Chapter 15

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Dawn brought a myriad of sights and sounds to awaken the sleeping lovers. The cool night breezes that had fluttered the drawn curtains were placed by a warmer breeze with stronger gusts. One such gust blew the east side curtain up so far that as it fell back down, it hit the snoozing Tsuzuki in the face. He batted the cotton fabric away with his hand, and as he opened his eyes, the sun coming up over the horizon was shockingly bright to his groggy eyes. He covered his face to block out the sun's mercurichrome colored rays and grunted, "Ugh! Morning already?" Finding the end of that wayward curtain, he flipped it off the bed to again enclose the pergola in semi-darkness.

Next to him, a drowsy Hisoka turned over and propped himself up on an elbow to face the disgruntled Tsuzuki. "Do I have to go now?" The sadness in his voice was apparent that he didn't want the date to end, not yet, maybe not ever.

Tsuzuki twisted around to see his green-eyed, mussed-haired bed partner give a yawn. "Soon, but not quite yet. I am not ready to end the date." He smiled as he rolled over and grabbed the young man in his arms. We have breakfast and a bath first, then I must leave you. Business calls, so is the life of the king.

Hisoka sighed as he remembered. It was the same every morning, there would be breakfast and then the king would have his daily bath with the harem. So, Hisoka nodded and a bit dejectedly said, "I understand." and started to get up.

"Where are you going? I said breakfast, bath and then the date ends."

"But you said..." is as far as the young man got before he was cut off."

"I didn't say where breakfast and the bath were, did I?"

Now Hisoka was totally confused. They were out in the garden. True, breakfast could be out here, but the bath, well, that was a different subject. Tsuzuki almost always bathed with the entire though, he did dread that part of it because there would be all kinds of questions and looks as they arrived for the daily bath. Of course, there was the off chance that the two could take their bath in Tsuzuki's private bath. After all, Tsuzuki did have one and it was bigger and more luxurious than the one in the harem. That would be a wonderful way to end the date. Hisoka perked up at the possibility.

Tsuzuki saw a glimmer in those pools of emerald smiling at him and he smiled back. "I believe breakfast will be waiting for us. So, I suggest we get up and see what has been brought down." He got up and walked over to the other end of the long daybed and picked up a deep purple yukata and put it on. He found another one there, this one emerald green, and tossed it to Hisoka. "Put this on. I don't think you want to go out there stark naked to eat."

Hisoka grabbed the garment as it was tossed to him and questioned, "Where did these come from?" Then he looked around, "and where are our clothes from last night?"

Tsuzuki laughed. "Oh those, I guess the fairies took them to be laundered and left these in their place. It's so nice of them, wouldn't you say?"

Fairies? Hisoka knew there were many unusual things that happened in this place, but well, he just let it go. He got dressed, ran his fingers through his hair because he didn't want to look too mussed for Tsuzuki.

When both men were dressed, Tsuzuki rolled up the front curtain of the pergola and there before them was the same dining table from the night before, but this time it was set for breakfast. There were no fancy centerpieces with candles and floating flowers. Today was a big bowl of fresh fruits, a tray with assorted pastries and a covered buffet. The couple walked over to the table and uncovered the buffet to find three separate sections, one had bacon and sausage links, the middle had scrambled eggs and the third pancakes. Next to the buffet sat three jars of various kind of syrups.

"Looks like we have a little feast for breakfast Hisoka, whats say we dig in. I'm starving." And that's exactly what Tsuzuki did. He grabbed a plate, took a couple links and strips of bacon, a spoonful of eggs, two pancakes onto which he lathered on strawberry syrup. Next he piled on three pastries of different kinds and sat down.

Hisoka's eyes almost popped when he saw Tsuzuki's plate, but he should have known that the sweets would outweigh the savory items. He took his plate, got some bacon, sausage, eggs, skipped the pancakes and took some grapes and strawberries, making sure to leave most of those for Tsuzuki, since those were his favorites. He sat down to eat and noticed a glass of orange juice sitting at his seat, but when he looked over at Tsuzuki, he saw apple juice. "Um, how did Watari know which kind of juice each of us would want?" At least the young man presumed Watari was responsible for breakfast since he was for dinner.

Tsuzuki laughed, and with his mouth half full of food answered "I neffer know how he knows dese tings, he jus' does." And he continued eating. One never really ever wanted to interfere with Tsuzuki when he was in his groove at mealtime.

Breakfast was soon over and Hisoka knew that the date was winding down. Trying not to sound dejected he asked "Do we go to the harem for bathtime now?" Going to the harem meant sharing Tsuzuki with everyone and he just didn't want to do that, not yet.

Tsuzuki put down his fork and sighed. "Neither of us want this to end. Just because this date is ending doesn't mean I am going to stop seeing you or us having dates. It also doesn't mean I am going to just consider you one in ten in the harem. You know how I feel about you." Still there was something that had to be said, and although he didn't want to hurt his new lover, he had to be completely truthful with him. "You have to understand that I have nine others that I care about deeply and love. I don't plan to ignore them. I love each of them in my own way and have something special that I do with each of them. It wouldn't be fair to them for me to constantly show you favoritism over all of them. They're all aware of my feelings toward you, and amazingly are not the least bit jealous. They only want me to be happy, and I want them to be happy. "

Maybe Hisoka had been a bit jealous, and that was wrong. He was right, everyone just wanted Tsuzuki to be happy and they had done everything in their power to make this date perfect for both of them- Tsuzuki and Hisoka. He straightened up. "You're absolutely right. My brothers and sisters in the harem did everything they could to help me get ready for our dates. The guys in particular wanted last night, whenever what happened last night happened, to be perfect for us both. I love them too. I had never been jealous of the time they spent with you and I won't be in the future. I know that when we're together, it'll be me you're thinking of, not all of them."

