair and bright green eyes but the boy was different.

He had blood red hair and dull green eyes " Fine with me this make my job much easier " said the man he puller out a sword and ran towards the women. The women closed her eyes waiting for the impact but it never came she open up her eyes and saw sand in front of her and next to it was a man that look just like the baby boy. " Shigeki ! " the women screamed gaara turned around and looked a her then at the babies, " Are you alright Akira " said Shigeki " Yes, but we need to get the babies out of here and to a safe place " yelled Akira " Ok, Imiru " yelled Shigeki.

Imiru ran into the room he was just fighting some other men " What is it " yelled the 14 year old boy

" I want you to take Sakura and Gaara and go to Konoha and go stay with Tsunade " Said Akira, " But mot " the white haired and green eyes boy was interrupted by his father " Now Imiru there's no time to waste talk your sister and brother now like your mother said " yelled Shigeki.

Imiru nodded his head disdainfully and took the babies and ran out of the mansion and started to run and jump from trees to trees. Then ran to Konoha gates and told the gaurds that he had to see the hokage, Imiru didn't need a pass or anything since the gaurds knw he was the Kazekage's son. Imiru ran though the gates to the hokage office.

Instead of knocking he went barging Hokage, " Tsunade, Tsunde! " yelled Imiru, Tsunde looked up at thye worried teen.

" What's wrong " questioned Tsunade " My mother and father are being attacked and need help they said to talk Sakura and Gaara here and give them to you to look after while they were gone " said the panting teen. " What ! By who" said the fifth hokage, " Idon't know but i am going back " said Imiru.

Imiru gave Sakura and gaara to Tsunde and was about to be off when Tsunade said " Wait " said Tsunde " What!" said the frustrated teen. " I am sending a ANBU with you " said Tsunade. " What ever and then with that he ran out the door.

Sakura woke up all sweaty from her dream she looked at the clocked and it said 6:54 a.m Sakura felled back on her pillowed but not falling to sleep but thinking about her dream.

" Mom...Dad " said Sakura.

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