Hey yall this is my 3rd fanfic this one just came to me while i was reading another fanfic



Vegeta: must u brag

Kage:must u be an a-

Hatoru:um...Kage Vegeta

Kage:maybe i should pair u with ur own kind

Vegeta:oh really

Kage:yeah a donkey vegeta pairing


Kage: hmmmmm

Hatoru:the computers on

Kage?oh...! WHAT!


Kage:Thats it -starts typing-

Vegeta fan girls:VEGETA WE LOVE U


Kage:p serves you right

Raya:an i thought me an ryu fought

Ryu:-nods head-

Hatoru:are you 2 getting along


Ryu:oh an i thought i did something right

Hatoru:rmeber Kage owns nothing

Raya:except me,Lana,Traya,Flano,Tana,Rono an unfortunaley Ryu

Ryu:love you to oh an kage does not own dbz or sailor moon but she owns this story-raya hits him over the head mutterings something about dom ediots stating the avies-

kage:ok well um d- u took what i was going to say so oh yeah on with the story



vegeta inturupting

#hatoru inturupting#

$kage inturupting$

Raya inturupting

Ryu inturupting

letters,song,or poems

stressed words

Death and love

-Hatoru pov-

"I miss him so much""shch its only been a week saturn Vegeta will be back soon."Raya said trying to comfort me.$ok veg and toru meet aready an been seeing on another for 2 years an yes today is THAT day$ur evil$ty$"i know but i just can't help bu-""princess the negaverse is here!""oh no ... taru u coming""Yeah.""Ok STAR CRYSTAL POWER.""SATURN CRYSTAL POWER""Lets go""YEAh"

-10hours later-

"I can't keep this up for long saturn""Me neither"i said to Rya as we where starting to tire down.'ahhhhh!"'RAYA NO!" "You should payatenchane to your own fights girl." "ah!" "galick gun"I heard as i fell to the ground about to die. i turned to see vegeta running to me with fear, tears, an love in his eyes."v-vegeta im s-sorry""no hatoru please you can't leave me i love you to much""i-i l-love you t-to""no HATORU PLZ DON'T LEAVE ME!"#$-CRYING#$"HAHAHAHA DIE SAYIN"'hataru ill see you soon"


"aaaaaahh!"'Vegeta...my..first..love... ...but another sailor scout who was she'"FIRE FLY YOU OK?"I looked up to see the new sailor pluto come everyone died during the battle with was the only star seed that was lleft an it already choose a new owner while the old pluto garded th gates of time.'Yeah just a memory an are there going to be any new sailor scouts.""hm.. um i think one has yet to awaken yet sailor star . but why do you asked was she in your memory or something?""Yes along with a guy Lana$haha i bet some of you thought it was raya$#KEEP WRITING#$Ok ok shs back to the story$i remeber falling in love with him an i think his name was vegeta."I looked up to see lana smiling at me."He was your first love an if i i have alloff pluto's ld memoies right you to where quiet comeon where going to go visit my cousin Bulma today remeber.""yesi dobut have you see my tiger cub rono.""i think hes playing with my wolf cub Flano.""ok"'vegeta where you reborn as well do you still remeber me an do you still love me.' i thought as i packed when from out of nowhere i see...

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