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(Part 4.)

I woke up that late morning with my body defeated and worn, wrapped limply in Chris's arms, my dreams deep and blank. I managed to sneak back into my room around 3 in the morning after Jeff had fallen alseep, and since I had done this many times before, snuck back into bed without waking the man next to me. My eyes fell immediately, my head heavy as I laid it on the pillow that had been empty for the past few hours, and let Chris instinctively wrap his arm back around my waist.

He did that constantly while he was sleeping, and if he was the only one I loved than I wouldn't mind, but I felt as if I didn't deserve that sense of love and protection, and in a move of pure guilt I'd shift positions and move his arm gently away. However, since I'd felt guilty enough that I'd let him spend the night hours alone, I let it remain, willing mentally that perhaps he would change positions in his sleep, something he rarley did at all.

My eyes, barley able to flutter open, landed half-lidded on the window before me and the sun peeking through it. I groaned, closing my eyes to the world around me, when I felt Chris snuggle up to me, his stubble-adorned chin scratching at my neck. "You awake yet, babe?"

"I am now.." I mumbled grumpily, trying to hide the obvious pain and weakness taking over me. If he did notice it, he did a great job at shielding it from me.

"S-sorry.." He stuttered for a moment, slipping his hand from my waist, then bringing it back again. Putting my aches aside, I turned to him slightly, confused as his sudden awkward gestures. "I should've known you're a light sleeper."

"I'm not a light sleeper, only when the sun is in my damn face." Turning away from him again, he moved his chin from off my shoulder, trying his best to peer down at me without moving his arm from it's limp position on my waist.

"Oh, right.." He finally rolled over then, his arms finding their place above his head as the sheets dipped down to his waistline, and I brought them back up to clutch against my almost bare chest. "Did you.. go anywhere last night? I could've sworn I woke up and you were gone."

I froze mometairly, my dead muscles tensing back up for the slightest moment. Inhaling a sharp breath, they relaxed, and I moved to settle on my back. "You threw a little fit when I got up to go to the bathroom," I quickly snapped, "That's it."

The Canadian replied back with a simple, "Oh." and suddenly dragged the sheets up to cover his naked chest. Both shifting ourselves under the sheets faintly, his arm grazed mine for a small second, and each of us brought our arms back awkwardly. From the corner of my eye, I could see him open his mouth to offer me his words, but he quickly disgarded that idea with a quick sigh as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. I myself turned away from him, clutching at the sheet desperately as I bit down hard on my lower lip.

Yes, it would all go down from here.

Hours later, after a small house show and a quick bite to eat with the girls, night was falling all around the very hotel most of the superstars had been staying in. All around the place that held memories I knew I regret ever being a part of as I looked back upon them.

Once Chris mentioned he'd be going out for a little while, I decided that instead of seeing Jeff, I'd spend the rare time alone with the person who needed it most - myself. He'd left around 7, and expecting him back at the hotel around 9ish, I slipped on an over-sized shirt with a pair of shorts and flipped through the movie channels they had to offer.

There wasn't much that caught my eye, but I finally managed to pick a semi-popular comedy fic, and as the previews passed on by, I savaged through the mini-bar and tossed every alcoholic drink onto the bed that I could find. Over an hour later, I'd come to realize I was drunk as all hell, and tossed all the bottles aside as I collapsed on the bed, my head spinning.

My stumbling mind wandered into thoughts of Chris.. what he was thinking, what he was doing. He had told me simply that he was going out with Jay for a little catching up time, and I wondered if maybe Chris was spilling his guts out about his suspicions of me. No, they were probably talking about their hair, ring attire, and how much sex they got.

Quickly switching to Jeff, my mind ached momentairly, and I brought my hand up to rub at the dull sting at my temple. He was probably in his hotel room just a few doors down the same hallway as ours, sleeping or watching a movie, or dying his hair another messed up color. Or maybe he was out with Lita, the closest thing he'd ever had to a sister, chatting away about life or the buisness or their dogs.. or about me.

Feeling sick to my stomach, I turned away from the movie infront of me, and grabbed one of the alcohol-filled bottles I'd pushed to the floor.

Over one hour and a few more drinks later, after collapsing upon the hotel bed, half-lidded and on the brink of passing out, Chris barged through the hotel room door, making some weird call as he entered the room. Pain shot through my head as the piercing sound echoed through my ears, and I groaned as I brought a hand to my head, waving him away.

"Trish?" Slamming the door behind him, Chris gingerly walked up to me, cradling my face in his sweaty palms. "You ok?"

"Uh huh.." I nodded absently at the 2 images of him I saw, then released a short, obnoxious giggle. "I'm sorry, I've been drinking."

"Ya think?" He retorded quickly, his hands holding me upright as my body fell against his. "Baby.. settle down."

Chris began running his hands over my face then, wiping off the sticky sweat that covered me completely. His eyes trailed all about me, then down to all the empty bottles, and around the room, all the while still holding me, seemingly unaware that I was ready to vomit all over his best shirt. But as I laid there limply in his arms, my head spinning, my half-lidded eyes adjusting to him..he seemed to take on a different form. He was one now, his form shifting to a lower mass, his hair changing to a purple tint, and a mist of white haze danced around him. His piercing green eyes met mine with a smile, and I smiled back at him.

Right back at what I saw to be Jeff Hardy.

Bringing my hand to cover the one he had on the small of my back, I giggled then groaned, his attention shooting back to my form. "You're trying to take advantage of me, aren't you?"

"That depends," Bringing himself to settle beside me, his lips met mine instantly. "Are you going to let me?"

I tore the oversized shirt from my body, releasing myself to him, allowing him to take total advantage of the situation, as we'd done so many times before. "I'd always let you.."

