They Lived: Chapter 6

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Chapter Six: Wolves, Birds and the rest.

Remus was so confused about his feelings for Severus. He then remembered that he never really researched the mating habits of werewolves before. He figured it didn't matter since the ministry would never allow him children anyway. But now, something was happening and from the way Moony kept saying mine, whenever he thought of Severus, he knew he'd have to research.

Potter Hall

Sirius, James and Lily were the way they always were after Dumbledore cast his spell to make them hate Harry. They enjoyed their time with Larry, and bad mouthed Harry whenever his name got mentioned. They blamed him for the attack, and irrationally blamed Harry for not stopping Voldemort sooner and thus saving lives, even though at the time that Harry stopped voldie he was only 15 months old.

Today they were in the sitting room, playing with Larry, and going through birthday presents from the day before. They were to sort through and decide which Larry would keep, which would go to muggle orphan children and which would go to poor wizarding families. They had been at for four hours now and still they had more than half the pile to go through, when the fire place flared green and Remus Lupin stepped through.

"Remus long time no see, what brings you here?" Said James. "I thought you didn't want to come back here ever."

"Well, I just came…"

"It doesn't matter why you came, Remus, I can tell you that these two missed you. You are a still a marauder and one of their best friends, even if we don't agree on this whole Harry business." Said Lily.

"Look I was just wondering if I could borrow your library, there are somethings I need to research, and you have the best library I know, it's even better than Hogwarts." Said Remus.

"Sure thing, no prob, just help yourself, we got to finish sort out these gifts for Harry, every year there's so many and takes so much time to sort through them. Still it's good for the orphanages and the poor wizarding families, as they get everything that Larry here doesn't want." Said James.

"You aren't sending any of these to Harry?" Asked Remus. He always assumed that the gift were forwarded to Harry, and even if he couldn't be with his family.

"Oh no, we just give them away. The little brat doesn't need this, besides Dumbledore is a busy man, we can't have him playing delivery boy just to get the brat a few presents." Said Lily matter of factly.

"Do you know if anyone is giving him gifts where he's at?" Asked Remus.

"Don't know, don't care. Besides Dumbledore is taking care of him, I'm sure he's fine." Said James.

Remus had to struggle to keep from blowing up at his "friends" how could they care so little about their own son. Still, he couldn't let himself lose his cool now, he needed the information to find out why he felt the way he did about his Severus.

"I'm off to the library, Remus trying to hurry out of there."

"What are researching maybe I can help you find the information you need." Said Lily.

"I'm just researching the mating habits of werewolves." Said Remus. "Something strange is happening and I need to understand what it is."

"You don't need him. Leave it alone Remus." Said Sirius suddenly.

"What are you talking about?" Remus said suspiciously.

"You don't need Severus, you're better than him, you can do better than him."

"What the hell do you know?" Growled Remus.

"I just know that you are too good for Snivelius. Leave it alone!" Sirius said his eyes seemed different, distant, struggling, but his voice sounded sure and forceful.

"You know something, don't you?" said Remus.

At this point both James and Lily were looking at Sirius like he suddenly grew a second head. Why did Sirius say 'Severus?' Lily thought. What does this have to do with Remus' research, and his eyes, I know that look. She looked at Remus who gave a knowing nod, he saw it too.

"What do you know? What made you say Severus? Sirius what's going on." Remus demanded. Suddenly a red light hit Sirius and he fell backwards landing on the floor with a solid thud.

"What the hell is going on? Lily, why did you petrify Sirius?" James demanded, as he went to check on his friend.

"Because he is bewitched, someone or something has him under imperius and possibly other spells, Lily and I saw it in his eyes, I decided to keep him occupied while Lily incapacitated him." Remus said as he levitated Sirius from the floor and on to the nearby sofa.

"When would this have happened?" asked James.

"No idea, but lucky for Sirius, your lovely Lily flower is a charms mistress and potion mistress, and I am a defense against the dark arts master, between the two of us we she be able to get him de-spelled." Remus stated.

Lily had stood on the side quietly studying Sirius deciding on a course of action. "Okay, Remus I'm going to do a spell diagnostic charm on Sirius, it's going to be a bit painful, but it should produce a parchment with the list of spells on him." Lily said.

"Good, good, that way we can see what spells or potions need to be counted."

Lily muttered some words under her breath in deep concentrations while doing some rather complicated wand movements. Remus watched intently, while James was caught between worry for his friend Sirius and pride in his wife. Ten minutes of muttering and wand waving later a parchment pop into existence which Remus easily caught, an exhausted Lily sat down in the Lazy boy by the fire, and marshaled her powers for the work that would undoubtedly need to be done to free her friend.

