A Change In things

Chapter 1

"Jesse" I said

"Yes, Susannah?What's the matter?"

"Do you love me?" I asked

"Querida what makes you think I don't love you?Of course I do." Jesse replied.

I smiled up at him. Jesse,MY JESSE was alive and dancing with me at the Winter Formal. This was one of my happiest moments in my life. I've found my other half, the half that will make me no us whole. He was my other half and I was his other half. We were perfect for each other and I knew it. But deep down inside me I knew he wasn't. Wasn't my other half I meant. I don't know who is though, I just have this feeling that being with Jesse isn't right and I should actually be with someone else except I don't know who. Jesse must have sensed that I wasn't that happy.

"Susannah is there something wrong?You don't seem too happy." Jesse asked me looking at me a little worriedly."Are you tired?"

"No, nothings wrong I'm fine really, just a little sad that I'm never going to be able to see my dad again but I'm happy for him that he's moved on."I replied,it's hard to try and not cry in front of people especially when you know you'll never see your dad again.

"Come on Susannah I'll take you home,you need rest after what's happened. It will take a while for you to move on but I'll be with you to go through it no matter what."

"No I'm really fine Jesse and thanks for being there when I was that upset,I know I wouldn't have managed it without you being there and all."I paused then I smiled at him. "I would have probably ran away and found a quiet place to cry on my own."

"Susannah you should know by now that I'll always be there for you" Jesse said in that amazing silky voice of his. " Now come on querida let me take you home."

Jesse took me home anyway against my protests of being absolutely fine and told me to rest and he'll phone me tomorrow. He kissed me on the forehead and drove away. I watched till his car disappeared then headed back into my house. I hadn't even taken a step in when my mom bombarded me with questions about the Winter Formal and stuff. When I just stood there dumbly she noticed that there was something wrong with me and started asking whether Jesse treated me badly or something.

"Nothings wrong mom and Jesse was really nice to me, I'm just a little tired out that's all." I finally said.

"Ok honey if you're really fine then I'll just leave you to rest." My mom said. Then she walked back into the kitchen apparently to "chat" to Andy about some type of food.

I made my way into my room and just lied on my bed. I thought about the moments I was with Jesse. Yes I was happy but it didn't feel right,I just felt like there is still a gap inside me. Within minutes I was asleep and I had a really strange dream. In a place that was very familiar and in which when I recognized where it was I had freaked out. I even screamed for god's sake!

"Will you please stop that Suze, it's not as if it's that scarey. You've been here a few times and there's nothing to be afraid of." Said a voice which was too familiar.