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This part is long and very very angst-filled... if you find it too hard to read just skip to where it says "2 months later"

Important note: The point of view in this part is third person (unlike the other parts), until the italisized section and the "2 months later", sorry if its confusing! It was just easier for me to write it 3rd person the way I wanted it to come out.

Thank you for all those who stuck with me through this story


Jeff Hardy sat above the covers of his hotel bed, his body tired from the day's match as he let it rest, trying to keep busy with t.v. But nothing really seemed to be working. Although he was more than ready to go to bed early, he decided to wait for Lita to return from her little shopping trip so they could talk for a while, then perhaps inadvertatly fall alseep during that time.

Flipping his cell phone on and off, wondering why he hadn't recieved any new calls yet, his already racing mind wandered to Trish. She'd promised she'd call him an over an hour ago, since Chris was also leaving for a short while to catch up with Jay, but as the dull screen of his phone streamed light back at him, there was nothing.

He smiled, thinking of the small blonde's laugh, but it faded quickly when he rememberd what she'd said the day earlier about Chris's seemingly new suspicions. It didn't surprised him that people were on their case, really. Hell, he'd predicted it'd happen from the very beginning. But him, like Trish herself, thought that they'd have more time to straiten things out before they got even more twisted than they already were.

But life would not have it that way, and days went by slowly, as if dangling on the very edge before it plumited into the depths of hell. Yes, thats exactly where they all were hell.

Flicking off the television before him, Jeff rolled over to his side, picking up his cell phone from the night stand and checking it once again - incase his phone was faultering, and she really had called him. As expected, it showed nothing.. and an unusual twist of uneasy waves settled within the pit of his stomach. Something must've happened... something had to have happened, she always found a way to call.

Just as he set his phone back down, three soft knocks on the door echoed through his room, and with an excited grin he jumped off the bed to answer it, belivine he knew just who was on the other side. "Hey, bab-y."

Chris Jericho chuckled, pushing his way into the hotel room as he laid a hand on Jeff's shoulder, as if means of a greeting. "Glad you're so happy to see me." He said, hands on his hips as Jeff shut the door behind them. "I'm flattered, man, I really am."

Shaking his head, the suddenly dissapointed and off-guard Hardy raked his hand through his colorful hair, trying to play off the uneasyness he was feeling. "Sorry, I thought you were Ames."

"Ah," His dark eyes darted across the room, then back to Jeff as the colorful man stuffed his hands into his pockets nervously. "Well, Jeff... I just came here to tell you that I know you're fucking around with my woman."


Chris lunged forward, his powerful fist making contact with Jeff's nose and eye, sending his numbed flying back into the wall behind him. Gently fingering the blood now pouring from his nose, he looked up as Chris appeared before him, only to recieve another powerful blow to his stomach.

The Canadian watched as the battered man slid down the wall in a crumpled, defensless heap.. the man that betrayed him, the man that loved the woman he called his own more than he probably ever had. Chris watched as he caughed, sputtering blood as he did so, a weak arm bound across his stomach. But the pain he could now see only made him want to inflict it more. Picking up the Hardy, he held him steady against the wall, then punched him again, and again.. hitting his neck, chest, eyes, whatever he could until he thought he could hit him no more.

He was seething, his heavy breathes seeping through clenched teeth, a coy smile of satisfaction played across his face as he looked down at the blood that adorned his nuckles. Jeff clutched his throat, hunching foward as he crumpled to the ground once again, the red fluid pooling down his neck and naked chest. His silence his only defense.

Chris's half-lidded eyes scanned the Hardy, then back around his room, looking for something, anything, when his eyes landed on a large glass vase. Grinning to himself, he marched over and picked it up, the object seemingly heavier than it looked, then approached Jeff slowly.

But as he looked down at the man that laid in pool of his own blood, Chris realized that perhaps, the two sides were oddly uneven now.. leaving Jeff upon the advantage of fair payback. Laughing to himself quietly with the glass vase still dangling daringly over the broken man, he decided that that didn't matter much, and was a mere few inches away from slamming the thick glass into the man's head for one final blow.


The gruff, female voice appearing from his side was unmistakable.. and when the Canadian turned to his side a second later, he found himself staring into the wide-eyed shocked expression of a certain little redhead. Although he was somewhat surprised to see her, he was not faultered, and stared coldly at the woman standing in the doorway.

"Chris..." She breathed slowly, as if she feared her words would startle him and cause him to snap once again, sending the glass flying at either one of them. "..what the hell is going on?"

"Don't act like you don't know," Chris spat, his voice rising in anger as he watched her tender expression for the broken Hardy. "And don't you go helping that sorry excuse for man anyhow."

"Sorry excuse for a man?" Her voice was unusually high-pitched and emotional, her body screaming to her to tend to the lifeless man to her side, but too afraid to do so. She looked at Chris, her frightened eyes locked upon him, "That sorry excuse for a man is your best friend!"

"No..." He turned coldy back to the Hardy, his voice slow and eerie as his words clawed their way up his throat, "No... best friends dont fuck around with another's girlfriend.."

