Setsuna sunk to her knees, mouth quivering. "No." she whispered, "He was innocent, he wasn't supposed to die." Her form shook, and her fuku shimmered back into her business suit. She slowly pushed herself back to her feet and walked to the burned section of the park, where Yami once stood, and picked up one of the wooden swords, charred black and still smoking, despite the rain, and the other sword was in shards, scattered around the park from her careless magic attack.

"I'm sorry Yami." Setsuna whispered, and she caressed the wood, she turned on the hell of her own making and walked away, the rain masking her tears.

In a dark room, somewhere

Hotaru slowly woke up and realized she was stuck; she struggled to free herself, but soon stopped when she heard footsteps approaching. The door opened up, and light flooded the small room, Hotaru got a good look at the room, it was similar to the dungeons she had read about, steel bars covered the dark windows, and moss grew rampant on the walls. She also, saw that she was tied to a chair with large, steel chains, attached to her arms and legs, and over in a corner was a new mattress, and some blankets.

A figure walked closer, but due to the light coming from behind the person, Hotaru couldn't make out any features, but with the figures height and build, Hotaru guessed he was male. In his hands he held a tray with food on it.

"Eat up, Hotaru. We need you to be alive to draw out Ben." His voice was soft, but his voice held an accent similar to Yami's but much thicker, and it carried no emotion.

Hotaru's violet eyes shimmered with confusion, "I…I d…don't know anyone called Ben." Her voice shook with fear.

"He goes by the name Yami." The person sneered at her, and pointed a finger, Hotaru cringed back, but her manacles fell to the ground, "Don't try and escape, it will be bad for you if you did so."

"What do you want with Yami-kun?" she demanded, then blushed when the person laughed.

"I want my revenge, he destroyed my family, and I will get my brother back." He growled, and slammed the door; Hotaru fell to the floor, and looked at the food, a simple bowl of rice and some kind of green colored drink.

Hotaru tried the drink, but threw it at the wall, disgusted by its taste, She tasted the food, and ate a few mouthfuls, then left it alone, and pulled a blanket around her thin shoulders, and cried out, tears streaming down her face, "Yami, please, save me!" she cried out, to the darkness she felt in her heart.

In another part of town

Rei was tossing in her bed, gripped in a dream of prophecy

There were two males, one was tall and shrouded in black, with a purple sash wrapped over his right arm, his opponent was slightly shorter, and was dressed in sky blue, and his brown hair was cropped close, his eyes were bleeding with anger. They both held swords in one hand.

"It is time we end this brother." The smaller one sneered, hands twitching into fists

"I agree, Amaru,"

"Don't call me that! My name is Light." He interrupted the bigger man, and attacked with a vicious right stab.

And the fight ragged on, neither one gaining ground against each other, and then the bigger one fell, his eyes wide and dull, a growing puddle spreading out from his body.

"You always were weaker, brother, dear." Amaru/Light sneered over the body

The world then was cast in shadow and all life vanished, chocked to death by the dark magic.

Rei woke with a start, her body shaking, terrified by the amount of power she had felt between the two figures. She needed to call the scouts. Rei sniffed the air and smelt food being cooked, and quickly rushed out of her room to shoo her grandfather out before he burned the house down She froze at the entrance to her room, blushing bright red, before retreating into her room, putting on light gray sweatpants and a large red sweater. Then she rushed out of her room.

Another Dimension

Lady Shadow was dressed in a tight white full body outfit; her hair was pulled in a low ponytail, and before her was Yami, wearing the armor of a Saturn Royal Guard; the chain mail was a deep ruby red, the chest and leg guards were black with the arm and neck guard was dark violet. In his left hand was the traditional sword weapon. His eyes were a blue gold hue.

"Are you not happy here?" Lady Shadow's voice was soft, but also demanding

"I am happy here, but I can not stand by and do nothing while Hotaru suffers my brother's anger, for what he feels I did." answered Yami, his head bowed, "Like you said, I am not bound by the rules the other gods have placed on you, and I can come and go as I please."

"Then go, but please be careful."

"Papa!" came a cry, both turned to look at a small girl of 6 years old; she was dressed in the robes of an ancient Egyptian, she held a Zat at her right wrist, her white hair was done in a braid, reaching mid back.

"Bast, what are you doing here?" Lady Shadow asked, but there was no anger in her voice, and care shone in her eyes.

The young girl ran up and threw herself into Yami's chest, "Where Papa goes, Bast goes." She demanded.

"That is true, but don't you want to stay here, in this warrior's paradise?" asked Yami, as he gazed into Bast's soft green eyes.

"This is a fallen warrior's paradise, and Bast wants to see another place, Bast is tired of being here." She cried out in anger

"You can go child, but you must be on your best behavior." Ordered Lady Shadow, as she clapped her hands and a portal opened up, and swallowed both Yami and Bast, and closed.

Lady Shadow looked at where they once stood, "What are you going to do, Shade?" she asked out loud to the room around her, seeming not to be expecting a response she turned and left the room.

Sailor Moon universe

Setsuna walked to her room, still holding the wooden sword, it had stopped smoking some time ago, but it was still black and warm to the touch.

She placed it on her bed, only to seize up in surprise as she felt a huge discharge of energy not far from her home. Setsuna raised her hand and was transformed into Sailor Pluto, she opened the window and jumped through it, leaving quickly to search for the possible threat.

A small beep alerted Ami about trouble; she opened her mini-computer, her eyes widening at the amount of energy currently being registered. "A portal," she breathed in shock and sent a distress signal to the other senshi to get their collective behinds to the park, now!

They had a demon to deal with.

A demon with power…