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On the Bedroom Floor

Rating: R for lanuage and some sexual situations.

Characters: Trish Stratus, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Lita

Distribution: WWElibrary, , wf-ta

Disclaimer: All characters in this fic are owned by WWE/TNA, and themselves.

Summary: Trish knew it was trouble to have an affair behind her lover's back, but little did she know her lies hidden beneath the bedroom floor were a little more obvious than she realized. Trish StratusxJeff Hardy, Chris Jericho Lita. short chapter fic.

Author's Note: I, in absoultely no way, support the actions of affairs or cheaters. This is just a fic, open minds please!

This bed could use a secret,

and these beating hearts could keep it.

If you could, I could, I swear.

I could feel his hot breath upon my shoulder as I put on yet another layer of lip gloss, his lips trailing the bare skin of my neck and shoulder, yet the heat had done nothing to turn me on to him, as I knew he hoped it would. That flame had died months ago. I stared into the mirror coldly, as if he wasn't trying to rip me away from my own image, and kept my hands busy perfecting my appearance.

"I don't get why you're so obsessed with how you look when you go out," He mumbled into my neck, "It's just you and the girls."

I rolled my eyes, letting my posture buckle as I pushed his head away from my shoulder and replaced it instead with my best perfume. "Baby, it's just something we all do. Besides, it's fun." Sliding off the counter of our master bathroom, I stepped around him and made my way into the bedroom, stuffing things into my purse as he leaned on the doorframe behind me, watching my every move.

"Do you really need all that?"

I whipped my hair over my shoulder and glanced at him squarely, hoping he didn't catch exactly what I was shoving into my..purse, over-night bag, whatever. "It's just if we all get too wasted to drive anywhere and crash at Amy's, you know how it goes."

"Okay okay, you just be careful. I don't want any 3 in the morning calls from the police informing me that my girlfriend is passed out on the side of the street."

I winced. "Don't worry about me baby, my phone is charging so just call Ames if you really need me."

He nodded as I approached, smiling his coy grin as his powerful arms remained folded infront of him protectively. I kissed him, reluctantly, and pulled away swiftly before he could get anything more from me. I walked away in silence, feeling his gaze upon me, then turned out of his sight and flipped open my cell phone.

"Ames? Yeah it's just me...I'm going to his place again, would you mind covering for me?...I know I'm sorry, it'll stop soon...Yes, I promise...Okay, thanks, bye hun."

Swinging my bag to my opposite shoulder, I craned my neck to peer behind me and back up the staircase, letting out a soft sigh of relief when I realized he was nowhere in sight. Digging my car keys out of my pocket, I swung open the back door, but not before I put my fully-charged phone back into it's charger.

My heart was already pounding as I parked infront of his half-lit house, the single key he had given me clutched in my sweaty palm. He always told me to park elsewhere and walk the remaining distance, but tonight I couldn't imagine the thought of waiting another moment without him.

I grabbed my bag from beside me, stepping out onto the concrete and running through his front yard, my heels sinking into the dew-covered grass and dirt. I unlocked the door as soon as I reached it and swung it open, the warmth of his exotic living room blowing past me.

But Jeff himself was nowhere in sight.

"Baby?" I called, taking note that soft music was playing from somewhere in his home. "Jeff, baby, you here?" I let the door shut behind me, dropping my bag to the floor as I threw our keys onto the table, taking another step in as I toyed nervously with the white hem of my shirt.

I was about to call out for him yet again when my words where cut off by his lips against mine, his hands reaching out from beside me and pressing me against him. I let out a whimper despite myself, letting my hands fist his now purple hair, wanting him closer than close could bring him.

"Sorry...if I..scared you.." He mumbled breathlessly between kisses, his hands searching my body as though he'd never felt it before.

I didn't answer him, my tongue instead invading his mouth, tangling with his own as his hands slipped up beneath my shirt. My head was spinning, my body trembling from his very touch, as it always had when we were finally reunited.

"Oh, God.." I breathed, "How long's it been?"

Jeff pulled away from me the slightest bit, his hands settling upon my hips as I reached up, slightly wiping my gloss from his lips as we let the heat settle between us. "Too long," He whispered, kissing me again lightly. "What's your excuse this time?"

"Out with the girls, as usual."

He stared at me silently, licking his lips. "C'mere," He said quietly, taking my hand and leading me up to his bedroom, where we had spent far too many nights together than I could count. And it was there I'd stay until early morning, where I would gather up myself and my things, and kiss him good-bye, then drive back home, where I'd kiss Chris good-morning.

It was almost 12 when I awoke the next morning, my eyes adjusting to the heavy beams if light spilling in from the window. I turned to look behind me, smiling softly as I found a still sleeping Jeff Hardy cradled against me, his arm around my waist, his hand resting lightly on my lower stomach.

