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Chapter One

No, Mary

Waiting with my mother and other sisters behind the dining-room door, I hear Lizzie refuse Mr. Collins' proposal of marriage. I heave a sigh of relief. Surely Mr. Collins will seek me out. I may be plain and a bit reclusive, but he had said that he wished to select a wife from his five cousins. Surely Mr. Collins would have no interest in overly coquettish girls like Kitty and Lydia, and I heard Mother state that he could not have Jane due to her near engagement to Mr. Bingley. I am the only one left.

I know that Mr. Collins didn't seem appealing to either of my other sisters, but he is quite appealing to me. Despite what others might think, I do not wish to be alone all of my life. When I first heard Mr. Collins was a clergyman, I was overjoyed. Surely he would love to talk of philosophy and such topics. I have been waiting for a man like this. Mr. Collins bored all of my family to extremes with the sermons he read the first evening of his stay, except me. In fact, the sermons quite delighted me.

Mother flings the doors open, and Lizzie storms out the back door. "Such a foolish, headstrong girl!" she mutters before reassuring Mr. Collins that she shall go talk some sense into Lizzie. Jane, Lydia, and Kitty run off to go attend other things, and Mr. Collins and I are the only ones left in the breakfast room.

He is about to leave, but stops at the sound of my voice. "Mr. Collins…" I murmur.

"Hello, Mary," he says grimly, turning around.

"Mr. Collins," I begin timidly, "do you still desire to select a wife from our family."

"I did, but all hope of that seems lost. But Mary, I cannot leave the county without a bride! Lady Catherine will be so upset."


"I need to find another girl in the county…"

"…if I'm not being too forward…"

"…who is like your sister…"

"…I love you!"

Mr. Collins looks at me, quite surprised, so I repeat, "I love you!"

"Mary, surely you cannot be serious."

"I assure you that I am quite serious." After my brief Lizzie moment, I have an unfortunate Kitty moment. "Those sermons you read to us, I found them enrapturing."

"You are two young, Mary. You're only seventeen, still a child."

"But I have the mind of a woman!"

"I doubt that." Mr. Collins donned his signature black hat and tried to leave. In a moment of desperation I did something terribly, terribly forward and unvirginal. I flung myself upon the man and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. When the kiss was over, Mr. Collins pulled back. "No, Mary."

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