Synopsis: Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo knew Rufus as their boss, but as he took them in he also had to teach them the things they needed to know about the world. What if the brothers decide they want Rufus to get married so they can have a mother? This is a look at how they lived together prior to the events of FF:AC.

For as long as they could remember, Rufus was their boss as well as their caretaker. But mother's voice still called to them, the warm of her presence was what they desired and needed.

"Rufus, where's our mommy?" Loz asked, a frown creasing his ever-so-easy to read face.

"I do not know." He did not really want to lie to them. But he could not let them near Jenova. If was unknown what would happen if that was to occur. So he watched after them himself. So unknowing of the world they are in, can I really make weapons out of them?

They were already too powerful to leave alone. Their skills, knowledge they were created with, far exceeded any of this staff's. He could not destroy these innocent children who's only fault was that they were not borne of a natural womb. So Rufus used them for his own ends, perhaps as an excuse not to eliminate them. Rufus would have denied the attachment he felt to them if anyone had asked him. But since no one did, he continued to watch over them.

"You should get married to mom when we find her!" This time it was from Kadaj, the ever energetic and mercurial one.

Rufus smiled at the though, Yeah, sure. I want to be married to a disembodied being interested in the destruction of this world.

Waving a magazine in front of the distracted Rufus, Yazoo asked what it was. Taking a quick look at the cover, Rufus gaffed and snacked it away. "Where did you get this?" It was a copy of Playboy.

"Reno was looking at it earlier. When he put it down I decided to take a look. So what is it about?" Yazoo was always a mystery to Rufus. Silent, but eager to acquire knowledge, no matter what the subject apparently

"It is for…relaxation." Rufus completely lamely, not sure he wanted to give them The Talk. Maybe I should get married, he thought ruefully, and then whoever it is can answer their questions. "You should not take things that do not belong to you unless I tell you three to do so."

He tucked the magazine away for later – To return to Reno later, of course. Rufus went back to inspecting the three silver-haired youths before him.

"I am here now to give you three specifically designed armaments for your use." While he trained them, he carefully examined the three and had glimpsed differences in their preferred method of combat.

"Gifts?" Loz asked in excitement, then immediately pretended to remain clam. He looked up to Yazoo's aloof exterior and sought to emulate it whenever the change arose. However, Loz was still hopping from one foot to the other, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the weapons.

A cart was wheeled, it contained the aforementioned weapons. The brothers did not need to be told which belonged to who, they know each other best.

For Loz it was a hand held a wrist-mounted stun gun, Rufus informed him it was called dual hound. Loz's physical appearance matched his preferred method of combat. He fought primarily relying on his hands, enjoying the feel of keeping his opponents close.

Yazoo was the opposite of his brother, which was why their skills completed each other. The long-haired brother exceed at ranged combat. So for him a sword-pistol was forged, the sword portion necessary for if his opponent got within range.

Kadaj's weapon was a double-bladed katana. He, like Loz, enjoyed close combat. But for him, the cutting of flesh and the smell of blood was what he sought. Upon seeing the sword Kadaj giggled in delight and gave Rufus a big hug.

The president of Shinra wondered at his sanity in giving the youngest brother a weapon at all, much less that would cut through most material. It is probably better then seeing him rage at not getting a weapon. And truth be told, it was nice to get a hug even if it came from such a wildly unstable individual. In his line of work, hugs were one of the last things he ever expected to receive. That, and a wife, Rufus though in derision.

"Whee!" After having given Rufus his hug, Kadaj was now gleefully running about waving the sword about and slashing at the various furniture in the room. Rufus told Kadaj to stop destroying his property, the youth complied reluctantly.

"This is so cool! You are soooo nice to us!" Loz had tears of joy standing out in his eyes.

"A good gun. I'm sure it would be useful." That was the closest to a sign of gratitude Yazoo was ever going to show.

"I expect you three to use those in your training from now on." Rufus was please with their reactions and left to let them play with their new toys.

Once Rufus was out of earshot Loz whispered to his brothers, "We have to do something to repay him for this."

"Agreed, but what should we do for him?" Yazoo questioned, he was not familiar with the concept of getting someone a gift in return for something.

Kadaj snap his fingers, "I know! Let's get Rufus a wife, then she can be our temporary mother until we find our real one." He grinned happily at his brothers.

"What if he doesn't want one?" Loz asked hesitantly. He really did want a mother though.

"He smiled when I said he should marry our mom, that must mean he liked the idea." Kadaj declared.