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(Inside the manor. Doorbell is ringing. Paige runs to get the door, opens it. Phoebe and Piper stand on the other side, Phoebe holding Melinda's car seat and Piper carrying bag of groceries)

Phoebe: Paige!

Paige: Melinda! (Paige grabs the car seat from Phoebe, takes it in to the living room.)

(Phoebe looks at Piper, who tries to stifle a giggle.)

Phoebe: I'm great Paige! Thanks for asking! (Phoebe and Piper enter)

Paige: (reenters, holding Melinda) Sorry, Phoebs. It's just...a little girl! They're so different from—

(Wyatt and Chris run through the foyer screaming, chased by Leo, who stops briefly to give Piper a peck on the lips and a pat on the stomach before resuming his chase up the stairs.)

Paige: Boys.

Piper: (walking toward kitchen) Preaching to the choir! (She exits.)

Paige: (bouncing Melinda, turns to Phoebe) Wyatt and Chris...I love little boys, but this is such a nice change, isn't it?

(Camera to Phoebe. Vision: Phoebe rocking Warren. Vision ends, Phoebe looks troubled)

Paige: Phoebe? What is it?

Phoebe: (shakes head, tries to appear normal) Nothing. You know what? I'm gonna go see Wy and Chris. I've not seen them in... well, seems like forever. (She plasters a smile on her face and bolts up the stairs, where she nearly collides with Leo) Hi Leo!

Leo: (bemused, walks down stairs) Hey Phoebe. (He sees Melinda) Melinda! (Holds out his arms)

Paige: (possessive, hugs the baby) Nope. My turn. (She jogs towards the kitchen, followed by Leo)

(Cut to the kitchen. Piper is unloading groceries. Paige and Leo enter.)

Paige: What's up with Phoebe? She was acting all weird.

Piper: Baby blues.

Paige: She's postpartum? (Leo takes advantage of her momentary distraction to pluck his niece from Paige's arms) Leo!

(Leo gives an "oh well" shrug and plays w/ Melinda)

Piper: Well, it's understandable. I mean, this is the best she's ever had it: minimal demon activity, life being nice for's a departure from the norm, to say the least. That, with hormones...

Paige: Does make sense, I guess.

(Cut to Phoebe, walking into Wyatt and Chris' room. The boys are sitting on the rug, playing with toys. She watches them for a minute, until Wyatt sees her.)

Wyatt: Aunt Feebee!

Phoebe: (smiles) Hey Wyatt! Hey Chris! (She sits down next to them) What are you guys doing?

Chris: Play—ing!

Phoebe: Really? Can I play too?

Wyatt: (shakes his head) Noo.

Phoebe: (hurt) Wyatt, why not?

Wyatt: (makes a speech) Cause. You's gots to take care of Minda. That's why you don't plays with us anymores.

Phoebe: Wyatt, I-

Wyatt: Its sokay, Aunt Feebee. Mommy splained it all. You are needing to be reponsible. Minda needs you more.

Phoebe: Honey, come here. (She opens her arms and hugs Wyatt) Hey, do you know Melinda really needs? (Wyatt shakes his head) Well, she needs her awesome cousin Wyatt to show her his magic tricks!

Wyatt: (excited) Really!

Phoebe: Absolutely. She needs to learn from the best. Go orb on down to the kitchen. She's with Mommy and Daddy and Aunty Paige.

(Wyatt orbs out; Phoebe watches him go)

Chris: (wanting attention, waves a toy in the air) Play!

Phoebe: (to her other nephew) Yeah. Let's play.

(Chris hands Phoebe a toy truck. They play for a moment. Suddenly Phoebe grabs Chris up in a hug and holds him tightly. He complies for a moment and pats her neck, the pulls away.)

Chris: Cole!

Phoebe: (stiffens, holds Chris at arms length) What...what did you say?

Chris: Cole.

Phoebe: (grabs Chris to her chest, clutches him protectively) Where, honey? Where did you see him?

Chris: (getting grumpy) Down. Want down.

Phoebe: (harsh) Christopher Perry Halliwell! Where did you see him?

Chris: (whining) Cole...

Phoebe: (practically yelling) Where, Chris? Where!

(Chris starts screaming)

Chris: Cole! Cold!

Phoebe: (snaps to attention) What?

Chris: (wailing, jabs finger at her neck, where his hand had been earlier) Now hot! Hot!

(Phoebe feels her neck, realizes her mistake)

Phoebe: (whispers to self) Cold...he said I was cold.

(Piper, Paige, and Leo orb in with Melinda and Wyatt)

Piper: (surveying scene) Phoebe...what the hell is going on?

Chris: (crying) Mommy! (he orbs out of Phoebe's arms onto the ground, and runs to Piper, who immediately scoops him up.)

Piper: Well, Phoebe?

(Melinda starts to get antsy. Leo tries to calm her.)

Leo: Um, Phoebe-

(Phoebe looks at Leo. Vision: Cole stands where Leo was, holding Warren. Paige, Piper, Wyatt and Chris fade away, and the room changes to a hallway in a different house. Phoebe, Cole and Warren are now alone.)

Cole: (relieved) There you are, honey. I think that Warren- (he nods to the fussy baby in his arms) misses his mommy. (to Warren, baby talk) Look! There's your mommy. You want to go see your mommy?

(Baby Warren spots Phoebe and brightens. Phoebe holds out her arms and starts to walk toward Cole and the baby)

Phoebe: Warren...

Cole w/ Leo's voice: Phoebe!

(Phoebe jumps, looks wildly around. She is standing in front of an alarmed looking Leo. Melinda starts crying. Paige and Piper stare at Phoebe with concern, Chris starts to whimper and hug Piper tightly, and Wyatt unthinkingly orbs himself his blanket and cuddles it.)

Phoebe: (throat dry, cracking)

Piper: (trying to stay calm while Chris practically chokes her) Okay. Phoebe, what just happened?

Phoebe: I...I...

Leo: (looking from Piper to Phoebe, tries to break the tension) Here, Phoebs. (he shifts Melinda towards Phoebe) I think that Melinda-

(flashback to Phoebe's latest vision)

Cole: I think that Warren-

(back to present)

Leo : Needs her-

Cole's Voice: Needs his-

Leo: Mommy.

Phoebe: (scared, backs away) No! I mean...I'm sorry...I have to go. (she reaches out and touches Chris' foot.) Sorry baby. (she runs from the room)

(Piper, Leo, and Paige look at each other, then up at the ceiling, and shout.)

All: COOP!