Jeff flintched, silent whimpers slipping past his bleeding lip, his arm bound around his waist, where ribs were sure to be cracked. He needed severe medical attention, his form soaking in a pool of it's own blood, causing him to appear somewhat like a dead form tossed aside in a horror movie. Lifting his head, he appeared as if he were going to attempt to speak, something which Amy caught on to and cut off immediately.

"Chris," She whispered evenly, her pretty eyes drowned in sorrow, her form trembling as it stepped timidly into the room. "You know this isn't fair,"

He shook his head in disgust, once again raising the glass in his hand as he turned towards the woman. "Fuck that," The man spat devilously, then turned back to the life slipping away steadily from the man before him, "You were my friends... I - I took care of Trish, now I'm gonna finish you."

Amy gasped, a hand flying to her lips as she whimpered, tears welling in her eyes.. "You.. you what? ..No.., no no no no..." Seemingly paralized, she began to fall back before grasping herself against the door frame, horrbile thoughts floating around in her mind. Trish...what happened? Where was she?

"..Ames," The lifeless whisper slipped past her ears suddenly, yet easily.. a voice she hadn't expected to ever hear again. When the redhead burst out into the hallway, her eyes fell upon her trembling blonde friend, her heart breaking at Trish's appearance. Her hair was matted, skin pale and covered in blood in various areas - mostly her legs - her body was adorned in nothing but a long shirt, the faintest of mindless whispers all around.

She collapsed into Amy's arms, weak and cold, sobbing against her friends shoulder as she mumbled something about Jeff.. Jeff and his heart. Bringing the blonde to her feet again, Amy brought Trish into the hotel room and held her tightly as she sheilded her from Jeff's sight. But the attempt had failed, and when the two locked eyes, it was Trish that seemed to feel the blow. Once again cradleing the little blonde's head against her chest to save her from the pain, Amy cooed softly into her ear, as means of hopeless comfort.

But it was then Chris had had enough. He sent the vase crashing into the wall behind him, shards of dangerous glass scattering all around them. Approaching the broken Hardy one more time, he gripped his throat and brought him to his feet, his face a mere hair's breath away from his own. "As much as I wanna fucking kill you, Hardy," He growled, "I don't hate you as much as you think... I can't. It wouldn't make much fucking sense."

Amy silenced her whispers to Trish as the two girls turned their attention to his words, flustered in confusion. She pleaded to him to stop, to just forget it and bring Jeff to the hospital, but Chris only turned to her coldly..a burning passion of a strange kind aflame in his eyes. "Then why don't you tell them, Ames..." He spoke deviliously, "..why don't you be the one to finally fucking tell them."

She was sobbing now, her face buried into Trish's neck as she shook her head, whimpering ever so faintly. ", no.."

"Tell them, Amy." He yelled, dark blood pumping throughout his veins in a fit of adrenaline and fear. Turning back to Jeff and the blood seeping between his fingers, he took a slight step back, loosening the grip he had upon his neck. "Tell Trish the only reason you kept quiet for her for so fucking long was because you knew they'd never find out about me an' you."

A harsh cry rolled from Amy's throat, but Trish backed away, still within her friend's arms.. "Amy..." Hooking a finger under the redhead's chin, she forced her friend to look at her.. each of their expressions weak and drowned in sorrow. "..Ames, is he... tell me.."

She simply shook her head, tears strolling down her flushed face as she once again buried herself into Trish's shoulder. "Yeah...Trish.., I'm so sorry,"

Turning back to Jeff, who appeared to be stunned by the confession, yet to weak to care, Chris simply stared at him.. all hate drained from his being. Slipping his hand off of the Hardy's neck, he released him, seemingly worried about the bloodied way in which he appeared.

A cold darkness fell upon the four of them just then, the two girls sobbing as they cradled eachother while Chris wrapped his arm in a pillow case. Coldness of the city night past through the window, darkness at it's side, sending a chilling shiver crawling up the spine of man with blood adorning his knuckles.

I turned my head to look at the bloodied man trembling against the wall, the one I had almost sent heart-breakingly to his death, and simply stared... Stared as blood poured from his face and mouth, stared as he whispered a silent 'i love you' only I could comprehend...stared as his beautiful eyes never left my own, and it was then he collapsed, broken in a dark heap upon the bedroom floor.

2 months later.

Nighttime flooded through the open window of the home I now could call my own, into the messy bedroom and over our coupled forms. It was warm and soothing, the whisper of its melodic song bringing a smile to my face. I lifted my head from Jeff's neck to get a better look at his face, only to find he'd fallen into a peaceful sleep. Tracing the scar that stretched from above his eyebrow to his cheek ever so gently, I laid my head back down into the crook of his neck, and breathed a soft sigh out into the darkness.

It was weeks ago when the ambulance first carried Jeff to the hospital to stop the immense blood loss, internal bleeding, and broken bones. I remembered so clearly sitting in the ambulance clad in almost nothing at all, my heart, although numbed and swimming in alcohol, beating so hard I could barley breathe. He had yet to awaken, and they feared for his life..trying desperately to find all of his deep cuts to keep the flowing blood inside him.

