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(The attic. Piper and Leo are still on the couch. Cole and Phoebe are in the circle along with Coop and Melinda. Henry and Paige are sitting at a little table with a notepad and pencil.)

Henry: Virginia and Georgia.

Paige: Um, no. Our daughters are not going to be named after states.

Henry: Okay, fair enough. Savannah and Cheyenne.

Paige: Henry! No place names!

Piper: You know guys, Leo and I didn't pick a name for this one (pats her stomach) until 20 minutes ago. We didn't pick a name for Wyatt until after he was born. You don't need to decide on baby names right this second!

Paige: (throws down pencil) Well what else am I supposed to do, Piper? Sit and do nothing?

Piper: (crossly) Maybe you should be doing something productive. Like helping me figure out how we're going to explain this to Phoebe!

Paige: That's what we sent Cole to do.

Piper: No no, not that. How are we going to explain about us knowing about Cole and not saying anything for the past two years?

Paige: Hold on. "You" knew about Cole. "We" didn't.

Piper: Oh that is beside the point –

Paige: How is that beside the point? I don't see –

Coop: (interrupts) We're just going to tell her the truth. (Piper and Paige stop arguing to listen to him) We're in this mess because Phoebe couldn't bring herself to tell us what was wrong. (He looks up at his in-laws) We have to tell each other the truth.

Piper: (grudgingly) You're right. I'm not looking forward to it, though.

Paige: (sighs, sits down next to Piper) You'll be okay, sweetie.

Piper: Humph.

Coop: Hope you're ready, because something's happening.

(Leo and Paige pull Piper to her feet, and then rush with Henry over to the circle. Phoebe starts to stir. Cole wakes with a start. He jumps to his feet.)

Coop: (anxious) Well?

Cole: She's coming. I think she's gonna be okay.

(Phoebe twitches, stirs, but doesn't wake)

Paige: Why isn't she waking up?

Cole: She's just worked through some major issues. Give her a minute. Now listen, I need one favor.

Coop: What is it?

Cole: Don't tell Phoebe about me, my actually being here. Just let her think she worked everything out on her own. Say you cast a spell. A vision quest or something.

Piper: (resigned) We aren't going to lie to Phoebe.

Cole: None of you are even supposed to know about me. I'm supposed to be out of your lives. Forever. Please. I'll never ask anything of you again

Coop: Agreed.

Piper: What?! You just said—

Coop: Cole has a better point.

(Melinda makes a noise. Phoebe's eyes open. Cole steps back)

Coop: Phoebe, honey, can you hear me?

Phoebe: (groggy) Coop?

Coop: (relieved) I'm right here, honey.

Phoebe: (slowly sits up her back is to Cole Coop…Am I back? Where's…(she sees her daughter) Melinda! (She scoops up the baby from Coop, who is beaming) Oh Melly…my sweet sweet baby girl! I missed you so much! (She kisses her forehead) Mommy is so sorry, I love you so much! (She hugs the baby to her, looks at Coop, voice changes) Coop…I'm so sorry—

Coop: (tenderly) So am I. (He wraps Phoebe in a hug)

(The rest of the family looks happily at the sweet picture. Cole steps awkwardly away. Melinda, whose head is looking over Phoebe's shoulder at Cole, waves her hand. Phoebe pulls away from the hug)

Phoebe: Coop, I love you. I am so sorry—

Coop: Sweetheart, don't think a thing about it.

(Camera to Cole. He glows, and is transparent. Phoebe starts to turn around. Coop takes her face in his hands and turns her back to face him.)

Coop: I'm just glad that you're okay.

Piper: (glances over at Cole, then speaks to Phoebe) We all are. (She kneels (with difficulty) next to her sister) We need our Phoebe here, in the real world, with us.

Phoebe: (puzzled) The real world? But how did you know—

Paige: Premonitions. (She goes and kneels by Piper, puts one hand on her stomach one on Piper's) We had some help from the next generation of Halliwells.

(Camera to Cole. He holds up a hand, looks at it as it disappears)

Phoebe: So you cast a spell…

Piper: Yeah. (Locks eyes briefly with disappearing Cole before addressing Phoebe) A vision quest.

Phoebe: Really? But it didn't feel much like a vision quest.

Paige: We had to do a little improvising. We couldn't really get you to drink the potion when you were unconscious.

Phoebe: Good point.

Coop: The important thing is that it worked—it did work, didn't it?

Phoebe: (reassuring) Yes, it worked.

Paige: What…what exactly happened?

Phoebe: (considers) Well…(camera briefly to Cole, back to Phoebe) Let's just say I ran into an "old friend" of my own.

(She grins at Piper, who smiles uneasily. Camera to Cole, who vanishes completely. Everyone except Phoebe lets out a barely perceptible sigh of relief. Coop pulls Phoebe in for a kiss; the family "awws")

(Suddenly we see Cole again. He looks around, then speaks)

Cole: Phoebe?

(At the sound of his voice, little Melinda perks up and looks at him; no one else notices)

Cole: Piper? Paige? Leo? Henry? (Pauses) Cupid?

(Once again, there is no reaction)

(Camera back to the sisters and their husbands. Phoebe and Coop stop kissing and gaze lovingly at each other. Paige hops up and walks to the door, pulling Henry along with her.)

Paige: I think that this situation calls for some ice cream! (She and Henry exit)

(Cole crosses over to the couch and sits down, arms crossed)

Piper: Oh no. She better not try to throw out the rocky road. (Leo helps her up and she hurries anxiously after Paige) Paige, if you touch that rocky road…

Leo: Honey, I'm sure she'll leave the rocky road alone… (They exit)

(Phoebe and Coop are alone. He helps her up, and she freezes)

Phoebe: Coop?

Coop: Yes baby?

Phoebe: When Paige said that they had help from the next generation of Halliwells, she was touching her own stomach.

Coop: (smiles) She definitely was.

(Phoebe claps a hand over her mouth and gives an excited squeak. Coop gives her another hug)

Coop: You go on down with your sisters. I'll be right there.

Phoebe: Okay. (She starts to go, turns back, and kisses Coop one more time before rushing out of the attic w/ Melinda) Paige Mitchell! Do you have something to tell me?!

(Coop waits until she's gone, then strides purposefully over to where Cole had been standing before he disappeared.)

Cole: (idly) Hey genius, I'm over here.

Coop: (Seriously to the empty space) I'm a Cupid. I know how you still feel for her.

Cole: (rolls eyes) Yes…that was an observation that took some super cupid abilities.

Coop: (continues) So thank you. Thank you for doing the right thing. (With that he hearts out of the attic.)

Cole gets up and walks over to the book, which he stares at intently.)

Cole: You're welcome. (He reaches out to touch the book. Scene fades to black)

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