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Robin opened his eyes slowly. His vision was blurred and is head was spinning, despite his efforts he couldn't concentrate on a thing. He closed his eyes again with a soft moan of pain. He hurt all over, but at the same time felt numb. That's when he noticed a faint sound approaching from down the hallway. Sitting up, despite the obvious pain he was in he concentrated his well trained ears on the steady pace of the footsteps approaching his cell. Suddenly the footsteps ceased, and a shadow slid threw the small crack between the bottom of the steal door, and the floor to his chamber. Someone was standing behind the door, taunting his fears, and praying on his weaknesses. Robin's breathing became more labored as he feared who it was behind his cell door. He thought of faking unconscious, but if it was Slade behind the door then he would know the difference.

The cell door opened slowly to revel Robin's fears, in flesh and blood. "Slade", Robin hissed, venom in his voice, but fear notable as well. Though he would never admit it to anyone, he was very afraid of Slade. He was powerful, dynamic, unpredictable, he was impossible to follow, impossible to beat. Slade was the kind of 'person' kids told stories about on Halloween night, or at campfires. He was the kind of 'person' that scared small children enough to make them hide under the bed or in a closet. He was the kind of 'person' that haunted people's nightmares. He was the 'thing' that haunted Robin's nightmares. Slade never left Robin alone. Never, not even long enough to get a good night's sleep.

So as he tried to appear confident in the shadow of the looming figure of Slade he felt just as helpless as a small child. And Slade knew this. 'People' like Slade prayed off of fear, they smelt it miles away, and that's what they hunt. Praying off the injured, sick, or week. Like Robin right at this very moment.

"Robin my dear boy. How good it is to see you again. No Hello? That's insulting." Slade steeped closer so that his shadow completely enshrouded Robin.

For once in his life as Robin, teen wonder, leader of the Teen Titans, had no comeback. He had nothing to protect himself. Not even his friends, not even the Titans could save him now.

"Not an a mood to chat I see. No matter, this shalt take long. I shall simply explain a few upcoming events and you shall be on your way... though I must say, I don't know how far you'll get with an injury like that." Slade hissed, while kneeling down so he was just inches from Robin's fearful face.

"That arm of yours may be beyond saving." Slade noted to Robin while standing and kicking the limp limb ruffly, receiving a cry of agony in return. "Now Robin, I know you do wish to leave, so GET UP!" Slade yelled while pulling the weakened Robin to his feet by the ebony hair on top his head.

"That's better apprentice." Slade purred. "You know, to be a good apprentice, you need to respect your master, you shall look me in the eye, and stand strait!" Sade ordered.

"I am NOT your apprentice, nor will I ever be. I am a Teen Titian, and I'm proud of it. Nothing you can say or do will ever change that. Even in death I am Robin, the Teen Titan." Robin said in a proud voice, confidence slightly returned. "Death, on your behave may note be all that far away. For you a lifetime of penal servitude to me. Your master. And no one else. But for others... I can guaranty a slow painful death."

Slade dragged Robin down the dimly let hallway, with only a spare flickering lights to light the way. Upon arrival of some new unknown destination, Slade threw Robin into a much larger chamber yet again. It's walls covered in screens. Some showed footage from security cameras, some were of restricted government files, and some even showed footage from inside Titan Tower itself. "How did you get cameras inside the tower?" Robin asked himself more so than Slade. "That is for me to know and for you to learn how." Slade replied while patting Robin's head, like a dog. "Don't touch me." Robin spit bleakly. "I will do what I want when I want." Slade reassured Robin.

"Robin, when you were my 'faithful' apprentice. You submit to me because of your loyalty and love for those you care for. That HAS TO STOP! You will no longer submit to me. You will come willingly and you WILL like it! You are so skillful. I could, and will teach you many things as my apprentice. And you will forever obey my every command."

"It didn't work last time, I escaped and it won't work this time either." Robin declared . He could tell were this was going, and it wasn't a good thing.

"You would not have escaped if your 'friends' had not noticed my probes inside them. If they had failed to notice then you would still be my faithful apprentice."

Slade started to slowly pace around Robin, like a shark getting ready to kill his unsuspecting prey. "So I started plotting... what if I had better bait. What if I had more bait. What if... I had bait, that was more significant...

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