A/N: Oh no, Flag's writing again! Save us all from the immense stupidity of this fic!

"I'll take on anyone."

For a few seconds, it didn't look as if anyone was brave enough to take on this muscular man with the cold blue eyes, but after a few seconds, someone stepped up. As we all know, it was Paul Holden or something of the sort, an old friend of Darry's from school, who is… no longer his friend.

"I'll take you," Paul said, and they circled each other for a few minutes, then a familiar voice sounded.

"Hey! Hold up!" With that, Darry looked away to see who it was.

"HAHHAHA I WIN I WIN!" shouted Paul.

"You what?"


"What the hell are you talking about, Paul?"

"Soc's win, silly. You looked away."

"You didn't even hit me," said Darry, thoroughly confused. The Soc's, however, seemed to know exactly what was going on as they were doing some sort of a dance together. Wait a second… They were line dancing!

"Hit you? You looked away!"

"What are you talking about? This is a rumble. You don't win when someone else looks away, you win when someone runs."

"RUMBLE?" shouted the Soc's all at once. "This is a rumble?"

"Well, we aren't going to get ice cream…" said Darry.


"I never said it was a staring contest…"

"Dude, peace. We didn't come all this way to fight," said Paul, looking very agitated.

"Then you wasted your trip…"

"I don't care about the trip… Think of all the gas we burnt up! We could have been out saving trees!"

"Saving trees!" said Dally who had now made it to the center of the gathering. "Why the fuck aren't we fighting?"

"Make peace, not war," said a Soc, holding up his fingers in the peace sign. "We aren't here to fight. We just wanted a good old fashioned staring contest."

"Staring contest?" said Dally, getting really worked up.

"Haven't you heard of them? You stare at each other, then when the other person looks away or blinks-"

"WE KNOW WHAT IT IS!" shouted Dally.

"But if your not here to rumble… You might as well leave," said Darry, attempting to push Dally into the background. He was stealing Darry's spotlight!

"You mean you won't challenge us? We're undefeated across Wisconsin!"

"You went to Wisconsin for a staring contest?" asked Darry.


"What a stupid sport," said Darry, turning to leave.

"STUPID!" said Paul. With that, he sunk his fist into Darry's jaw and the rumble began.