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Not wanting to delve into his superior officer's business, Cameron let the issue drop. At that point, Sam entered the room.

"Daniel! Teal'c! Cameron! Glad you're here! Where's the pizza?" Sam asked.

"Should be here in a few minutes, Sam," Jack told her.

"Okay. Jack, would you toss me a diet soda?" Sam asked him as she walked towards the kitchen.

Jack tossed her a can of soda and Sam caught it with great ease. She then joined Teal'c and Daniel on the couch. Daniel had changed the channel to the History channel. Teal'c was searching through the collection of DVDs, probably trying to decide which Star Wars he was going to make the rest of them watch.

Jack came out of the kitchen sipping a beer.

"DANIEL! What channel did you change my television to? Is this what I think it is? We are not playing this game!" Jack yelled at Daniel, wrestling the remote out of his hands.

"What game, Jack?" Daniel asked.

"You know perfectly well. You turn on this... this HISTORY channel and yell at the people on the screen. For goodness sakes, we KNOW Ra isn't a god!"

"I don't do that Jack!" Daniel countered.

Sam interrupted, "Daniel, actually you do. Quite loudly."


"You indeed make you opinions known to the rest of us, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c responded.

"Thanks for all the help, Teal'c."


As the night wore on, Cameron couldn't help but notice how close the members of the original SG-1 were. While he had gotten to be great friends with Sam, Daniel and Teal'c, he noticed the three were extremely happy to be in General O'Neill's company.

Even Teal'c cracked a few smiles throughout the night. And Sam, well, she was extremely comfortable in the General's presence. Cameron had always known Sam to be a stickler for military protocol, but she sounded comfortable calling O'Neill "Jack".


As they were cleaning up from their dinner of pizza and salad, Teal'c had left for the living room. Daniel and Cameron quickly followed, hoping to talk to him out of watching Revenge of Sith, the preferred choice of Teal'c these days.

When Cameron arrived in the living room, he could already see Daniel arguing with Teal'c.

"I do not see why you disapprove of my favorite film, Daniel Jackson. If you wish, you may choose the individual episode." Teal'c said with a hard stare. Cameron actually thought it was the same look Teal'c had during a battle.

"Teal'c, maybe we should watch something other than Star Wars."

"Why would we watch something other than the Star Wars saga. It has been proven these are the best films in existence. Colonel Mitchell, do you not agree?"

Daniel looked at him. Teal'c looked at him harder. And more intimidatingly.

Teal'c won.

"Well Daniel, they are classics…"

"Thanks a lot, Mitchell," sighed Daniel as Teal'c took out Return of the Jedi Back and put it into the DVD player.


As Cameron followed Daniel and Teal'c to the family room, Sam turned to Jack.

"Don't you think it's a little mean for us to string him along, Jack?" she asked, looking up at her husband.

"Nah. Mitchell's a good guy."

"I know. I just don't want him to feel new. We were friends in Academy, but sort of drifted apart..." she said, her voice fading, as if regretting her actions.

"Sam, the reason you drifted away from Mitchell was because of the Stargate program. Which, I believe, brought us together. And you worry way too much."

"I worry too much? Mr. I-call-General-Landry-every-five-minutes-when-my-wife-misses-a-check-in?"

"Hey! That's just concern!" he said, faking hurt feelings.

"I never said I didn't like it, Jack. It's nice to know I'm missed." Sam said with a smile.

"Indeed you are, Mrs. O'Neill. Which reminds me, Henry was wondering if you would like to have lunch with him and Rachel Friday afternoon?"

"Is that before the Homeworld Security Ball you're being forced to attend?"

"It won't be so bad, as long as you're there."

"I'll be there. Any excuse to see my husband in his dress blues…"

"You got that right. Any excuse to see my wife in anything…. or nothing!"

"Keep dreaming, flyboy," replied Sam and she leaned forward and gave Jack a light kiss on the lips.


Cameron walked into kitchen to find Sam and General O'Neill deep in conversation. Not wanting to interrupt them, he cleared his throat.

They both jumped a bit, as if he startled them.

"Uh… Teal'c has the movie ready. I think it's Return of the Jedi…" said Mitchell, still a bit uncomfortable around the General.

"Daniel couldn't talk him out of it? Talk about a losing battle…" Jack said, shaking his head slightly.

As the three entered the family room they saw Teal'c sitting on 'his' chair, and Daniel sprawled out on the couch.

"Hey Spacemonkey, what'cha doin'?" Jack asked him.

"Looking at some pictures of your wedding. Cassie sent them to Sam." He replied.

Cameron knew who Cassie was. He, after all, had read all the mission reports. However, Cameron also knew that since losing Dr. Fraiser, the young woman had been living with Sam on long weekends, summers and holidays. Otherwise, she was living at the dorms at UCLA, majoring in Bio-Chemistry.

But the General's wedding? The secret no one would let him in on? He had to see this…

Cameron took a seat next to Daniel, and Jack sat on the other side of the doctor. Sam squeezed next to Jack.

He looked at the pictures. Cameron could see a smiling young woman in blue next to General O'Neill in dress blues, also smiling. The next few pictures showed Cassie with General George Hammond, who had retired over a year ago, with Teal'c, and with Daniel. Cameron wondered why there weren't any pictures of Sam in the pile. Didn't she say she was at the wedding?

He looked through more of the photos from the reception. Some were quite dark and fuzzy. At one point, Cameron could see a bit of fuzzy white, and assumed it to be General O'Neill's mysterious bride.

And then he saw it.

A clear picture of Cassie.

With Jack.

And his bride.

Who was Sam.


He looked up at Sam.

Seeing the look on Cameron's face, Sam could only guess which picture he had seen.

She just grinned.

By this time, Daniel had figured out what Cameron now knew. And he was laughing. Maybe it was because he couldn't hold his drinks, or maybe because he had started this ordeal.

"So you two are married?" Cameron asked in disbelief.

"Yup. So hands off Mitchell." Jack said as pulled Sam into his lap. She didn't seem to mind.

"So when you were still at the SGC…" Cameron wondered outloud.

Sam interrupted. "No. Shortly after I moved to Area 51 to help Cassie out. We weren't in the same command structure, so we took the opprounity and ran with it."

"Congratulations to you both. It looked to be a wonderful ceremony. Sam, you looked beautiful." Cameron said, still in shock over the situation.

"O'Neill now that Colonel Mitchell knows the current status of your and Samantha Carter's relationship, may we begin Episode Six?" Teal'c, who had been silent, finally spoke.

"You bet, Teal'c. The back-talking pirate finally gets the beautiful and smart princess." Jack said to no one in particular. However, he was staring at Sam.

Cameron grinned. He could tell they were in the process of adopting him into their tight-knit family. And as for his co-leader, he couldn't be happier for her.

And so, Cameron Mitchell wasn't (as) clueless anymore.


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