The Amazing Technicolor Hairdo

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Notes - This is my fourth fanfic (third HxH one which I wrote a month or so ago) so please give as much input as you can. Silliest piece I have written to date, I think they get more and more out there as I go along. I hope you all enjoy.

Summary - Hisoka agrees to make Illumi an outfit for an animal-themed masquerade ball involved in Illumi's latest job. In exchange, Hisoka is making Illumi come with him on a quest to retrieve some mystical hair gel said to have the ability to 'make your head shine in all the colors of the rainbow if you apply it to your hair'.

Chapter 1

Hisoka was passing time by constructing yet another card castle. As he leaned back to survey his masterpiece, he felt the presence as soon as it entered. The magician knew of only one man who could enter his home silently so casually.

"Illumi, to what do I owe this pleasure of your visit?" Hisoka was well aware of how the assassin did not believe in social calls, but he was still pleased that the other man came to visit him anyhow.

"From where do you obtain your garments?" was the responding inquiry from Illumi.

Quirking up an eyebrow, Hisoka wondered what prompted such a question. "I sew them myself, isn't this one marvelous?" He stood up and twirled in place, striking a dramatic (Illumi would have called it ridiculous) pose. "Why the sudden interest in how I dress? Have you suddenly decided you needed a new wardrobe? You would look quite good in hearts and diamonds." Hisoka licked his lips as he looked at Illumi, letting his eyes wander up and down the other's body.

Ignoring Hisoka's hungry gaze, Illumi inspected the ensemble Hisoka was showing off. "Your craftsmanship is surprisingly good. I actually do need one costume made. For my latest job I must attend a masquerade ball, the theme is…animals of the jungle." Illumi could tell this would nudge Hisoka towards rather uncomfortable thoughts, but knew there was nothing to be done about this.

Hisoka heard how Illumi compared his everyday attire to a costume, but opted to focus on the compliment instead. Of course, the fact that he would get to dress Illumi up in whatever he wanted to was something else he could not ignore. "I have to look good, any decent magician has to look the part of one." Hisoka stated this as if it were fact. Something nagged at this thought, "I assume the things you wear are custom made. Not like you can just find the interesting things you wear just online or wherever. Why don't you have your usual tailor make what you need? Or just find some tailor at a store?"

"The target is a longtime family associate." The shadow of a smile crossed Illumi's lips as he said the next line, "Mother would be crushed if she found out I took a job to take out that person." Despite Illumi's utter devotion to the family, his mother has always grated on his nerves. "I do not go to stores and ask them to custom make my clothing because I simply do not enjoy talking to people outside of work." Illumi said in irritation.

Knowing the mentality of the Zaoldyeck, Hisoka assumed the assassin meant a family friend when he had said associate. Because assassins have no need for friends, Hisoka thought, wondering what he was to Illumi. The magician was further tickled by Illumi's last sentence. One of the great Zaoldyecks is simply too shy to go to a tailor? Hisoka supposed stranger things have happened. "Hmm, I guess I can make something for you, but what would I get aside from the satisfaction of seeing you in something of my creation?" Ideas for what he would like to see Illumi in crisscrossed his mind.

Sighing, Illumi was reconsidering the idea. "Do refrain from making anything lewd. I do not wish to be waved away at the door nor do I wish to expose an unnecessary amount of skin."

Grudgingly, Hisoka agreed to the terms, "Very well, then you better make the compensation worth my while."

Illumi gave the idea of payment some thought. He obviously has no interest in money, not that I would want to part with any of it. I'll have him select his fee, within limits. "You decide what the payment will be, but you must decide and tell me now."

"Well," Hisoka grinned wickedly, "how about you—"

"Not that." Illumi interrupted. "Not that either." Illumi cut in yet again stonily as Hisoka opened his mouth to say something else.

"But you don't even know what I was going to propose, you might have enjoyed it." The magician said, still smirking at the other man.

"I know perfectly well what you are thinking about as much as it pains me, I've been around you for long enough." Illumi briefly wondered why he associated himself with such a man. I guess it is advantageous to have him around to scare everyone off, Illumi thought in amusement, completely dismissing the fact that his usual impassive countenance was enough to drive normal people away.

After giving it some more though, Hisoka spoke up. "There is one thing that I could use your assistance for." Walking over to the dinning table Hisoka retrieved a magazine and showed Illumi the cover article. "I want that." Hisoka stated, beaming broadly at the assassin.

Illumi glanced at the picture accompanying the article. It appeared to be of a primeval construction, strange images were cut into the stone. Illumi read the headline of the article, "A shrine was recently discovered where hieroglyphs indicated people of an ancient tribe worshipped a blessed…hair gel? Said to have the power to make one's head reflect all the different colors of the spectrum when applied to the hair, this gel has been much sought after." He paused as he digested the information. "Hisoka, do you really believe this rubbish could be true?" Illumi knew the magician was not all there, but to believe such a thing spoke volumes of the man's sanity, or lack thereof.

"Might as well go see. Look, it has the exact location right here." Hisoka flipped to a map several pages into the article. "There's no harm in looking. Imagine if it is true! I won't have to content myself with one color like sea green or my current crimson. I could be ever-changing. How wonderful would that be!" Hisoka was positively ecstatic at the though.

Illumi knew the man was vain, but he never knew he could be so taken with his own appearance. Although, it did make a certain kind of sense coming from someone who took such great pride in making his own garments. I'll humor him, this can't be any worse then something else he might think up. "I have two months before the masquerade is to be held. The place is not too far away, so I can get there and come back in time, assuming the place does indeed have this magical hair gel." Illumi said doubtfully.

"We. I'm coming with you. I can't let you have all the fun. Besides, how will I know you actually went there?" Hisoka stated. "I can have your costume completed in 4 days. Come back at 9 p.m. on the fourth day from now to pick it up. I'm sure you will be splendid in it. I'll let you handle the boring things, like booking a flight and hotel for when we get there. But first, I need to take your measurements." Hisoka took a step towards the assassin, his customary smirk still in place.

Before the magician could get any closer Illumi handed Hisoka a slip of paper. "Those are my measurements. I trust that is all you need from me to complete what I ordered?"

Pouting, Hisoka looked over the sheet and ask, "Are you sure you wouldn't want me to double-check to see if these are accurate?"

"Certain. I will come back in four day's time." Illumi silently left the way he had came in.

"Such a shame." Hisoka watched Illumi's retreating figure.

End Note - Unlike my other stories this one will actually continue, fancy that XP