Shifting to lay on my back, I laced my fingers with his, bringing his hand to my lips and planting a soft kiss upon it, hoping the gesture would wake him softly.

"Mm," My lips waking him, he mumbled, shifting also to bring his lips against my neck, his eyes remaining closed. "Mornin', baby."

"Morning," I whispered, bringing my hand up to toy with his disheveled purple hair. "Sleep alright?"

He grinned coyly, and I could feel his nakedness against me as he scooted only closer. "Mhm, and you?"

I nodded, releasing a soft giggle. "Mm.. how early do you think it is? I haven't heard the alarm yet."

Moving reluctantly to the other side of the bed, Jeff picked up the clock and took a moment to comprehend the numbers in his half-sleepish state. He turned to me, furrowing his brow, and I arched mine skeptically back at him. "What?"

"It's freakin 12 o'clock." He threw the clock lazily to the floor, reaching up to rub his eyes sheepishly as I shot up and glared at him.

"What! ..Jeff!" When the only response I got was one of his innocent, boyish expressions, I groaned and rolled off the bed, crawling around it as I picked up the scattered clothing Jeff had disgarded from me the night earlier.

"Don't worry about it, Trish." He responded in his usual 'nothings ever wrong' tone, swinging his legs over the side of the bed, his naked form sloucing forward as he watched me.

"Are you joking me? He's probably throwing one of his 'protective boyfriend' stunts again and calling Amy non-stop. They're both going to kill me." I sat up on my knees, counting the items of clothing within my hands. "Where's my damn shirt?"

Shrugging his tanned and bare shoulders, Jeff reached over and tossed a shirt to me. "Just put that on, I'll try to look for it later. We all have a show to get to, remember?"

I let out an obnoxious groan, realizing I had once again forgotten about the show we had to leave for in less than 2 hours. I hadn't even begun packing yet. Throwing on the clothes I found and the shirt that Jeff gave me, I gave him a lingering kiss good-bye, wondering why our cursed fate always had to have it this way.

I winced as I unlocked the front door to our house, hoping the creaks of the hinges would quiet down the slower I opened it. I threw the keys onto the table next to me, noticing the screen on my phone blinking; 7 new calls. Probably all Amy, wondering where in the hell I was.

"Well look who decided to come home for once,"

I gasped, clutching my chest as I spun on my heel to face the direction the voice had come from. Chris stood there motionless, his cold eyes locked upon me as he folded his arms across his chest defensively, and I knew right away that was his silent gesture towards me, letting me know I was the under-dog in this situation.

"I'm sorry, baby.."

He closed his eyes, raising his hand to silence me. "Just tell me where in the hell you were, Ames wouldn't give me any straight answers."

I rolled my neck, trying faintly to release the pain in it as I threw down my bag, taking a step towards him, "Well, I-"

"Hold on," Chris reached out to me, grabbing a fist-full of Jeff's shirt I was currently wearing. I forced down a massive lump in my throat, placing my hand over his. "Isn't this Jeff's shirt?"

I froze, the color from my face draining as I looked down at the shirt myself. Sure enough, an older version of the Hardy Boy shirt adorned me in purple, 'Team Xtreme' written across my chest. I looked up at Chris, my eyes wide and fearful. "I-I dunno,"

"God damnit, Trish." He yelled, releasing the shirt from his grasp and tossing me back with it. He turned his muscular back to me, his hands on his hips as he paced back and forth. From knowing him for the past 6 years, I could already tell he was getting ready to just let me have it completely.

"It's Amy's, okay?" I spat back at him, desperately trying to conjure up some half-assed excuse. "Stace spilled her drink all over me last night so Amy dug this out of the back of her car, happy?"

He stopped in his tracks as I stood behind him, my fists clenched into tiny balls, my jaw tight with anger and resent. The Canadian man turned to me then, a softness taking over him - just as it usually had when I threw my lazy excuses around him. "I'm sorry, baby.. It's just..It seemed.."

"You don't have to say you're sorry, hun.." I brought my bottom lip between my teeth, lowering my head as my eyes scattered about and landed on everything but him. "I shouldn't have stayed out last night,"

Chris released a long sigh through his nostrils, his hands still steady on his hips, and locked a steady gaze upon me. "C'mere," He said softly, faultering his gaze for the slightest second as he held his arms out to me, and I took them gingerly, knowing now I wouldn't have to make up another lie on how come I had been so late.

We stood there, in an empty embrace, for far too long of a moment before Chris finally whispered into my ear. "You love me, don't you, sweetie?"

I bit my lip, digging my nails lightly into the skin of his back. He ran his hand up my arm, starting at my wrist, and letting it settle finally when he fingered the body paint that adorned the sleeve of the shirt we now knew could only belong to one man.


"Yea," I snapped, swallowing harshly, "Baby, you know that."

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