Remus read the parchment


4 Imperiuses

8 Obliviates

1 Spell of Malficence, renewed annually.

Remus whistled while when he read the parchment and passed it to Lily, as she read it James looked over her shoulder.

"What the hell is going on? Who could have put all these spells on Sirius? When did they do it? Why did they do it? Bloody hell!" Exclaimed James in frustration.

"Don't worry James; if we break the Obliviates I'm sure that Sirius will remember who put those curses on him. What worries me though is that last spell, the Spell of Malficence, I've read it somewhere, and I'm just having a bit of trouble remembering where." Said Lily.

"So what are going to do now?" Said a frustrated James.

"As said before , James." Said Lily. "It's a lucky thing for Sirius that I am a charms and potions mistress and Remus is a Defense Against the Dark Arts master, between the two of us we should be able to remove the spells. Plus since all of us are pretty much the same in level of power, and above average in power to boot, we should be able to do it."

"Remus, I think with this many spells on him we're going to have to combine our powers, probably have to add James power too. I think you should be the focus, I know the spells, and all but think your werewolf nature will be able to withstand the physical strain of focusing our combined magic better than I can."

"Agreed." Said Remus

Lily and Remus explained the spell to be used to James in detail, and explained to him that he would have to focus his power on Remus and let Remus cast the spell. James and Lily would provide him with the power. Since there was three them, it would for a triad, Lily would have one hand on James' shoulder the over on Remus', James would have on hand on Lily's shoulder the other on Remus. Remus would do the wand work, and incantations. Lily and James would focus all their power on him. Three is a magically powerful number, so they should be able to break through all the spells. After a few minutes of concentration and meditations to harness their powers for maximum effect, they began.

Remus pointed his wand at the prone body of his friend, who was still petrified on the sofa. He began to mutter words under his breath, and already he was feeling drained, the magic behind some of the spells on his friend was more powerful than any normal wizard should be able to do. Lily and James sensing it draining began to send their power into Remus. Ten minutes into the casting, both Lily and James began to feel the draining that Remus had, still they would not stop, they would not leave their friend spelled. Just as it felt that they couldn't supply anymore power, small dark glowing orbs arose from Sirius' body. Thirteen dark orbs were held suspended above the wizard. Quickly, Remus turn his attention to the orbs and banished them from existence, had they remained they would have attached themselves to someone else, within moments.

Remus used the last of his magic to release Sirius for the body bind, then he and Lily and James collapsed. Sirius slept soundly on the sofa while his friends lay in a heap on the floor in utter exhaustion.

Privet Drive

Harry was working in the garden, it had been a few days since he had healed and Petunia was back to her old self, which of course meant working harry like a house-elf/mule. Still, Harry felt better than he had in a long time. Uncle Vernon was involved in a big project on the job, and had worked many late nights, and was too tired to come home and pick on Harry, which suited the boy just fine. Vernon told Petunia that once the deal went through they would get a new car and have a vacation on the isle of White. The job promised a huge commission and Vernon wanted it badly, besides he found three different ways of getting kickbacks, that made the deal all the sweeter for him. He just had to sell it to the client.

Harry was currently weeding the gardenia bushes near where he first met Abernathy, how he missed the little snake, Abernathy was the only thing that didn't have anything negative or harsh to say about him or to him. He appreciated that so much. While he still had his friend in his mind, whom still had yet to come up with a name for, he still wanted Abernathy, he loved the snakes sense of humor.

"Harry, long time no see." Said a voice.

A huge smile crept on his little his face.

"Abernathy?" he said.

"Who were you expecting, some other snake that knows your name and is willing to come this god forsaken hobble of yours?" Said Abernathy.

Harry smiled, "I missed you. Why did you leave me?"

"I'm sorry I left you Harry, but I had to. I found my mate while I was hunting. Harry, I have some good news and some bad news for you. Which would you like to hear first?"

"I'd like the bad news first then the good news will make feel better." The boy said logically.

"As you wish, Harry, I'm dying." Said the little snake.

"What? But you just got back, you can't leave me. I love you, Abernathy." The boy said in choked sobs.

"Oh Harry, it can't be helped. It's simply my time. But I do have good news. See this bulge in my middle?"

"Yes, I thought you just a nice frog from the pond in the park."

"Well, yea, I did but that bulge is my hatchling. I'm going to have young Harry and I want you to take care of her for me." Said Abernathy, her voice filled with both pride and sadness. Pride at having a child, and sadness at never getting to see that child.


"I thought you knew," said Abernathy dryly.

"With a name like Abernathy, no I didn't."

