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So there I was, outside my home, sitting on the roof, just watching the stars and listening to my favorite song, Rainy Day Man. I was 6 feet 7 inches tall, weighing in at around two hundred pounds, and dressed in black jeans, with a dark purple silk shirt, over that I have a red and black jacket, though it would call to the mind of another person as a tent. Next to me are my two Pilipino wooden swords I made in my woodworking class. My hair fell down to my shoulders, as I had not bothered to put in into a braid as I usually did in the morning.

Despite what a person looking at me might think, I was not at rest. My mind was stressed, as countless thoughts raced through. I had just finished watching Sailor Moon, and I couldn't get the idea for a Sailor Saturn fic. I hate the way that she is treated on the show.

Looking at my watch, I was surprised to see that it was midnight. I had been up on the roof for over three hours. I looked up at the sky and made a wish,

"I wish that I could be a friend to Tomoe Hotaru."

Those were the words that I said, made in a flight to the impossible. After all, it is impossible for anime and reality to cross paths, isn't it?

Of course, I never noticed the star that flew through the sky as I spoke.

I grabbed my swords and thrust them into my specially made holsters. Carefully, not wanting to fall, I began making my way down the roof, but my foot slipped and I went head first over the side, my head met cement, and my neck snapped.

The last thing I remember is the rain just beginning to fall from the sky, and I knew no more.

My eyes opened slowly as I began to return to consciousness. I then looked around; I was floating in the night sky, and first thing through my mind was, 'How the hell am I alive?'

"You are dead." Whispered a voice that echoed everywhere, but nowhere at the same time. It creped me out, big time.

"I can't be dead, damn it!" I shouted at the voice, for I did not want to be dead. I couldn't be dead!

"Then look down."

I do so and I see paramedics trying to revive my body but after five minutes of futile attempts they pronounce me dead.

I am instantly struck, 'how could this happen to me?' I had a full life ahead of me. I had friends that would miss me. Especially my sister.

'She's gonna think that I took my life, even when I told her that I would not.'

"This sucks." I say out loud as I can feel tears beginning to build up in my eyes.

"Are you ready to join your ancestors?"

I look around for that bloody annoying voice. "Show yourself, damn it!"

Suddenly, what seemed to be a cloud of blue dust appeared before me, causing me to recoil in surprise.

This person is dressed in a long black outfit that covered every inch of his body. In his right hand he held a large evil looking Scythe. 'I don't want to get hit be that thing,' were my thoughts regarding it.

"My name is Death, and I am here to take you to Hell."

"Wait one fucking second!" I shout at the bastard, "Why am I going to hell, anyway? I didn't kill anyone!"

"You committed suicide, according to the sheets I have here." He hands me the stack of papers, and I read thought them, before ripping them apart.

"I didn't kill myself; I slipped off the roof tiles." I say as it begins to sink in that I will never see my family and friends again.

Death then turns his head to the side, as if listening to something. "Fine, you are not going to Hell,"

"YES!" I cry as I suddenly have energy again and I pull out of my depression, wait a second, if I'm dead, and then how can I feel depression?

"But nor will you be returning to Earth,"

"Well, shit." Was all I could think of in reply.

"Or heaven for that matter." Death answers at last.

"Than where the hell am I supposed to go?" I ask.

"You made a wish just before you died right?" says a new voice, but this is a smooth purr, and it seems to vibrate from the very darkness itself, "Death, your job is done here, I will continue it from here."

A form materializes next to Death, but this dust is a dull grey color, and as this person materializes, Death vanishes.

An attractive 18 year old, blond, with red slash marks in her hair, her black eyes that were rather captivating, and the fact that she was well endowed was a factor as to why she was so interesting to look at.

A large resounding flesh on flesh contact, echoed in the air.

"Pervert!" She screamed.

I merely grin widely, "Yes I am." as I rub my cheek to sooth the stinging from the slap.

"Listen kid, you made a wish, and I am here to help you fulfill that wish. Now are you ready to go?" she asks, her eyes shining with repressed irritation. "Oh before I forget, my name is Shadow."

I think about those that I am going to miss, "No. I need to see one last person."

"Who is this person?"

"Rachel Dennis. I want to tell her I'm dead, but it was an accident, and for her not to follow me."

She lets out a sigh, "Sure, lets go, kid." As she holds out a hand, I grasp it, tightly.

We fly across Tasmania, to her home. We slip in silently, to see her, I can't really make out anything in her room, but I do know that near the window is a desk with a picture of her boyfriend, and on her walls are pictures of bad boy rock bands.

I walk up to her bed and see that she is sleeping calmly. I place my hand on her hand, and I am pulled into her dream world.

"Ben?" I hear her voice, "What are you doing in my dream?"

I am unable to look into her blue eyes. "I am dead, little sister."

She giggles, "I don't believe you. If you're dead than how come you're here in my dream?"

"I was on the roof of my home and stargazing, and when I went to leave, I slipped down, and broke my neck." I whisper as tears start to make their way down my face.

"No." she breathes, "You can't be dead. You promised that you would be there for my wedding." She rushes up to me and grabs me into a bear hug.

I return the hug, and slowly cry into her shoulder, "I know I promised you, but I never foresaw this happening. I am sorry."

"I could…hic…join you." She cries out.

"I take a hold of her shoulders, and push her back, so that I can see her eyes, "Don't you dare." I spit out, "Tom loves you, you have a family, friends, I want you to experience my life as well as yours." My voice breaks "I want you to live, Rachel. Don't do anything stupid. You have a life ahead of you. Fulfill it, for me, at least, please." I lean down and kiss her, on impulse. "Please, don't kill your self. I love you too much. Have a nice life Rachel, and if you do have a kid, name it after me, please?"

Before she can respond, I leave her dream, but I still hear her anguished scream, prompting her family to rush upstairs. I look at them and turn away, to come face to face with Shadow. "I am ready. Take me where I am meant to go."

"Let me see your swords," she ordered me, holding out her hands for them.

I hand them over, and when I release them, they begin to glow a pure, black color. She then hands them back to me. "Take good care of these Ben, and they will take care of you, also, expect to have my blessing where your going, my Avatar."

'Wait, Avatar?' was the only thought in my mind, as everything goes white.

I wake up to the sound of cars. To judge from the hardness of the surface I'm lying on, I'm currently on a sidewalk. After taking down these observations, I feel the distinct presence of a person standing over me. Opening my eyes, all I see are blurs, which slowly begin to solidify, and I find myself staring into a pair of deep violet eyes.

"Are you okay?" The voice was distinctly female.

I slowly rise to my feet and do a quick check-over of my person. Swords? Check. Clothes? Check. Alive? Apparently. Sanity? Maybe.

How am I alive? I remember falling and hitting the ground headfirst. I should be dead, or at least be waking up in a hospital! Before I continue my mental rant, I remember the presence of the girl, and the fact that she had just asked me a question.

"I am very well, thank you." I smiled at her as I said this, after all, if she was concerned enough to ask, then I should be polite, right?

As I look at her, the clothing she wears brings back some rather familiar memories. A green skirt with a red top, and a dark blue wrap around her shoulders. In the middle of the wrap is a black star.

I thrust out my hand and ask, "What's your name?"

She grasps it and replies, "Tomoe Hotaru. You?"

I think about my old name, and realize that I am now free to make up a new name.

"Yami no Hikari. Nice to meet you."