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Yami was torn from his trip thru the portal and hit his head on a metal beam, knocking him out and as such, he never saw Bast being taken hostage by several gray robed men.

Yami slowly regained consciousness and felt Bast was frightened through their mind link. His eye turned to a bright blue green as two midnight black wings erupted from his back, and his hair changed color until it was a bone white.

A young man about 17 walked up, his clothing baggy and he held a cigar in his right hand, and a bottle of whiskey was in his left, half empty.

Yami swiftly moved and hoisted the man up into the air, "Where is she?" Yami hissed

"I…I don't know nothin' man. "He cried in a drunken slur as he tried to break free of Yami's grip.

"In that case…you die!"

The man screamed as his skin started to bubble and melt, his clothing caught fire, and soon his body was burned to ash in an unholy fire.

Yami calmly removed his hands from the corpse only to turn to see 4 sailor scouts, one who was loosing her lunch, and the other three who were looking ready to do the same.

"What kind of monster are you?" asked Moon, her stomach wanting to remove her dinner.

"I am a shadow." Was the whisper that came from Yami as he felt Bast was still close by "Giver her back!" he shouted as he gripped his Katana with his left hand.

"Who are you yelling at?" cried Jupiter, "Ami, start analyzing this guy pronto." She whispered

"I'm already on it, Mina." Mercury responded as she set her small Mercury computer to scan the winged individual.

Give me my daughter!" screamed Yami who was rewarded by seeing Bast being held by a gray robed man with gild flames going up his left sleeve: Bast was being subdued by a knife at her through, and her lower left arm held minor second degree burns.

"Papa!" she cried, as tears were making their way down her face.

"You want her, come get her." Whispered the gray robe.

The scouts could only watch in horror as five gray robed men jumped from the Shadows at the winged warrior each armed with a long sword.

The Mercury computer beeped at Ami, who managed to look at the screen only to see a red screen and black lettering: Classified information. "Nani?" slipped past her lips, as she could only make out the name of the individual, Ben 'Yami' Lacier.

"What does it say, Mercury?" asked Venus with heart in her eyes as the thought, He looks like my old senpai, echoed in her head.

"I'm just getting a name that is all; the rest is classified information only accessible by the Queen of the Moon, the king of the Earth, Sailor Pluto and The Saturn Royal family."

The sound of a wet thud turned the scouts attention back to the fight, Yami stood around 4 dead gray robes, his sword covered in blood. "Your next, ass wipe."

"So he could be on our side?" asked Moon, "We could have his help to fight these new Youma that are popping up."

"You got it, Usagi."

"Give her back to me." Said Ben as his hair was mattered with blood, as well as his arms and chest, his sword glowed red in the night.

The robed man let go of Bast, as a clear shell covered her. "If you want the brat, you will have to get past me, Ben, and your brother will reward me greatly when I deliver your head!" He shouted as he charged and a dual bladed Naginata materialized in his hand.

"We have to help him!" Cried Moon as she ran forward to help, what she hoped, was an ally. Her friend quickly ran after her.

Sailor Pluto landed down only to see Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus rush toward the Youma, Her crimson eyes opened wide in shock. The Saturn Elite commander was alive. She had no choice, but to follow the inner scouts to a person who hated Queen Serenity.

Yami looked at the inner Senshi with hate evident in his eyes, 'those fucking bitches…. why cant they leave me alone?' he thought as his blade meat the Naginata.

"I don't see why my sister chose to join you…. and your crew, you are the best? You are weak!" and the gray robe threw a ball of fire at Yami's form, Yami slashed at the fireball causing it to disintegrate,

"You must do better then that, Antigo. And your sister choose my crew because we offered her a new life." Hissed Yami as he felt a new cut along his right arm.

"She was happy with us!" screamed Antigo as his Naginata blurred as it cut thru the air.

"She was tortured by your father, you think she smiled after what your father did to her?" Yami pressed his attack, causing one of the blades on the Naginata to shatter.

"She deserved it, she was bad, and father was teaching her a lesson, FIRE CAGE!"

A ball of fire descended on Yami and Antigo, separating them from the Sailor Senshi, "We will finish this fight once and for all"

"So, your father thought that rapping her would teach her a lesson? Your fucking sick!" Yami threw a hand out and a dark mist began to appear and twirl around Antigo, "I hope you repay for your sins in hell."

"What would you know? You don't even have a family…and I even helped in disciplining my sister a couple times…"

Antigo stopped talking as blood trickled out of his mouth….

"You talk to much, pathetic ningen." Yami pulled his sword out of Antigo's lung, "Like I said, repent in hell ass wipe."

Yami turned around, and looked at the Senshi, with anger in his eyes, he never saw Antigo pull out five grenades on a leather belt, and pulled the pins, "Ill see you in hell!" he screamed as the grenades went off, sending shrapnel everywhere, and dispelling the Fire Cage spell.

Yami hit the ground, his form peppered with bits of shrapnel and rocks, blood oozed around his form, but even to the naked eye, his wounds where slowly healing them selves.

The Inner Senshi stumbled around, the blast had caught them unprepared, and some of them supported bruised, and a couple cuts, but nothing else. Pluto walked up and sat besides Yami and placed his head on her lap, "I'm glad you made it out alive, cause I don t think Saturn would like it if you died…"

"Why is Time Lady being nice to Basts' papa?" asked Bast as she curled around her fathers form, not minding the blood.

"Because he is a friend, Bast-chan." Replied Pluto, as she stroked Yami's silver hair back.

! #$&()! #$&()! #$&()

Hotaru was thrown back into her cell, her limp body bounced on the floor; a hiss of pain escaped her lips. Her clothing was torn and shredded, as blood made its way down her back and arms from various cuts, her cybernetic components could be see where whole chunks of flesh had been ripped away.

Her last conscious thought was Yami, flying in with wings of black and saving her from this hell.

"Did you do what I asked?" whispered a cruel voice that was obviously male.

"As you commanded, it was done, my lord. I am about to send the pictures out."

"Good. Hopefully this will cause my brother to act like the fool that he is." An evil laugh echoed in the darkness

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