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The Bohemians Work At Wal-Mart

Part 1 of 2

Today was a strange day for our Bohemian friends. Roger's band broke up, Mimi sprained her ankle and was fired at the Cat Scratch Club, and Mark just quit Buzz line for the second time. When he walked in he saw Mimi reading a news paper.

"Am I in the right loft?" Mark asked.

"What?" Mimi asked with a confused look on her face.

"Your reading a news paper." Mark pointed out "I've never seen you read a news paper."

Mark started laughing and Mimi threw a pillow at him.

"Where's Roger?"

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS BAILING OUT ON ME?" Roger screamed through the phone as he came out of the bedroom.

He sighed a threw the phone on the chair.

"What wrong?" Mimi asked.

"The guys quit the band…. They said it just a high school dream and that we needed real jobs." Roger said dryly.

"Then there were two unemployed people." Mimi not looking away from the news paper.

"Three, I quit Buzz line."

"What?" They asked him.

"I didn't want to work there , I was selling my soul." Mark shrugged.

"I'm going to kill you."

Roger started chasing Mark around the loft. The chasing stopped when the phone rang.

Ssssspppppppeeeeaaaakkk: I know your there because I here Pookie screaming like a little bitch, so throw us the key, FUCKERS!

The three of them rolled theirs eyes and Mimi threw the key down. Minutes later Angel, Collins, Maureen, and Joanne walked in.

"Hey guys." Mark said breathlessly.

"HI!" Angel and Maureen said cheerfully.

"Hi." Joanne and Collins said dryly.

"What happened?" Roger asked sitting on the couch.

"I got fired." They said at the same time.

"Joanne? Got Fired?" Mimi said in shock.

"Now I know I'm in the wrong loft." Mark said.

"Collins?" Roger asked.

"NYU didn't like my new theory."

"I lost this big case and my boss got pissed."

"So that means we're all unemployed." Roger said putting his hands on his head.

"We still have Benny." Angel said nicely.

There was a knock on the door and Collins opened it.

"Hey guys." Benny said sadly. " Can I stay here? Allison kicked me out and her dad fired me."

"Shit." Angel said dryly

"I guess you could stay." Roger said quietly. "But stay away from Mimi." he warned.

"I DON'T WANT MIMI…I WANT ALLISON." Benny burst out in tears. "I WANT MY WIFE BACK.

Angel gave him a hug, he cried in her arms.

"Its ok, sweetie." Angel said comforting him.

Everyone else looked at each other with disbelief.

"I want her back." Benny said quietly.

Collins, Maureen, and Mimi roared with laughter, Mark laughed weakly, and Joanne and Roger just shook their heads.

"You have to joking." Maureen said laughing.

"Its not funny." Benny snapped. " I have no job."

"Same here." They all said.

"OH MY GOD!" Mimi said excitingly.


"We could work at Wal-Mart…they have openings for Men's wear , Women's wear, Electronics, Toy department, Dailey, and Cashier." Mimi announced.

"Sounds good to me." Joanne said.

"Now you guys have jobs." Maureen said putting her feet on the coffee table.

"Your getting a job too, honey." Angel said.


The next day the Bohemians went on their interviews and they got the job.

Men's wear- Angel

Women's wear- Maureen

Dailey- Collins

Toys- Mimi and Joanne

Cashier- Benny

Electronics- Mark and Roger


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