A long river ran through a deep forest. Birds sang for it was the first day of spring. a hansom silver haired man sat against a tree; he almost looked asleep. He opened his eyes in an annoyed fashion. Two figures came running into view; one screaming their head off, and the other running erratically around.

"Master Jaken give that back!" A young woman screamed. She had knee length black hair. She was thin and almost up to Sesshomaru's forearm.

"Get away you silly girl." The imp shrieked. Smack. Jaken ran into the demon lord's out stretched foot.

"Gottcha! Humph." She said waking triumphantly over to Ah-un, and sitting down. The object was a necklace made in the shape of a ryu.

"Rin." Sesshomaru glanced up. "Quit fooling around." He reclosed his eyes, and sat their silently.

"Yes M'lord." The object Rin had was a gift from her lord a year back. She sat staring at Sesshomaru for the longest while. Jaken had went and sat across the camp from everyone else. Sesshomaru felt eyes on him, and slightly opened his eyes. Rin's gaze never left from her lord's face even when his eyes were fully opened.

"Rin." She still sat their with the same stare. "Rin." He repeated himself in the same cool voice.

"Girl when lord Sesshomaru calls on you; you answer... RIN!" She jumped up so quickly it scared Jaken causing him to; too jump into the air.

"I... I'm going for a walk." She said walking toward the river. Sesshomaru watched her walk through the trees as the sun begun to set.

Rin came across a small lake. The water was crystal clear. 'Man I'm starting to smell like dirt.' She thought to herself. It wasn't that she hated smelling like the earth, but she was rather dirty. She stripped herself out of her kimono, and got into the lake. The water was cool and warm at the same time.

Rin dove under the water and swam around under their for a short time. She finished with her bath, and went to fetch her kimono. 'Didn't I leave my kimono here?' She thought while looking around on a rock where a green and blue kimono with a golden ryu was sat. She looked around the edge again, and came to the conclusion. "Master Jaken." She said under her breath. He must have come while she was busy bathing, and took her kimono. Rin looked around for a sign of the little green imp. 'Where are you Master Jaken?' Rin begun to get out of the water, and onto the bank. No sooner did she get out of the water did she get grabbed by someone.

The person was a foot taller than her, and was well built. The thing gagged her with her sash. Rin now became terrified. She struggled to get free, but to no avail. The demon held her tightly to the tall stone. It begun laughing and stuck out a long forked tongue. It apparently was some kind of reptile. It took a long talon touching it to her right cheek. Rin's nude body trembled from the touch and cold. The demon laughed again.

He pressed his talon against her stomach and dragged it downward toward her 'womanhood'. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't because of the sash. The only thing that came out was a pitiful whimper, but even that was enough to reach the lord of the west. He made short work of the demon. Rin slumped down to the ground.

Sesshomaru walked up to her, and removed the sash with his right hand. Only then did he notice tears falling from her eyes. 'What's this feeling?' The demon lord thought; He wiped away the tears from her face. Rin slung herself onto her lord and wept freely. Her hands wrapped all the way around his waist. Sesshomaru removed her arms from around himself rather forcefully; this caused Rin to look at her lord confused and fearful that she may have agaited him.

Sesshomaru looked around seeing blue, green, and gold chunks of silk lying randomly on the ground. He sighed, and begun to removed his armor. Rin looked on with tears still forming in her dark eyes. The heavy black and gray armor fell to the ground. He removed his haori, and threw it at Rin.

"Get dressed,." Sesshomaru said picking his armor up, and put it back on.

"Hai." She said more to herself than to anything. She put the haori on and picked up the sash that was gagging her. Rin fumbled around with it for a while, and finally managed to get it tied. She tried to get up. but fell back to the ground in a heap. She was still shaking from the event that took place a moment ago. Sesshomaru looked over at the girl lying on the ground.

Sesshomaru let out a sigh, "Rin, come." He walked back closer to Rin. He knelt down, placing his lone arm on his knee. He picked the scrawny girl up around the waist. Rin wrapped her arms around his neck, and buried her face in his fur. Rin quieted when Sesshomaru rised, but she still whimpered lightly.

"Rin if you don't move your legs I can't walk." She looked down to realize she wrapped her legs around his after he got up from the ground. She shifted, and he began walking back to their camp.

"Ah! Lord Sesshomaru what are you doing?" Jaken rambled on.

"Jaken, be quite." Sesshomaru told the imp as he sat Rin on the ground. The imp went silent as he backed away behind Ah-un. "Rin let go."

Rin slumped to the ground; the haori swallowing her whole. She brought her knees up to her chest.


Rin nodded her head and lye down on her side. Sesshomaru looked down at her as she calmed down, but when he turned around, and started walking away; Rin shout up, but stopped herself as she realized how clingy she had become. Sesshomaru sat against the side of a concave rock formation.