"Actually the ancestor, I got my name from was female as well, it turned out that her boy couldn't tell the gender of his pet snake so he just decided it was a boy. Harry, I have about three days until I lay my egg. When I do, it will literally be the last thing I do. I want you to take the egg, and keep with you. My mate was a magical snake from Central America, he was a seer. He said that our child will be with you all of its life. He said that the egg will have to stay with you so that your magic can feed the young one strength to grow and develop."

"But what if my relatives find it after it's hatched, they'll kill it for sure." Said Harry.

"They won't find it after it hatches, as I said my mate was a magical snake, and our child will inherit all of his abilities and a few my mate didn't have. One of my mates abilities was the ability to turn invisible, which should protect the young one. Since all snakes are born with the memories of their parents, the young one will know how to turn invisible even before it is born, so there is no need to worry about your relatives finding her."

Harry picked up Abernathy and held her close, it was lucky that Petunia was a long call with an old friend and wasn't paying as close attention to Harry as she usually did. Tears leaked down Harry's cheek as he held his only friend.

"I'm still going to miss you Abernathy, you're my first friend. I'm going to be all alone again, except for the voice, which I think is some sort of bird, but I'm not sure. You though, are here, and I can touch you, I don't … don't want to lose you." He sobbed.

"Harry, sweetie, it's the cycle of life. All life lives but for a time, and then when it is time that life ends, but another is born. I'm a mundane snake, you know, non-magical there was no way I was going to live more than few years before I died, no matter what. Still, I find that I want be around for a while to watch you grow up. Still, I leave you my daughter, who will have all of my memories, and some magical abilities that could help you, and when she is stronger in a few years she'll be able to protect you. Now put me down, and get back to work, I don't want you in trouble, we can talk while you work, like always, okay?"

Harry wiped his tears away, and went back to work, his heart felt like it weighed fifty kilos, and it was so broken, but he worked hard and talked to Abernathy about all the places she'd been while she was gone.

Potter Manor.

The next day James was the first up, having been the one to expend the least amount of energy the night before. He checked to make sure that everyone was well, then summoned a house elf to make breakfast, only to be informed that it was 12:30pm, so James ordered lunch to be served where they were in half an hour, at 1 pm.

Lily awoke ten minutes after James and Remus five minutes after Lily. Remus and Lily both ran scans on serious to make sure that all spell on him were broken, they were. Now it was a matter of waking him up.

"Do you think we should use enverate on him?" Said Remus.

"I don't know if it's safe to use more magic on him just yet, I would prefer for him to wait to 24 hours, to be sure there was no side effects from the magic we used on him." Lily said.

"Waking him not an issue, "James said. At that moment the clock on the mantle struck one and the house-elf appeared with the food. Sirius sat up bolt upright at the first whiff of food, and "Pass me a plate, I'm starved."

James laughed, as did Remus, while Lily just gaped at their friend before shaking her head and getting herself a plate and taking a seat in the recliner, placing her food on the tray table, the elf had given one to everyone in the room. Sirius sat on the same sofa he had slept and ate, with Remus beside him. James sat in the wingback chair eating and laughing at his friend.

"Sirius," Lily said, "do you remember who put all those spells on you?" Said Lily conversationally, but listening for an answer with wrapped attention, as were James and Remus.

"All but three were put on me Peter, the rat." Growled Sirius. "Remus, it appears that Peter and I realized that Snape could be your mate back in fourth year. We did the research and found that on a rare occasion certain werewolves have the ability to evolve into a lycan."

"A lycan? Those are myths."

"What's a lycan," asked James.

"A lycan is a werewolf that has the ability to control the transformation, and to keep their mind when they transform, they can even keep their mind during the full moon. They are also magically very powerful, it's theorized that this is so that they can protect their families from threats from unevolved werewolves, who tend to be very jealous and from wizards, who normally fear them." Sirius said.

"What does this have to do with Snape being my mate?" Remus said.

"Only, everything. See there are three requirements that werewolf must meet before they can evolve into a lycan, the first was having a mate. Peter and I noticed that you seem to be aware of darn near everything that Snape did. We also noticed that Snape wasn't following us around to snitch us out, he was following us around because he was trying to get closer to you. We noticed that we only caught Snape around when you were around, and you yourself told us that you ran into him, when you were alone. Even Snape himself didn't understand, but it was like he was drawn to you. I wondered if it could be that you and he were mates. Peter decided to investigate with me. We thought about bringing James in on it, but Peter said that James was too busy trying to catch the eye of a certain redhead." Sirius said as he winked at Lily who blushed.

"So you never told me, what did you find out, can Remus become a lycan."