Bringing his soft hand to the back of my head, he brought me to him vigerously, our lips clashing as his free hand cupped me harshly. His lips felt different, they were fuller and less soft as they usually were, the usual stubble not dancing against my chin. But I put that all aisde for now, my nails digging into the skin of his back.

He made quick use of the situation, and before I knew it the shorts that hung low on my hips were disgarded from my body, and I felt suddenly out of breath as I laid there naked beneath him. And once again, it was something I tossed aside, as was the shirt on his back.

As I kissed and nipped at the skin of his neck, I heard the clinking of his belt buckle as he whiped it aside, then heard more as he began to fumble with the button on his dark jeans, pulling them down to his knees as he released him self. I absently reached down to tease him as I usually did, but he grabbed both my wrists and pinned them by my head, something I was used to.

But it hurt, not in the mesmorizing way he'd kept me helpless against the wall before, but a stinging pain, where I wasn't sure if I could take it. "..that hurts." I mumbled defensively, "Stop, Je-"

"Shut up!" He spat bitterly, momentairly releasing my wrist to place himself infront of my enterance, my legs falling open as he gripped my wrist once again. "Just shut up..."

I nodded numbly, a cry of pain surging from my throat as he plunged himself inside me, my walls not yet used to him. But that didn't stopped the man above me from pulling back then plunging himself deeply inside me again, and again. My insides burned, a heavy pain taking over me I should've been used to.. but somehow, I wasn't. I could feel him against me, the sweat from his face and chest dripping onto me in various places.

My eyes opened for a moment, and it was then I finally caught the deep tint of anger in his eyes. It wasn't the passionate anger I'd seen before, it was a deeper anger.. a bitter force of resent, a total loss of control. He wasn't doing this to give himself pleasure, he was doing this to hurt me.

"Ow.. you're hurting me.. stop, J-" My voice fell in a lifeless whimper, the short life of my cry coming to a short halt when his teeth bit tightly upon my lower lip. I could feel the blood seeping into my mouth slowly as he pulled away, but the pain paled in comparison to fire he was setting where we coupled.

As my eyes remained half-lidded, fallen on the stranger above me, all the images that I could see from my position began to blur into one colorless oracle of spinning pieces, the alcohol kicking in more severly now that it'd had time to drain into my system. I was sick, numb, seemingly above it all as I watched my body fall into the it's own demons, the man causing it pain merciless and brutal. He pounded me harder and harder, but the sting seemed to fade elsewhere.

Finally completely gone, my head fell to the side, my mind fallen blank.

I'm not sure how much time I'd spent passed out before my eyes finally opened, the light from the lamp on the nightstand illuminating the image of the man above me. "Je-" My voice buckled, and decided at that second that words were not needed now.

Now officially out of my dreams, I reached out to Jeff, confused at his actions, but needing him to help me now. But as I reached for him, he gently took my hand and placed it back on my stomach. Looking up at his blurred form, I shook my head, blinking as his image came into clarity.

It wasn't Jeff that'd hurt me, that caused me selfish pain.. it was an unusually soft-expressive Chris Jericho.

Feeling dazed and out of it, I looked up at him quizically.. then realized the amout of pain and alcohol in my system must've messed me up pretty bad. Reading the confused expression on my face all too well, Chris looked down upon me with his hands on his knees, which were tucked underneath him.

"I-I'm sorry.." Bringing a hand to my forehead, I looked down at my naked body, my legs - in which had thin trails of sticky blood adorning them - swung over Chris's clothed thighs, my body marked with red fingerprints in various areas. My glazed orbs landed on his body - now completely clothed from the waist down - and realized that he'd came after I'd passed out, instead of stopping when he should've. "I just expected to see..someone else."

He grazed the backside of his fingers against my forehead, then down my cheek and neck gently, as if means of comfort. "Like, Jeff Hardy?"

My eyes flashed open at the mere mention of his words, unsure if I had heard him correctly. "Hm?"

"You never let me take advantage of you.." The words spilled from his lips as if he weren't speaking them at all, as if my drowning mind was playing yet another trick on me. His hands trailed my body slowly, faintly..but I was still too weak and drunk to do a damned thing about it.

"w..what? Chris-"

Chris's hand suddenly found it's way to my neck, his powerful grip cutting off my access to inhale, his fingers digging into my windpipe. "I know what you've been doing, Trish.." He growed as I scratched desperately at his arms, my reach falling short of his body as he kept me helplessly pinned against the bed. "I know you've been fucking around with Jeff."

I began choking as he released my neck, as if now realizing that abusing me was not doing to do much, but then decided better of it as he reached out and sent a powerful back-hand against my cheek, the slap echoing through our room as I cried out. Standing on the bed above me, he seemed to now realize that every motive of my usually harsh defense was shattered, and fisting both hands in my blonde, tangled mass of hair, threw me with all his force off the bed, sending me crashing into the nightstand on the other side and collpasing against the foor.

I felt the chilled breeze sweep past me from the window, and my sinking eyes glanced to it to see if there was anyone around that could help me.. to save me. I reached behind me to see if there was anything on the table, my hand fumbling around in a drunken manor before collapsing, defeated, at my side.

Chris appeared from around the bed, his face pintched with disgust as he looked at me.

As he looked at nothing at all.

And in a second, his hand trailed through my hair then down to finger the burise forming around my eye, before he got up and bolted towards the door. It didn't even take me time to think before I knew exactly where he was heading, and fear ran through me knowing he'd hurt Jeff worse than he'd hurt me.

I tried to get up from my grave on the bedroom floor..and collapsed in a whimper, realizing there was absolutely nothing I could do.