Rain began to drizzle, but the only one who noticed was the terrified girl. The entire area was lit up like day time for a split second. Aloud crack of thunder was followed by the light. Rin scrambled to where her lord sat. Rin literally jumped into his lap, causing the demon lord to almost attack her. His eyes turned red, but he stopped himself after he realized what happened. Sesshomaru wondered why Rin was so affarade fo what happened. Because she had been attacked by demons almost all of her life. So why was this any different? Another flash of light hit followed by the crack of thunder once again. Sesshomaru waited for Rin to jump or scream, but she never flinched.

"Rin." Sesshomaru spoke softly as Rin raised her head up.

"...I ugh... M-M'lord...-"

"Over here." He said pointing to his right side; of which was only a few feet from the rock wall. She slid herself over her lord and settled their. A few seconds after she sat down she was asleep on Sesshomaru's arm and fur. The demon looked down at the sleeping human.

The two slept through the night. Sesshomaru woke up, and looked where Rin was sleeping, but she was gone. The only thing that was left was his haori. He looked around the camp acting like nothing was wrong. Jaken was the flat on his back snoring away. Ah-un was curled up in a ball sleeping, but Rin was not to be found. With Sesshomaru's haori lying on the ground could only mean one thing; Rin was running around nude.

"A-choo!" Rin sat up from her curled up position on the ground. Sesshomaru wanted to grown, but he didn't/ Rin's hair was all over the place from the way she had slept. She yawned, and started to get up. She walked sleepily over to the fire straitening her hair. Sesshomaru reclosed his eyes again to think. After a few moments Rin jumped up, and started her normal morning routine of acting like a little kid.

"MASTER JAKEN WAKE UP!" Rin shouted with her hands cupped to her mouth.

"Augh! Rin you blasted girl!" Jaken squeaked while flailing about.

Ah-un woke up hearing the screams from the little green imp. Rin and Jaken began arguing, but all Sesshomaru caught of it was something involving an over grown toad, and screaming banshee, and a cow.

"Jaken." Sesshomaru spoke up.

"Humph! Now your in for it girl, yes lord Sesshomaru."

"Be quite."

"Huh?" Jaken looked puzzled. Rin was giggling to herself.

"Hehe... Master Jaken got in trouble." Rin laughed to herself for a moment longer.

"Lord Sesshomaru why do you always take that humans side?" He croked, but Sesshomaru ignored him. Rin flinched and brought her hands up to her face; making weird expressions for a few seconds.

"Egh...? What's wrong with you girl?" Jaken asked scratching his head.

His answer was, "A-A-choo, A-choo!"

"Rin?" The little green imp looked at Rin as she looked dizzily in front of herself. She put her right hand up to her forehead, and stumbled around. She fell backwards in a faint, but in that instant Sesshomaru caught her.

'I now take your memory once again Shomaru.' A sinister voice rang thought the darkness.

"Who's there?" Rin said. "I said who's there!" She said into the darkness. All of a sudden she grew cold.

"Hummhaha." Rin whipped around to see a pair of cold eyes looking at her.

"Rin are you alright, you passed out for a few seconds there." Jaken waved his arms around wildly.

"Ummgh." Rin opened her eyes, and her vision came slowly back to her. "?Agh demon be gone!" She screamed at Jaken, whom cocked his head in confusion. Rin backed into Sesshomaru. When she touched his knee she looked at the demon lord;her eyes full of terror. She jumped up, and then tripped over Ah-un's tail. The two headed dragon tried to nuzzle her, but she scooted away quickly. She scrambled to her feet to run away, but Sesshomaru quickly grabbed her arm.

"Let me go." Rin screamed at Sesshomaru while beatin his hand, and trying to run from the demon.

"Rin stop." She looked at the demon afraid he might attack her.

"Your not going to eat me are you?"


"Why would we want to eat you Rin?" Jaken said walking up to Sesshomaru.

"But your demons?" Rin said grabbing hold of Sesshomaru's wrist; while trying to pull it away.

"Rin what has gotten into you?" Jaken stood scratching his head. Rin looked down confused.

After an hour of Jaken convincing Rin they weren't going to harm her, and Sesshomaru's almost silent grunting. She relaxed a bit.

"Rin, what do you remember before you woke up?" Rin looked to Sesshomaru pondering his question. She bit her lip in thought.

"Father? Mother?" A voice asked into flames.

"This is for the best my daughter." The East lord said walking to a pedestal. The blue eyed dog demon looked down.

"You can't mother. You can't!" The figure said to her as she turned to stone.

"Don't worry my daughter, when you awaken you won't remember a thing." A strong wind picked up and sourraned the demon and the young demoness.

"No, nothing." She said lying.

"Are you sure?" Jaken asked.

"Positive." Sesshomaru looked at her not believing a word. Rin gulped, and held her fists tightly under the long sleeves.

"Fine." Sesshomaru said rising. Rin huffed in relief.