"Actually yes, he meets two of the three requirements. The first requirement was that he have a mate, that was Snape, the second was that he was more in control of his wolf instincts, which he is. I've met other werewolves and they let the wolf in them lead them to a more animalistic life, Remus here, is more sophisticated and scholarly than any other werewolf I've ever met. With the exception of the full moon, Remus is always in control of his inner wolf."

"What's the third requirement?" James asked.

"The third requirement is what's difficult." Sirius sighed. "It was because of the third requirement that I nearly didn't want to tell Remus about him and Snape and the lycan possibility."

"What's the third requirement?" Lily queried.

"A cub," Remus whispered.

"He's right, a cub, or more precisely a child." Sirius said as he looked at his friend.

"How are they to have a cub?" James said.

"You see the problem." Remus said sadly.

"But there are potions, which will let wizards have children now." Lily interjected.

"Yes but those potions are only three years old, a recent development. At the time it looked hopeless, plus should some magical miracle happen any child that Remus and Snape had would be born a werewolf, so the ministry would try to terminate the child prenatally. Plus I know that Remus here has a fear of having children and passing the curse on to them. I didn't want to give him false hope, and then I figured there must be a way. I researched more and found that he didn't have to be the actual birth parent of the child."

"What!" Remus said in shock.

"That's right, buddy, you don't have to be the actual birth parent of the child, you and Snape could have no blood tie to it all, and still it could be considered your cub. Ever hear those stories of children lost in the wilderness and raised by wolf packs, that's because a wolf had accepted the human child as it's cub, the same is true for werewolves, the child need not be related to you or Snape, it's just that your inner wolf has to recognize the child as your cub, well, your inner wolf and Snape." Sirius said as he finished the last of his lunch.

Dumbledore Office

Albus Dumbledore sat at his desk contemplating what he's been doing with the Potters and to Harry Potter in particular. Albus truly believed that he was what was best for the wizarding world. Under his leadership, he could lead them to greatest and even broker a positive relationship with muggles that would mean that they would no longer have to hide. He also believed that should he die, his changes wouldn't last, he believed that he needed to live forever to insure that wizarding world would grow and thrive. So all that he did, no matter how much he might not like, was 'for the greater good,' so a few would be hurt but in the long run the wizarding world would be remade according to his vision. All this was contingent on his having control of Harry Potter. The Potter family must be investigated, for the boy to be what he is, is almost unimaginable, apparently that attack by Tom had activate dormant genes in the boy. Albus had recognized him for what he was immediately, or at least what he thought he was. The boy's heritage promised the immortality that Dumbledore needed, with the boy under his control, he could get the boy to grant him the immortality that he needed. Yes, he must control Harry Potter; the boy must come to view him as his savior. He has to be the one the boy believes in, the one the boy loves.

Some things about his plan were bothering him though. First was Harry himself, his relatives were a lot more brutal than he intended them to be. It seemed that once or twice something three times a year he had to rush to Durseley residence to rescue Harry before his Uncle killed him. He thought about imperio-ing them to be a little brutal with the boy, but the wards he set up stopped all unforgivable to happening to a resident of the household, so all he could really do was heal the boy and erase their memories.

The thing that was bothering him was his conscience, he actually did like the Potters, Black and Lupin when they were in school, the Marauders were sure to make him laugh with their pranks, and sometimes his job back then really seemed to drain him emotionally, the Marauders were like a breath of fresher when he really needed on more than a few occasions. He actually didn't like making them dislike their own son, but sacrifices have to be made.

The third thing that was bothering was Larry Potter. It was strange the way the boy seemed to crave the spell that last time. He really didn't research the effect the spell would have on younger people, and he was pretty sure there was no research done on the spell being cast on toddlers. Albus was the leader of the light, but what if the spell was destroying young Larry's light before it had a chance to develop, the boy could become a bigger monster than Riddle, and it would be all Albus' fault. Then again, maybe the boy just needs to be weaned off the spell, he probably just needs sometime without the spell being on him. Yes, that's it; he just needs some time without the spell to get a chance to develop his own magic and light. Besides, Albus needs for someone in the family to bond with Harry to give him a vestiture in the wizarding world. The boy would fight if he had something to defend, plus with his upbringing by the Durseleys he would be more than willing to risk his life to save another, after all the Durseleys taught him that everyone and everything was more valuable than he was. Still Albus was worried about his decisions, the fact that Fawkes had left him, meant that he wasn't exactly on the light path anymore. Still, someone has to make the hard decisions, and sacrifices have to made, Albus thought to himself. It's not a real sacrifice if you sacrifice someone else who didn't volunteer, or even knew they were drafted, no that's just betrayal, and the concept seemed to be lost on Dumbledore.

To be continued.

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