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Chapter 1. Into Thin Air

Darkness lingered with an eerie silence as the rain started to drum a rhythmic beat on the warehouse's rooftop, soon to be accompanied by the far off approaching sound of thunder. Robin generally felt at peace within the shadows, he and the shadows being one and the same. However, the darkness, which currently surrounded him, offered no comfort. It reached out to him in what seemed like the most threatening way. His stone cell was so very damp, cold, and dark. He felt as though he was some sort of infectious disease or an annoying bug that must be squished immediately. It was as if every dreadful scenario his mind could conjure up, was determined to hand him the slowest, most painful death it could. He knew not why he was there, only that its circumstances defiantly involved Slade, that least of all things offered no comfort at all.

Regaining conscious mere moments before, he was still disoriented from the drugs his captor injected into his system. How did he get to be trapped in this dark lonesome cage of stone? He had been in a heavy battle with Overload, along side Starfire. Now here he was, caged like a bird in some unknown stone prison. He was helpless. He was alone. The only sound accompanying his petrified state, was that of dripping water, in a far corner of his cell. This was not right. It was not meant to be like this.

Slowly he started to regain control of his thoughts and emotions, "Uggghhhh, what happened?" He asked no one in particular. Robin knew that he had been awake for roughly ten minutes, but all he could recall was being very, very afraid. Whatever drug his captor had used on him had not only rendered him unconscious but upon waking, he found himself to be disoriented and frightened as well.

"This makes no sense at all!" He yelled while punching the stone floor with his hand. "What happened?" He asked himself as his arm throbbed with unyielding intensity. The only thing could remember was fighting alongside the titans, his friends.

It had been quite a rough day, having battled against the Hive, foiled a bank robbery, sent Plasmas to jail and finally, after all that, took down Cinderblock. Just about to be teleported home by Raven, their communicators alerted them to yet another disruption of the 'peace' in Jump City.

"Great, just wonderful. What would Jump do without us? Can't we just sit down like for two minutes?" Beast Boy exclaimed while flailing his arms in the air.

"It's Overload." Robin said in an emotionless, but tired voice.

"Dude, we can't fight him like this. My battery is dead. Beast Boy's head is bleeding. There's just no way we can take on Overload like this." Cyborg informed Robin, as if he hadn't already realized their predicament.

Robin rubbed his temples, as though it would help him think better, "Okay, listen up. Raven, teleport Cyborg, Beast Boy, and yourself home. I want you to stay there with them, you're just as worn out as they are. Beast Boy, let Cyborg and Raven fix up your head, and then stay in the infirmary. Cyborg, after you and Raven are done with Beast Boy, recharge. Then, Raven, you take a moment to meditate. Meanwhile, Starfire and I will stay and take down Overload."

"Robin, you and Starfire are just as tired as I am. You and I both know that Cinderblock gave you a broken rib when he threw you into that variety store. Let the police take care of this one." Raven said in her monotone voice with just a hint of concern.

"I would, Raven, honestly I would, but the police aren't trained to fight big glowing lumps of energy. Besides, I've got Starfie to back me up," He told Raven while smiling at Starfire.

"Yes, friends, do not worry, we shall be fine. Friend Robin and I shall do the kicking of the butt and we shall celebrate as a team with the pizza and the eating of unhealthy junk food. Yes?" Starfire asked Robin, in hopes of acceptance to the offer.

"Sounds good, Starfire," Robin agreed then turned to Raven, "Listen, you'd better hurry, Beast Boy looks as though he's nearly unconscious." Robin informed Raven while pointing in Beast Boy's direction.

"Starfire! Robin! Please be careful!" Raven yelled as the two teams parted.

"Come on, Starfire, the report says that Overload is just a few blocks to the west. We can be there in no time." Robin assured Starfire as he carefully mounted his R-cycle, minding his broken rib, as Starfire took to the air.

"The sooner we get there the sooner we can go home!" Robin shouted toward Starfire.

"Agreed friend Robin! That would be most joyous!"

As soon as they arrived on the scene they realized just how wrong they were. "Friend Robin! I believe that this is worse than previously predicted." Informed Starfire.

Completely focused in ensuring all near by civilians were out of Overload's electrifying grasp, Robin never saw the glowing blue tendril of electricity until it was too late. "Arrrggg!" Robin cried out in pain as he felt the bones in his arm breaking from Overload's powerful grasp.

The pain was excruciating. His arm was broken in more places than one, that fact he was sure of. He could feel the electricity surging throughout his body as though fire itself filled his veins.

"ROBIN!" Starfire yelled from overhead. Soaring down to help her friend, she found herself met by another tendril of blue electricity, crashing her into a nearby wall.

"STARFIRE!" Robin cried out, both worry and pain obvious in his voice.

No reply.

He was sure he had met his end, when a small group of pedestrians ran over, crouching behind him, not sure what to do. Robin was almost completely unconscious and would have fallen backwards had the strong arms of a man with brown hair and green eyes not caught him. The remanding pedestrians assisted in easing him down to the ground, thinking he was unconscious.

"How do we stop it?" The other man asked.

"I don't know a woman replied, her black hair tied back in a bun.

"Water," Robin instructed with a groggy voice.

"Water, of course," said one man as he pulled out a water bottle and handed it to the woman. "Poor the water on his arm- where the electricity is clinging onto him."

The women did as instructed and Overload quickly released his grasp.

That was the last thing he remembered, the rest was a total blank. It was as if some unknown presence had invaded his mind, keeping him from the rest. Robin once again rested his head on the cell floor as his head swirled with sounds and flashes of memories he couldn't seem to piece together.

Slowly he was beginning to at home within the dark once more. 'In such darkness one need not worry of his companions seeing him in such a state. Bruised, broken, and in the hands of a mad man,'

Robin had no doubt that he was in Slade's new lair. 'How could this be happening?' he thought to himself, one of so many unanswered questions. What happened to Starfire? Did we win the battle? Did Starfire return home safely? How did I get from one of the busiest streets in Jump City, in the heat of a battle, to… here?

Plasmas, Cinderblock, and Overload, meant only one thing. Slade. And with that revelation a new question surfaced, 'What does he want with me?'

"Wintergreen!" Slade's commanding tone echoed through the small space. "Yes Master?"

"Bring me the boy. It's time I show him the meaning if obedience. He is to be my apprentice and he will remain under my command weather he wishes it upon himself or not."

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