Tsuzuki got up, came over to Hisoka and held him for a while, just standing there holding him in his arms. It wasn't long before Hisoka looked up, kissed those sweet lips and said, "You know, there's a bath with our name waiting for us. What do you say we go get in it. While we're at it, why don't we invite some people that we love very much to join us?"

A kiss and an invitation, not a bad way to start the day. The two took each by the hand and carefully walked through the flowerbed, strolled down the garden path and entered the harem through the gauzy-curtained double doors. They walked through the marble-floored main room of the harem to the bath area where all the others had already gone and were sitting in the steamy waters. As they entered to actual bath room, the others looked up to see the returning couple and clapped. Tsuzuki removed his yukata and got in first, and like always, Hisoka was the last one in, but this time, no embarrassment, no hesitation. He got undressed, took Tsuzuki's hand and stepped in.

It was the first time Hisoka actually felt like he was a real part of the harem. He already knew how much Tsuzuki loved him, and visa versa. But he now realized just how much they loved him too.

Later that day, Tsuzuki summoned Tatsumi to his office. The brown-haired man knocked on the door and walked in without waiting for permission, wondering what in the world was so important. Being summoned like this was rare and never was a good thing.

"Ah Tatsumi, thank you for coming so quickly. I have a something I want you to delivered and only you can do this." He closed the door to his office as he conveyed exactly what he wanted done.

When the door opened, Tatsumi looked flushed. He turned and bowed, never saying a word, just raising up and then leaving.

Arriving at a pristine white mansion, Tatsumi exited his coach, walked up the stairs and before he could ring the bell, was greeted at an open door by the master of the house. "My dear Mr Tatsumi, what brings you all the way to my humble dwelling?"

"I bring a gift and message from my king for you. I am to wait while you read the message and take possession of your gift. I will return with any response for my king."

"Oh I see, well then, please come in." The man with white hair, wearing all white stepped aside for Tatsumi to enter. Once inside, Muraki opened the letter and read it aloud:

Dear Mr Muraki,

I apologize for not writing sooner to thank you for my birthday present. At first I was a bit shocked at your generosity. I must say that the gift has turned out to be quite a welcome part of my little family. One good turn deserves another.


As Muraki folded the letter he looked up to Tatsumi. "It seems your King did take a liking to my gift. And what may I ask is this offering he has sent to me?"

Tatsumi opened the dark violet velvet box he was holding in his hand to reveal a ten carat sapphire and platinum ring. Muraki snatched the ring from the box, examined it, and convinced there was nothing to stick him with, he put it on his own finger. The ring fit perfectly and once set in place started pulsating. Muraki's eyes grew wide and he tried to pull the cursed ring off his finger. He glared at Tatsumi when he couldn't pull it off, demanding "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?"

"My king wished to return the favor that you bestowed upon him. You gave him Hisoka, bound to him by that ankle bracelet." Tatsumi got a very sly look on his face, "He in turn wished to give you something which would bind you to the one whose DNA was used to make the ring. In short, you, the owner of the DNA are forever bound;" and getting snide said, " and your plans to marry Tsuzuki are gone."

Muraki looked at the ring then looked at Tatsumi who was holding a picture of a lady wearing a veil, her face undecernable. "This is the one whose DNA that now binds you. Tsuzuki took great care in choosing your new mate for you, someone that you could serve well. So now, I will introduce your new mistress." He stepped to the front door, opened it and a short, pudgy woman entered. She walked, more like a waddled, in and Tatsumi took her arm. He proudly escorted her up to within a few inches of Muraki. "Kazataka Muraki, bow to your new Mistress, the Doge of Wellingsburg." He released her arm. "My lady Grezelda, I will leave you to your new mate."

The veiled woman turned to face him and in a gruff voice said, "Tell Tsuzuki he does indeed meet my favor. Thank you."

Tatsumi bowed to the Doge and backed out of the room, he saw the woman start to lift her veil, and as he closed the door, he heard Muraki yell, "OH MY DEAR GOD, WHAT KIND OF CREATURE ARE YOU?" And he started laughing.

Muraki thought using Hisoka was the way to get on Tsuzuki's good side and weedle his way into the castle, but his plan backfired. Tsuzuki used the same ploy to rid himself of Muraki forever, with a lot of coaxing and alchemy from Watari.

Meanwhile back at the castle. Tsuzuki sent for a certain green-eyed harem boy to come to his bedroom. When Hisoka arrived, he was wearing his usual harem garb. Tsuzuki smiled, and as he welcomed the young man in for the night he said, "I understand you have a little dance you want to show me. I hope it inspires me." And the door closed.

The end (of the story- but just the beginning for Tsuzuki and Hisoka)

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