Chapter 6.

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"Raven please don't worry about me." Robin asked her, while brushing a hand through his matted hair, courtesy of sleeping in the uncomfortable beds of the titans' infirmary.

"I'm sure I'm just a little off due to the surgery the other day. I'll be fine." Robin was doing his best to clear his head but it was so hard. The images from his 'dream' were still fresh in his mind and although they didn't seem to hold any real significance it worried him that he couldn't remember. Was he perhaps just creating those images? No. They felt so familiar. This was just too confusing for the moment. As long as Raven wasn't too concerned then he should be able to forget about it for the time being as well.

"All right, but you have to promise me that you will continue to take it easy for the next few days, till Cyborg or I give you the go ahead and only then you will resume training. Understood?"

"Yes mother." Robin teased. "No training though? I was just gonna start working on a new move." Robin whined.

"Well it's going to wait, no exceptions. Or I might have to ground you." Raven countered. While letting a small smile graze her lips. It lasted but a mere moment.

"Fine." He complied, while running a hand through his hair again. "I better go to bed, I'm exhausted, and feel like I haven't got a good nights sleep in forever."

"Gee, I wonder why? Oh I know!" Raven said brightly yet sarcastically. "Maybe you should actually try using that bed of yours. It's there for a reason you know." She loved having verbal wars with Robin. It was too easy to win against the others.

"I agree." Robin admitted. Well there goes her idea of a verbal war. It would have to wait.

"Wait, are, you actually agreeing to go to bed? Like to sleep? And to rest, and take a break?"

"Er, yeah." Robin shrugged.

"Okay that's enough. What's wrong?" Although she was more than glad to send him off to bed, it was slightly worry some. Robin was a very stubborn person, and although it was normal for people to feel a great amount of fatigue after a surgery, it was somewhat unusual for Robin, to simply comply like that. He went to bed far later than the titans normally did. But then again, his body was practically on a timer. And it was late anyway.

"I forgot it was so late." Raven admitted. "I'm going to go to bed myself. Goodnight Robin. And if I wake up to find you on in the main room on the computer typing away, you will be grounded, and have Big Brother Cyborg to answer to." She said half joking half serious.

"Will not do. Good night." And with that Robin made his exit, leaving nothing but a soft 'swish' of the mechanical doors, and a slightly baffled Raven.

What was wrong with him? He wondered. He felt beyond tired, and his sight was blurry, why? No surgery should have these side effects. Groggily making his way to his unmade bed through the endless sea of newspaper articles and soda pop cans, he vowed that he would clean and organize his room in the morning.

It was noon now. As in the after noon. As in after breakfast, the most important meal of the day. After training, (as in Robin's manual of a good mornings and how they should be executed correctly). And after everyone was up and ready for the day. Now there was only one thing missing.

"Man this is his second day not getting up! Did that burn give him brain damage or something!" Beast Boy yelled, as if hoping Robin would awake from hearing his desperate yelling. His plan worked, to no avail.

"Patience Beat Boy. I spoke to him last night for a few minutes. He was practically falling asleep on the spot. He even promised that he wouldn't train or work on the computer. Give him another two days or so." Raven scolded Beast Boy for making such a fuss as she turned yet another page in her book.

"Sit down and eat your fake meat. When he's up he's up. He needs a holiday anyway." Cyborg supported Raven.

"But dude! He shouldn't have to get hurt to take a brake!"

"Your right there Beast Boy." Kid Flash piped in, while entering through the doors on the opposite side of the room.

"Good morning friend Kid Flash! Did you have the pleasant slumbering of which you just immerged?"

"Uh, dude." Cyborg said, while tapping his shoulder lightly to get his attention. "Answer yes to all of her questions, as long as it doesn't involve her cooking, or anything from Tamaran for that mater. In that case, your better to die alone in the sweltering heat of the desert." He informed quietly.

"Yes, I did. Thanks for asking Starfire." He answer taking Cyborg's advice.

"You are of the most welcomed friend Kid Flash." She replied cheerfully.

"So what's this about Robin needing a holiday?" He asked while peering over Raven's shoulder at the complicated Azarathian text of the ancient book she was intently gazing at.

"You can read that?" He asked astonished.

"Duh." She replied simply. "I am Azarathian."

"Oh, yeah. Forgot." He defended himself sheepishly.

"So back to Robin and his need for a holiday." He reminded them.

"Dude! The guy never takes a brake! He's always like, 'I've got work to do.' Or like, 'I need to fill out paperwork.' Or even he'll be like, 'I have training to do!' I mean the guy never stops! Besides! He is in like perfect condition!" Beast Boy finally became quite due to the fact that he was now exasperated from yelling so much.

"True, but Robin trains cause he has to. I mean it's not like he has powers or anything. If his muscles freeze up, it could mean bye bye birdie in the middle of battle. It's safer for him if he stays limber. Chances are that after Cyborg tells him he can start training again, he'll spend the whole day in the gym, just getting his body used to the feeling of his usual manoeuvres during battle." Raven defined, not once taking her eyes away from her book.

"Aww man, that guy is all work no play." Beast Boy continued whining.

"He doesn't really have a choice dude." Cyborg told him.

"He wasn't always like that you know." Kid Flash informed them. "The exact opposite really, all fun no work. But ever sense the 'incident' he hasn't given himself a chance to relax a bit."

"What is an 'incident'? And how so is friend Robin involved in it's happening?" Starfire asked, quite baffled

"Er, it's like a dilemma, an accident or something like that." Cyborg did his best to help her understand.

"Please friend Cyborg, what is a deli-lama?" She did her best to pronounce.

"Don't worry Star. It's nothing important." Cyborg did his best to answer her.

"But then why do you wish…" Raven cut her off. "It's a complicated issue between two or more people. Do you understand Starfire?"

"Yes! Thank you friend Raven for your assistance!" She ran over to Raven and gave her one of her bear hugs.

"Uh, not a problem." She gasped, unable to breath.

"So what is the 'incident' anyway?" Beast Boy asked again, while making quotation signs in the air.

"If he hasn't told you Beast Boy, then he does not wish for you to know, and it is not my place to tell. Just know that he hasn't had the best possible past, one can have."

"So we figured." Raven replied while turning yet another page of her book.

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