The Amazing Technicolor Hairdo

Notes: Well, last chapter, hope you all have enjoyed the insanity :P

Chapter 7

Illumi placed Hisoka back in his house and found the antidote for the paralysis. After the cure Hisoka happily announced he was going to take a shower and test out the gel. As usual he asked Illumi to accompany him, and as usual the assassin declined.

Illumi laid down on the couch, worn out from having to carry the magician around so much. He started to doze off when he heard a horrified scream.

Hisoka tore through the room and Illumi saw what made the magician so unhinged. Hisoka's head was absent of any hair, although his now bald head was shining in all the colors of the spectrum. "My hair's gone! The gel stole my hair away, I am going to murder it!" Hisoka alleged angrily.

Illumi could not help himself, he actually started laughing. If Hisoka was not distressed over his current lack of hair he would have been completely charmed by the sight. Illumi's laughter filled the room for another minute before the assassin regained his usual composer. I have not felt like this in years, perhaps being around this crazy man is not so bad.

Despite the chaos that was Hisoka frantically pacing in distress, Illumi calmly looked at the magician. "You can always grow your hair out again. I'm sure you can survive without your hair for the time being. Aside from that, I'm fairly certain you cannot kill a bottle of hair gel."

"But I don't want to live without my hair." Hisoka sighed melodramatically. "There has to be a remedy for this. Come with me back to that temple!"

"No. My only job was to get you the gel, which I did." Actually, Illumi would not have minded a return trop, he might have enjoyed it. But he did not want the magician to know he had grown accustomed to being around him.

"It does not look so bad." Barely concealed mirth filled Illumi's sentence. He reached out a hand to pat Hisoka's sulky multi-colored head and noticed the colors changed again. "My friend, you now have a mood stone as a head." Illumi noted coolly.

Hisoka paused in his fretting, "What did you just call me?"

"Nothing…Baldy." A corner of Illumi's mouth twitched in amusement.

The magician regarded Illumi curiously. What do you know? I am more then an 'acquaintance' after all. But why did I have to lose my hair for that revelation? He decided to file this away for later, choosing instead to focus on the problem at hand. He continued ranting at Illumi over his missing hair. It was at least a little reassuring to have someone else listening to him. Even if that someone else had given up on the stony façade in favor of hysterically laughing at the one person he had ever called a friend.

End Note – Be horrified, I finished a multi-chaptered fic o.O I hope you all enjoyed it, was written more to appease my warped sense of humor than for anything else (and to cram as many silly-cute moments in it as possible) :P