The Owl

The one who was born curious was taking apart a microwave in his office when he heard the owl.

The one who worried the most was knitting a sweater for the baby at home when she felt the presence of an owl.

The one who charmed the Veela was putting his son to bed when he heard the tap tap of an owl.

The one who trained beasts was feeding a Horntail dragon when he saw a brown speck in the distance.

The one who saw sense was writing out a report on underage magic when the owl landed on his desk.

The one who starts the sentence was cooking a dinner for his fiancée above the shop when the owl hooted from outside.

The one who ends the sentence was serving customers in the shop when he saw the owl fly up to the flat above the shop.

The microwave was never fixed by the curious man, the wool left rolling on the floor by the woman who worried too much, the baby cried left by the man who charmed the veela, the dragon went on the rampage left by the man who trained beasts, the report half finished with ink blots by the one who saw sense, the dinner burnt by the man who starts the sentence, the shop closed by the man who finishes the sentence, but the Burrow was not full. It never would be.

He's been defeated but he took her with him. R