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After being secluded for week, SG-1, Vala and General Landry were more than ready to head back to the SGC. As they all got into their cars, the new sheriff pulled up to General O'Neill's cabin,

Just as Cameron Mitchell was throwing his bag into the backseat of his car, for the second time, he might add, the sheriff approached him.

"I just wanted to thank you and your people for helping out with the situation last week," the sheriff said.

"No problem, it's our job," Mitchell replied.

"Your job involves hunting down dangerous beast-like animals?" the sheriff asked, obviously taking a new interest in the man.

"Not exactly," was Mitchell's quick reply.

Sensing that Cameron Mitchell was about to leave, the sheriff quickly changed the subject, "So how do you know Jack?".

"Uh… Actually General O'Neill's my boss. Or rather, my boss' boss," Mitchell clarified.

"Really? Tell him Brad said hello. I didn't catch him last month when he came down. Apparently, he brought his wife up to the cabin. Jack's a great guy, and I'm glad he decided to get remarried," the sheriff said.

"Wife? I didn't know the General was married?" Mitchell exclaimed.

"Uh.. yeah. Little over a year, I think. Jack was going to introduce me last month, but I had to go back home because of some family problems," the sheriff replied.

"Oh. Well, good bye then!" Mitchell yelled as he got into his car, still confused.

"Good bye and thank you again!" the sheriff replied as Mitchell sped away.


SG-1 was eating lunch. They had just returned from the cabin and were ready to get back to work right away. Except for Vala, of course. However, at the moment she was off sexually harassing some poor airmen.

Cameron started the converstation after several moments of silence from his teammates, "So Jackson, find anything interesting during your nice trip to Europe while we were saving Earth again?"

Daniel gave him a look the told the rest of team of his findings. Daniel had found cryptic references to two of the worlds Morgan La Fay had shown him when the team was in Atlantis. He had also found several first and second hand accounts of several experiments Merlin had conducted. Of course, all of this was in ancient, so it took awhile to get through.

"That sounds most promising for our battle against the Ori, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c said, quiet until now.

Already bored with this topic of conversation, Cameron changed the subject to one he had been curious with for a few days now.

"Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you knew if General O'Neill was married? The new sheriff at the cabin mentioned that the General had been there with his wife." Cameron said.

The rest of SG-1 stared at him for a moment. Teal'c's face then took a calm posture. Daniel, on the other hand, looked as though his eyes were popping out of his skull, and meanwhile, Sam had become very interested in her blue jello.

"So I take it you didn't know either?" Cameron asked.

"No, no! We knew! We were there!" Daniel replied quickly.

"Oh. Really?" Cameron asked.

"Indeed. Daniel Jackson and I witnessed the occasion," Teal'c stated.

"Wait, Sam, weren't you at General O'Neill's wedding?" Cameron asked.

At this point, Daniel was about to burst out laughing. Cameron Mitchell could be the most clueless person in the galaxy.

"Yeah, I was there," Sam confirmed.

"But Teal'c said-"

"I was at the wedding, Cam, believe me, I was there,"

Daniel was going to go crazy! And when he looked at Teal'c, he could tell the Jaffa was also amused. So they decided to have a little fun with SG-1's newest member. He just hoped Sam wouldn't hate him after they were through.


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