A Red Mark

Prompt: #002 Bathroom
Notes: Written for 100situations

"Buffy? What's that red mark on your neck?" Giles asked the Slayer, peering over at her. He took his glasses off and promptly began cleaning them with the corner of his grey tweed shirt as he awaited her response.

"Wha-?" Buffy instinctively reached up and gingerly touched the area on her neck where some demon goop had come into contact with her skin, on the previous night. Her fingers brushed against inflamed skin and she paled considerably.

Whatever it was, it really wasn't supposed to be there. "God, no!" The Slayer whispered under her breath distraughtly and cussed silently.

Without a second glance at her curious Watcher, Buffy raced for the bathroom, her hand covering her neck, partially in horror, but for the most part so no one else would see it.

Ducking for cover into one of the stalls, Buffy waited for some of the bathrooms' occupants to leave and then, convinced that they were gone, slowly made her way over to the mirror.

As Giles had said, there was a deep, crimson mark on her neck. Remembering the last time she had come into contact with demon goop, Buffy sighed in relief. There hadn't been any marks left behind then, meaning that it couldn't be that, again.

Buffy frowned as she tried to figure out what it was from. Then she remembered. She had dropped in at Spike's on the way home from slaying the night beforeā€¦