They Lived: A Twist on a Familiar Tale

Chapter 1: The Boy-Who-Lived

(A/N: This story will have violence and child abuse, be prepared, and maybe slash, I'm still undecided at this point.)

The universe is a vast place where time and space are not as we always believe, fiction is right, there are other dimensions, where other possibilities play out. This story takes place in one of those dimensions. We know in this universe that the boy-who-lived was the sole survivor of his family with the possible exception of the Dursleys, but then who in their right mind would call them family? We enter now an alternate universe where the outcome of that long ago night was not how it was recorded in our universe.

October 31st: Halloween Night

"James, I'm worried about him, finding us. I don't think it was so wise to make Peter our secret keeper, I mean really James his ani-magus form is a rat, that has to say something about his character." Said Lily as she put Harry and twin brother Larry in their crib for the night. Both twins had their father's messy black hair, but Harry had his mother's brilliant near otherworldly green eyes, and her nose; Larry had his father's hazels eyes and his nose.

"Hon, it's fine, we've been friends with Peter for a decade, I would trust him with my life." James said smiling.

"Yes, but the problem is I wouldn't. I never liked Peter; you know that, he was always seemed so… shifty to me." Said Lily as she and James walked downstairs to the living room.

"Fine if makes you feel better we'll contact Dumbledore tomorrow about getting another secret keeper. It's a bit of bother to alter secret keepers at this point but if it makes you happy, then that's all that matters to me." Said James as he walked up this wife, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him and kissed with passion and abandon.

Suddenly a loud blast blew the front door off its hinges. A tall man in black robes with glowing red eyes entered followed for several other men in black rooms with white masks over their face.

James went for his wand, which was in his hip holster… "Petrificus Totalus Maxis." James was hit by the spell and instantly frozen in position. The words were yelled again and Lily was equally frozen. Both their heart raced this was it; they and their children were going to die.

"Well, well, well look who we have here, the Potters. You who have defied thrice as a certain prophecy said." Said the red-eyed man. "You will pay for your insolence. You will watch as I kill your children. Mobilium Corpus." With that both Lily and James floated directly in front of the Dark Lord as he was lead to the children room by none of other than a smiling Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew.

"Nothing personal, Lily, James, I either told him or I would be dead, besides he's promised me power like I've never dreamt of before, so you see, in denying him there was only death for me, in giving him what he wants there is power. See, I had to do it." Said Peter as he pointed to the children's room. Lily and James listened hatred like nothing either of them had ever thought themselves possible boiled in their hearts, if only they were free, the world would have one less rat in it.

"Ah, there they are two little cherubs, sleeping in innocence in their crib." Said the Dark Lord in mocking sweet tone. "A shame they are about to die, they really are cute, but I'm not about cute, now am I. Who to kill first, so many to die, so little time." Voldemort joked.

Peter got a little clumsy and not a lamp off the side table the crash woke both the boys. They both yawned and looked around. The green-eyed boy spotted his mother, "Mummy?"

His twin the hazel-eyed boy spotted his father, "Dada?"

Lily and James heart broke their two beautiful little boys were about to die right in front of them and they literally couldn't move a muscle to help them.

"Well, who dies first green eyes or hazel? Any preference Wormtail?" Asked Voldemort.

"Well, the green-eyed one never liked me, he always cried when I tried to pick him up."

Harry just probably saw you for what you were, like I did, thought Lily

I can't believe it, Peter totally betrayed us, and I trusted him. Lily was right. Why didn't I listen to her in the beginning? Lils, please forgive me for being blind, thought James.

"Well, then for you Peter the green-eyed boy dies first." Voldemort leveled his wand at Harry's head and yelled, "Avada Kedavra." The spell shot out of his wand tip as a brilliant green ball of light it Harry on the forehead then rebound back to a shocked Dark Lord, he didn't even had time to scream. There was a blast and half the room came crashing down. Voldemort lay dead, his screaming soul circled the room then disappeared into the night. James and Lily were free from his spell. Lily was knocked unconscious by some falling debris from the ceiling. James grabbed his wand, which was still in the holster and fired "Stupefy!" at a dazed Peter before he could change into a rat. James then performed two other spells on the rat that would keep him in human form for 24 hours; he figured that would be more than enough time to get him to the ministry. James then searched through the rubble for his wife as the Aurors arrived, an alarm went off in Dumbledore's office and he notified the six Aurors who were given the address by Peter in the event of emergency. James was just checking Lily when Moody and Shacklebolt arrived, they took into custody four death eaters in addition to Peter Pettigrew who was sporting a fresh dark mark on his arm.

"Damn that boy, damn Harry to hell, I'll get him for this. I nearly had power, I could have been someone other than the stupid friggin weak Marauder. You hear me James, I'll get my revenge on that brat, he should have died like was supposed to." Screamed Peter as he dragged away by the Auror.

"He barking, positively barking." Said Shacklebolt. "He'll not get anywhere near your boy. He's heading to Azkaban, that one. He'll be lucky to get a trial."

