Chapter #2- in cuba

Katey and Havana stepped off the plane, grabbed their luggage and headed to the only place Katey knew they stay. Hotel Oceana, the hotel she stayed at when she came to cuba, and the hotel where she first meet Javier.

When they got there Havana stepped out of the cab and looked up

"woah, I've never seen anything like this"

"yup this place hasn't changed a bit" Katey replied

Havana looked at her mom still smiling, she looked at the building again as she grabbed her luggage and ran to chatch up with her mom.

When they were all settled in there room, Katey spoke of how to find Javier.

"so we should go to La Rosa Negra then?" Havana asked

"you got it" Katey said

"YES! That gives me a chance to wear my new dress!" Havana said excitedly

They started to get ready for their night

Katey dressed in an orange strap dress ( the one from the dance contest) and Havana dressed in a navy blue dress (the one where Katey dances with Javier in front of the projector screen).

They finished getting ready and set off to the club.


Havana was the first one to enter the club and her mother followed her close behind. As Katey entered she noticed Havana was just standing there just staring at the dancing.

"It's amazing" she finally said in a small whisper

"yeah, c'mon lets see if anybody in here knows where to find your father." But what they didn't notice was a patch of brown hair the same color of Havana's dancing on floor.

Katey and Havana went up to the bar

"um excuse me senor?"

"si senorita?"

"um im looking for Javier Saurez do you know him?"

"Ah Javier si!"

Katey smiled, they were finally getting somewhere

"Do you know where I can find him?" she asked him again

The bartender just looked straight ahead and pointed to the dance floor and walked away.

Katey turned to look in the direction he was pointing to, and then turned to look at Havana who was moving in place to the music while watching.

"Well this is hopeless" Katey said to her daughter

Katey walked toward the crowd to try to find Javier. But as she went in somebody came out and accidently bumped into Havana.

"oh excuse me senorita, im so sorry, are you ok?" Javier asked

Havana fixed her dress, unaware of who was in front of her

As she lifted her head up and began to speak

"im f-" her mouth dropped

She all of sudden couldn't speak

"are you ok?" Javier asked again getting worried because of the look she had on her face.

Havana snapped out of her head

"it's you." Was all she could get out when she heard someone calling her

"Havana! Havana!" her mother screamed coming closer

Javier was totally confused. Why did she say It's you did he know her? It all clicked together when he saw who was calling her.

"Havana we have to g-" she stopped mid sentence when she saw who was standing in front of her.

"Javier…" Katey said and smiled

"Katey?" Javier said as if about to cry

Katey ran into his arms and squeezing his neck. Javier twirled her around. After 17 years he was beginning to wonder if he would ever see his American love again. He closed his eyes and took in her scent, until Katey suddenly broke the hug. Javier caressed her cheek.

"im glad you came back" Javier said

All of a sudden Katey remembered why she was here in the first place. She turned around to look at her daughter only to find her spot has been replaced by a couple just returning from the dance floor.

"oh no" Katey said to herself in a whisper

Katey turned to Javier

"um Javier, there's something I have to tell you" Katey started

"come, dance with me" Javier said, and started pulling her toward the dance floor

"wait there's just one thing you have to know" Katey was serious now, and Javier could tell it was important

"what is it? Is something wrong?" Javier asked

"no, its just… you know that girl you bumped into, the girl I was calling for?"

"oh yes she never did say if she was ok" Javier said while looking around trying to find her.

"Javier she's my daughter"

Well that got he attention


"my….OUR daughter"

Javier's eyes grew about 5 times larger than their normal size

"she's my-" Katey nodded


"I don't know! You have to help me find her. She is just like you! Where do you go when you need time alone?"

Javier thought for a moment and then looked up at Katey

"the beach"


Havana didn't know why, but the waves just calmed her nerves. She needed to get out of there. She needed to be alone. Especially since her mom just ignored her.

She sniffled

"are you alright?" Havana looked up to see a very kind face. A boy about her age leaning over her.

"Yes im fine….thanks" she replied

"are you sure? You don't look alright." He said as he sat down next to her.

"yeah. I just- I need some time alone" she said

"oh yeah I know how that is" he said

"well then I will go, by the way my name is Rico" he held out his hand

Havana smiled

"Havana" said as she shook his hand

Javier and Katey arrived just in time to see Rico kiss Havana on the hand and walk away.

"Javier you talk to her"

Havana shook the sand off of her and turned to walk up the beach. As soon as she did that she spotted her parents talking, about her no doubt.

She walked towards them, and stopped right in front of her father.

"so I guess you have just about a million questions for me huh?" she said to Javier

Javier smiled

"yes I guess I do."

Katey smiled at the site of her Javier and her daughter talking and getting along. She felt good about this. Now all she had to do was plan a birthday party for Havana.

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