Chapter Seven – Health Worries

The headaches that I had constantly were causing really weird things to happen, and that was really worrying me. I got a lot of dizzy spells, often several within a day, but I was soon able to cope with this. However, there have been two occasions when the dizziness was really bad and overwhelmed me.

The first time, I walked into the kitchen, went dizzy and ended up on the floor. Dad was in the kitchen at the time and he saw me walk into the room, then I lost my balance and fell against the cooker, knocking my chin on the top on the way down. Mum and Dad took me to the hospital to find out why I had collapsed and I ended up being referred to a Neurologist who put me on to some medication and sent me for an MRI scan, which thankfully was clear.

The other time I had been to church in the morning, and then Will was playing soccer close by, so I went with Mum to watch. I was fine at church, but I started feeling off it in the car. By the time we had got to the place where Will was playing, and I had got out of the car, my legs felt like jelly, and I felt really strange, and my vision was blurry. Thankfully Mum, being a doctor, knew to sit me down with a bottle of water, and not leave me on my own. So she asked my friend's mum, who is friendly with my Mum and her son is friendly with Will, to keep an eye on me while she went to check on Will.

After the second incident, Mum took me back to the doctor, who took me off of my medication. But thank God this happened during a school holiday, because without it I felt so much worse. So when I went back to the doctor a week later, he put me back on my medication, however, he increased the dosage so I felt wiped out all of the time instead of having the headache of such a high intensity. Which was worse, I didn't know.