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Many awkward moments followed that odd afternoon. Maureen started calling Tom every day, wanting to talk for hours after they had just spent all lunch, break, and after school walking and talking together. There were many times when their faces came that close… but never quite touched. They didn't kiss or hug or hold hands or anything, but they were supposed to be going out.

This really doesn't feel right…

Tom and Roger continued to pass notes all through Geometry, mainly talking about what a psycho Maureen was.

I went to elementary school with her, Roger wrote one day. We never really hung out or anything – well, we kinda hated each other – but I know how crazy she can get.

Even his mom was getting annoying about it.

"We hear from this Maureen girl quite a lot. Is she your girlfriend?"

"I guess." Tom shrugged. His mother's face lit up in a grin

"Why didn't you tell me? Oh, my little Tommy's all grown up! Have you gone on any dates? What was your first kiss like? Oh, tell me everything!"

"Mom, this is why I didn't tell you… I knew you'd get like this! I don't want to talk." Her face fell.

"Well… when you want to, I'm right here."

Girlfriend… it still didn't sound right.

- Angel PoV -

The first day of school was nerve-wracking enough, why does every other day in high school have to be just as bad? Mimi's at a totally different school… I miss her. I called her first chance I got… last night.

- Flashback -

Ring ring

"Hola, casa del Marquez. Hello, Marquez residence" I heard Mimi's voice.



"Lo siento, chica, I got busy and-" (I'm sorry)

"Nada, chica, nada," (nothing, no worries) Mimi interrupted me, laughing. "I've been busy, too. High school, hot chicos, tarea, how will I handle it all?" (chicos: boys, tarea: homework) I laughed. That was my Mimi, always thinking of boys, boys, and more boys. We went to a small middle school together, and it was no secret there that I was gay. But here… really only one person knows. She went to the same school – Maureen Johnson. I've only seen her in one of my classes so far… no, wait. She has the same lunch as me.

"How about you, chico… any cute guys at your school?"

The one I helped on the first day of school? His chocolate-colored face ran through my head. I never thought about it before, but he was really cute… but,

"He's going out with Maureen."

"Poor thing."

"So what? I've fallen for straight ones before… I'll get over it eventually."

"I meant him."

"Oh." I giggled. It was kind of true… poor chocolate-cute-guy.

- Back to Collins -

Avoiding her seemed to be the best solution. Maureen was getting too attached for him to end it completely… she had to take part in it somehow. What am I gonna do? He asked himself over and over again.

"Thomas, are you alright?" his mother stared at his fully rearranged, completely full, plate.

"I'm fine, Mom. Just not hungry." Red alert in mom's head.

"What's wrong, sweetie? Do you want to talk-"

"Leave the boy alone, Carol. If he's not hungry, he's not hungry. He doesn't need to eat. He just can't get a midnight snack. Right, son?"

"But, Jay, he's so thin!"

"You're always saying that. He looks fine to me."

"Mom? Dad? I'm… right here."

"Of course, dear." His mother nervously laughed. They went back to eating in uncomfortable silence.

Two bites and ten minutes later, Tom asked if he could be excused. His mother looked concerned, but his father spoke first.

"Sure, but no late-night snack later. Right?"

"Sure." Tom picked up his plate, wrapped it in tin foil, and put it in the refrigerator. He walked to his room and sat on his bed, thinking about what to say to Maureen.

Mo, I really don't feel right dating you… no.

Hey, Reen, can I talk to you? Hey, listen. We're friends right? Well, more, but that's what I wanted – no.

Maureen, I can't date you anymore. I don't know why, but can we still be friends? Pathetic.

Maureen… look, you're one of my best friends and we tried this dating thing for a while, but I just don't think it's working. Can we go back to just being friends?

It was worth a shot.

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