"I don't want to leave" Havana said

"You must, it's too dangerous here now" Havana started to cry

"But I can't live without you" Havana said looking up while in his arms.

Rico smiled and caressed her cheek

"I will be with you no matter where you are." He said to her.

Havana hugged him and whipped one of her tears turned and walked out the door. Rico sighed and looked up to keep himself fro m crying. She was actually leaving, out of his life forever.

Or so he thought…..


Chapter #5- surprise surprise

Katey and Havana entered their apartment. Katey went to check the messages as Havana went to her room, put her suitcase down and went to 'the room' she needed to see his face, his body moving. Even though she had numerous pictures from their trip, her heart was always set on the video reel.

When Katey was done checking the messages, she headed to her room. She noticed Havana watching the video reel. She decided to leave her there, after all she knows how hard it is to say goodbye.


Havana was watching the news and Katey was making dinner, when all of a sudden the television started talking about gun shootings and riots in Havana, Cuba.

"Mom!" Havana yelled

Katey ran into the room and sat next a worried Havana.

Katey hugged her, trying to calm her down.

"It's ok hunny, I'm sure they are just fine" Katey said

"I hope you're right mom." Havana said

Diing doong

Havana got up with her eyes still on the TV, she opened the door.


She froze

"Oh my god"

Javier and Rico stood in front of her with their suitcases. Havana put hands on her mouth

"What I don't get a hug?" Javier asked

Havana smiled and started to cry as she jumped his arms and screamed. She looked past him to Rico. She smiled and hugged him as tightly as she could.

"Ugh mom, you might wanna come here!" Havana yelled to her mother.

Katey walked into the room fixing her clothes.

"Now what can be so important that you-"

She stopped when she saw Javier and Rico walking through the door with their suitcases.

Katey smiled and ran to Javier

"I couldn't lose you again" Javier said

"Especially since all I care about is in America." Katey smiled and kissed him. She couldn't believe that Javier left everything and came to America to be with her and Havana. But most of all she was glad he was ok. After what they had just heard on the news she was as worried as Havana.

"So your staying?" Havana directed to her dad & Rico

"we're staying" Javier said

Havana smiled and hugged him as Javier returned it. This feels right, he thought


"I now pronounce you husband and wife" the priest said

Javier and Katey smiled to each other.

"You may kiss the bride" he said

"most gladly" Javier whispered as he kissed Katey

Havana turned to Rico and smiled as she held his hand.

To think she got her family back for her birthday along with true love was amazing to her. She had memories to tell forever about her trip to find…..her father.


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