Wandering Thoughts

Description – Kadaj thinks about his brothers and each of their roles in each other's lives.

Kadaj rolled out of bed, he could not fall back asleep once he had awoken. He considered nudging Loz to silence his brother's snoring. But since both his brothers were still sound asleep Kadaj did not bother with it.

He made his way across Yazoo's bed towards the window to get some fresh air and space away from the snoring.

Kadaj remembered when they use to all share the same bed when they were younger. He slept on the left with Loz in the middle and Yazoo on the right. Loz had a habit of turning towards Kadaj and often attempted to use him as a pillow. He did not mind that much, in a way it was comforting.

When the brothers had gotten older they slept in separate beds. Kadaj suspected it may have been because he had a tendency to toss and turn in his sleep. His body remained as restless asleep as his mind was restive when awake.

Loz let off a particularly loud snore and Kadaj smiled. Despite his short-haired brother's childishness, Loz was the one who watched over and cared for his two brothers. He even cooked for them, although it was quite horrifying at first. Kadaj and Yazoo ate the terribly burned food early on because Loz would have cried if they did not. His cookery has improved, Kadaj thought appreciatively. Loz was also the one to tend to his brother's wounds whenever a fight got out of hand.

Kadaj glanced over at Yazoo and thought of how his slender brother was the source of clam in their life. Although to others Yazoo appeared dispassionate he really did care about his brothers. He was the one who made sure they all got what they needed. From weapons to food, he knew what they required in order to survive in this world.

Gazing back at the night sky, Kadaj thought about his role in their brotherhood. He saw himself as a source of trouble, always leading them around doing reckless things. I know they are my brothers, but why do they follow me in such ventures when it could only harm them?

A hand reached out and ruffled Kadaj's hair while he was thinking. The hand belonged to Yazoo, who said, "What are you thinking about now? You think entirely too much when you should be getting sleep instead."

"Oh, just wondering what we should do tomorrow." Kadaj lied.

Loz was awoken by the sound of their talking, he yawned tiredly as he clutched a stuffed chocobo. He rubbed an eye sleepily as he looked at his brothers. "Without you thinking of things to do where would we get the excitement we need in our lives, eh? Whatever you have plan has got to be fun if you are losing sleep over it. And I agree with Yazoo, you should go to sleep so you have the energy for tomorrow."

"As if anything could get sleep around here with you snoring." Yazoo commented and ducked as Loz threw a pillow at him.

A source of fun? I suppose there are worse reasons for existence, Kadaj reached out and tousled his taller brother's hair in return. Yazoo smiled and tucked Kadaj into bed, who complained he was too old to be tucked in, but allowed it nevertheless. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep while Loz was already snoring away the night.