"Agh! Wait for me my lord!" Jaken flailed jumping to his feet. He began running, and tripped over himself. Ah-un walked behind Sesshomaru, and Rin looked on wondering what to do.

"Rin come." Sesshomaru said without stopping. She hesitantly got up, and walked far behind the demon lord.

Rin looked up at the sky; by now it was well past noon. She sighed folding her arms. She kept a good distance between herself and the three demons. As she walked along she tripped,. and heard a crack.

She rose up in pain to look at her foot; only to see a black haze quickly disappear. Jaken was the first to come waddling up to her, Ah-un trotted behind, and soon passed the imp. Sesshomaru never stopped or glanced back.

"What happened silly girl?"

"I...I just tripped." She said almost silently.

"Well hurry and get up lord Sesshomaru is leaving us behind." He croaked. Rin stood with Ah-un's help. As soon as she stood she fell back to the ground in pain. She looked up the unfamiliar path, and Sesshomaru was completely out of sight. Something inside her wanted to cry, but if not for the pain; then for what, Sesshomaru's leaving? She broke her thought to Ah-un's rumbling.

"Well at least your kind enough to help me." She began to get up onto the dragon, but was stopped by someone picking her off the ground. Insteantlivly she begin kicking and screaming.

"Let me go AAAHHH!"


"Huh?" Rin looked down around her waist. She saw two purple marks around the person's wrist. He picked her up so she was facing the ground. "You know this isn't very comfortable."

Sesshomaru didn't answer. Rin grunted and folded her arms. She blew some hair out fo her eyes, and glanced upward to see a stub of where an arm would have been. Why am I so dizzy all of a sudden? Sesshomaru stopped sensing something wrong. He helped Rin to stand on her good foot. All of a sudden her eyes clouded over, and she fell right onto Sesshomaru. She trembled as her heart beat increased dramatically.

"Lord Sesshomaru what's wrong?" Jaken asked wordily. The demon lord ignored the screeching imp. Wind began to surround the two. Rin began to cry out in pain.

"Lord Sesshomaru help me!" She held onto the demon as tightly as she could. Jaken was blown back behind Ah-un by the sheer force of the wind. Nails drover into Sesshomaru's shoulders and began to draw blood. The wind threatened to blow Rin away, but Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around her tiny frame in an attempt for her to stay.

Almost as suddenly as it started the wind died down. The dust kicked up from the gust clogged Sesshomaru's sense of smell. He breathed deeply and slowly. He kept his eyes closed to avoid getting anything in them. Rin began chocking on dust, and her breathing iritic. When the dust finally settled enough for Sesshomaru's senses to come back to him; he raised and eye brow.

"Ouch... Where am I?" Sesshomaru looked down to see a gold and silver head Rin not only looked different, but smelled different as well. Sesshomaru looked down to his left arm to find it rejuvenated.

Rin looked up to Sesshomaru's face. Her left eye was half-brown and half-amber. The right eye was still solid brown. She passed out into Sesshomaru's arms.

HE lay her down on the ground; leaning her against his right leg. Jaken and Ah-un walked nervicly forward. Rin's hair was almost solid silver excepting the long golden bangs that fell into her face. Sesshomaru looked at his hand again; clenching and unclenching his fist. He put his right hand in the middle of Rin's back, and the other under her knees. HE lifted her off the ground to carry her to the shade of a nearby tree. He brushed the shoulder length bangs behind her ears, and discovered and marking on her forehead. It was similar to his. It was reversed from his own facing the other direction. It was gold with a silver jewel in the center. This reminded Sesshomaru of the moon and stars. As she leaned against the tree her breathing returned to normal.

"Eh? Lord Sesshomaru..." Jaken asked quietly, "M'lord your arm has returned?" He shouted while pointing to the new left arm.

"Precisely," A voice said coming from nowhere. "Such is the power of the healing wind." The voice was none other than Myoga the flea.. He jumped on Rin's nose sucking blood. Smack!

"Myoga?" Rin said looking at her hand.

"Such is the fate of a flea." Myoga said floated toward the ground.

"You remember him," Rin nodded her head, "do you remember me?"

"How could I ever forget you my lord?" She asked with confusion in her voice. Rin all of a sudden cupped her hands over her nose; tears formed in her eyes. She chocked on the smells that flooded her nose. "Lord Sesshomaru... what's wrong with me?" She asked in between coughs.

Sesshomaru looked at her pointed ears. "You're a demon." He said standing. Rin looked confused more than ever now. He held out his left hand to help Rin off the ground. She looked at it for a second, and then placed her hand in his. When she sat it down she saw the long claws on her fingers. Sesshomaru helped her to her feet. He looked over at Jaken; who was still confused and shocked.

Rin saw two arms holding her steady. One held her hand, and the other around her shoulder. She gasped, and almost passed out again. Her mind was spinning so fast at everything that was happening.