A/N: This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction, so please bear with me, and I'll try my best. Anyway, I thought that it could be interesting to try something different:-

My idea is to write from the perspective of Luka and Abby's 16-year-old daughter, who reflects on the relationship that her parents have, and the emotions that she feels during both the good times and the bad.

Chapter One – Welcome To My Life

My name is Louisa Aimee Kovac and I am 16 years old. I have a younger brother called William Phillip Kovac who is now 14 years of age. Our father is known as Dr. Luka Kovac, originally from Croatia, and our mother is Dr. Abigail Kovac (previously Lockhart), although she prefers to be known as Abby.

Both William and me were born in Chicago in the USA, however, since our parents decided that they fancied a change, we have been living in the UK for the last six years, Manchester to be precise. Mum and Dad now work at the District General Hospital for the Manchester area, however, it has taken them, and us, a while to adjust due to some 'slight' differences!

There are differences between American and British naming, and I know that Mum and Dad have struggled with this a bit at first. I have to admit that it can be quite amusing when they get blank looks from people. I still remember their first day at work over here, since Will and I went with them, anyway, they didn't have a clue where in the hospital they were going, so they asked someone if they knew where the 'ER' was. The poor guy didn't have a clue what they were talking about, until we all stumbled upon the A&E department, Accident and Emergency, and realised that the British had a completely different title for the same department of the hospital. At this point, Will and I were obviously a lot younger, Me being 10 and him being 8, and we both thought that this was hilariously funny, Mum and Dad weren't anywhere near as amused!

Back then we were such a close family; we told each other everything, and helped each other through the hard times. When I first started school in Britain, I was really badly bullied for being different, however, even though there were quite a few of my fellow students who disliked me passionately, I managed to impress my teachers, who were happy to push me hard so that I could achieve my targets. I suppose that I forgot about the bullies because I distracted myself with work. But then I had to move up to the local Comprehensive School, and I found that being intelligent made you a target for bullies, and it all started up again. I suffered really badly, a couple of times arriving home in tears, having been punched in the face, or pulled to the ground by my hair, to name some examples. Eventually, the teachers were able to stop it, but I had stopped confiding in my family quite so much, my personality was changed, and I started keeping my emotions to myself, and became afraid to accept people who teased me or wanted to get closer to me. I built a wall to protect myself from having to suffer in the same way again, little did I know that it would happen again anyway, but even closer to home this time…