I remembered so clearly the white fear that flooded me, afraid I'd lose the only man I'd ever truly loved, the alcohol consuming my body completely. It wasn't long before darkness took over me also.. my stomach was pumped after I'd fainted from a blood-alcohol level of point 25, and I had to stay in the hospital over night, Jeff right at my side after they'd brought him in from Intensive Care. I was told I could leave the following morning, but I stayed at Jeff's side for the next 2 weeks he was in the hospital.

Amy and Chris had told the police and doctors that they'd found Jeff beaten and bloodied on the streets, then carried him back to our hotel room, but called 911 once they'd realized he needed more help than they could give him. The doctor that took care of Jeff told us that if they'd waited much longer, he would've died from blood loss. His words brought me to tears, only to be comforted by a regretful Chris Jericho, who'd spent most of those 2 weeks sobbing his eyes out in church... and yes, Amy had been right at his side the entire time.

Although the 4 of us had settled our differences, we haven't talked much aside from the usual random conversations in the hallways of the Raw arenas. Chris and Amy are still working through their relationship, and I hope them the best.. the woman I once called my best friend could give him everything I could not.

As for Jeff and I..well, I'd slipped into depression during our affair and now spend a lot of my time in therapy, the gym, and in gentle nights of love-making with the man I adore. Emphesis on the 'gentle'..his forearm was crippled in the fight, as were his ribs cracked and cheek bone damaged. But he was healing gracefully...we were healing together.

Tracing the patterns of bruises and muscle indents on his chest, I began to hum into his ear..hoping to wake him gently. He stirred in his sleep, fixing the band of his sling and letting his lips fall against my forehead. He smiled. "It's late, why are you still up?"

"Couldn't sleep," I whispered simply, planting a trail of kisses all the way from his neck to his cheek.

He laughed softly, his fingers tangling in my hair, somewhat unresponsive. "Darlin', I need sleep.. we can do what you want in the morn," Kissing me sweetly, he laid my head back down in the crook of his neck, and after only 15 minutes, I could tell he'd fallen asleep once again. I laid there for another hour, watching the minutes tick away before I felt the small vibrations from my cell phone as it laid on the table beside me. Confused as to who would call at such an hour deep into the night, I picked it up and recognized the number immediately.

Slipping from Jeff's embrace, I crept out of the room and encased my self in the night as I went out onto our newly finished balcony. It was perfect, high above all else and over looking the sleeping town beneath. I flipped open my phone, whispering a quiet "Hi" to the person on the other end.

But instead of the greeting I was expecting in return, the person said nothing.. and instead, soft sobs and mumbles traveled through wires and into my ear. I frowned, "Chris? ..are you alright?"

"It was my fault, wasn't it?" He suddenly bellowed, his voice strained and throaty. It seemed sore, and I could tell he'd been crying for a while. "Everything.. from Jeff, to Ames... It was all my fault."

Suddenly confused, I grabbed my phone with two hands, shifting uncomfortably on the cold concrete. My heart began to beat wildly. "Oh, Chris... don't say that. Nothing that happened was anyones fault." I paused, feeling as if my words were not reaching him. "Everything worked itself out the way it was meant to be."

"I'm sorry," He choked before I even finished my sentence, seemingly beside himself. "Sorry I couldn't love you the way you deserved, and that you had to go find what I never gave you in someone else." His voice trembled, and I began to wonder if he'd been drinking. "I'm so, so sorry.."

Sighing, I pintched the bridge of my nose.. Jeff's soft snores and the sound of a distant car alarm wreaking havoc in the back of my mind. "There wasn't a moment that passed by that I didn't believe you loved me... we just weren't meant to be. And I think we've all realized that."

"Why?" He cried harshly, "Why not, Trish? Why can't we go back to the way we were? ...because I fucked it up, thats why."

Towards the end I realized he'd been talking to himself, and still wanted an answer from me. I leaned over to peek into our bedroom; Jeff had still been sleeping soundly. My eyes falling on the clouds above me, my lips mumbled quiet words. "Why did you call me, Chris? Did something happen with Ames?"

"She doesn't love me.." He began to speak like a somber child. "I can't give her what she wants, but I've tried, baby... I've tried."

From the bedroom, I heard Jeff rustle in his sleep and wince in pain. He needed me now more than the broken man sobbing in his home some miles away. "Chris... we're over, for good. The man I truly love is down the hallway waiting for me to join him, so thats exactly what I'm going to do.. If Amy didn't love you then she wouldn't be with you right now, so why don't you take a minute to tell her you truly love her instead of falling into the arms of another woman? ...ok?"

He seemed to settle after that, only breathing soft sighs into the phone as his plodding footsteps echoed in my ear. I could hear the familiar creek of the bedroom door, where Amy was sure to be sleeping, as he opened it slowly, the gesture causing a smile to grace me. It was then he spoke quietly, distantly... "I love you.."

I only nodded, my eyes falling to the skyline so far away, to the passion and lust laid to rest on my bedroom floor. "I've loved you, too."