Lily finally awoke. "HARRY! LARRY!" James rushed through the debris and over to where the crib was, he found Larry who had a cut on his shoulder where the neck and shoulder meet. Lily found Harry a few feet away he had a lightning bolt shaped cut on his forehead and was unconscious. "We have to get them to Poppy. Quickly!" Said Lily.

Shacklebolt gave them a old book, it was a portkey, especially created by Dumbledore to get passed the wards of Hogwarts and take the family straight into the hospital wing. "Just say the password, HELP."

Lily and James took the portkey, and together they said, "HELP!" They felt a familiar tug behind their navels and then after a few seconds found themselves, standing in the hospital wing of Hogwarts. "POPPY!" screamed Lily.

Poppy came rushing into the room, "What happened?"

"We were attacked by Voldemort, he's dead." Said James.

"What?" Said Dumbledore as he entered the hospital wing.

"Voldemort is dead, it was Harry, I saw it with my own two eyes. His body is still at Godric's Hollow."

Poppy took Larry and Lily put Harry onseparate hospital beds. Larry was put on the bed next to Harry's. Poppy recited a scanning spell and scanned Larry. "Hmm, nothing but a small cut on his neck, it should heal fine but there will be some scarring."

Then she ran the same spell over Harry. "Hmm, there is magic radiating from the cut, powerful too but it's already healing on its own. I think a little pain-killing potion, and he should be fine as well. There is a little trace of dark magic in the cut but it's like it been cordoned off, it's slowing be destroyed by the boy's own innate magic. I've never seen such at thing before in my life. There will be a scar though, his body is getting rid of most of the curse but there is still some residual that will always remain, such is the way of magic light and dark." Said Poppy she saw the wound close and scar right before her eyes without her having given him a potion yet. "Remarkable."

"James, you said Voldemort is dead?" Said Dumbledore.

"Yes, he fired the killing curse at Harry. The sick bastard petrified Lily and me to make us watch him kill our children before he would kill us. He even gave Peter the choice of which twin to kill first, Peter chose Harry because Harry never liked him. My Harry and Lily both never liked him, I'm sorry I didn't listen my wife." Said James as Lily walked up and wrapped her arms around him.

"Your forgiven, but next time LISTEN SOONER!" she then kissed him and took a seat between her two boys' beds.

"You were saying…" said Dumbledore getting a little impatient.

"Right, well Peter chose Harry. Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry's head and said the killing curse, the curse hit Harry, then bounced up and hit Voldemort. There was some sort of explosion because the ceiling caved in, then I and Lily were freed from the Petrificus curse, Wormtail was dazed so I caught him, and then I got to Lily, she woke up then Auror arrived and then we got the twins, Shacklebolt gave us a portkey here and there you have it."

"Did anything strange happen?" Asked Dumbledore.

"Yea, when the curse hit Voldemort and the dust settled I saw what I would call his ghost or his soul circling the room screaming then it flew off into the night." Said James. James suddenly deflated like a balloon, all the energy of the nights events were wearing off. Dumbledore looked at him and then at Lily who was looking equally tired as Poppy checked her over.

"Lily you need to be in a bed for observation you were unconscious for a while, so I need to monitor you for the night. James you too, you look like you use the rest. And don't worry either of you, you will be right here if either of the boys need you, tomorrow you can figure out what to do next, got it?" Said Poppy in a tone not to be argued with.

Poppy gave each child a sip of a mild sleeping draught, and gave James and Lily the Dreamless Sleep Draughts. Soon the family was sleeping sounds.

Albus Dumbledore sat in the seat vacated by Lily, as she got into her on hospital bed barely able to keep her eyes open. Word of the defeat of Voldemort spread from the aurors across Britain faster than anyone could have possibly imagine. The Daily Prophet had a special edition out in two hours, all over Britain people were celebrating. While one old man thought,

"So, Harry defeated Voldemort. Hmmm." Said Dumbledore. He relaxed and let his vision slide soon he was seeing the auras of everyone in the room. He looked atJames, above average in power but not really special, then he looked at Lilly, same as James above average but not really special. Then he looked at Larry, the boy was just barely above a squib, but that could change by the time he gets his Hogwarts letter. Then he looked at Harry. His aura was nearly blinding, so powerful and pure. He was to do more than the to defeat Voldemort, his destiny was to bring a new age to wizarding world, the bit of the prophecy he let be known to the Potters and even to Snape was not the full story, no. The child that defeated the dark lord would be able to bring about a new golden age or an age of darkness like the world has never seen. Dumbledore coveted Harry's power; he had to control the boy. He was the leader of the light after all he knew what was right, he already lead the good of the wizarding world but after the defeat of Voldemort, when he returns he could lead the world, magical and muggle, for that was part of Harry's destiny to unite the earth magical and muggle into one world. With Harry power he could have immortality, and eternal youth, he could rule the world with the boy at his side. But first he needed a plan to control the Potters and to make Harry rely on him.

-End of Chapter 1-

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