I ran silently down the dark hall of the mansion with my suitcase a few days after I told John that I would go with him. I had only told Logan, Storm, Rogue, Bobby, and the Professor that I was leaving with John. I told them that I would come back. I think they knew I would eventually. John and I had planned to go at night, by bus to New York City. The Professor knew someone with an apartment that we could borrow for a month until we found our own. I phased through the wall into the foyer, and I could feel tears welling in my eyes. I was leaving the place that I had lived in for so long. I'm only 17! I thought, wondering how many other 17 year olds did what I was doing now. I heard footsteps on the stairs and I looked up. It was Jubilee. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at my suitcase to me.

"Kitty. Are you leaving?" she whispered, staring at me.

"Yeah. Not forever though. I didn't want anyone else to know, so we're leaving at night." I said quickly, knowing I couldn't hide the truth from the pretty firecraker.

"We?" she asked, smiling softly.

"Pyro and I." I said, quietly laughing at her astounded expression.

"Kitty Pryde is running away with John Allerdyce? Who would've thought that?" She said, walking down the rest of the stairs to hug me.

"The adults know. So I'm not really running away." I said as we embraced, "What are you doing here anyways?" I asked, noting the fact that it was after midnight.

"I was thirsty. And I was bored." She said, and I laughed quietly as we broke apart.

"I'll miss you. A lot." I said, trying hard not to cry.

"Oh Kit, I'll miss you too. Call me. Write to me. Anything works." She said smiling, and it looked like she was secretly trying to hold back tears too.

"I'll do that Jubes. Don't worry." I said, and hugged my friend again. We smiled at each other and then I heard another set of footsteps and saw it was Rogue and Bobby.

"Aw Kitty." Rogue said, and pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back, tears slowly dropping out of my eyes. I turned to Bobby and he smiled. I hugged him, remembering that time when we ice-skated, how he made me feel like I was cared about. I was happy that he was with Rogue now, and I knew that they were a good couple. I turned away from him, letting go his hand that I was clutching. I looked up the staircase and saw that John was coming downstairs with a very confused and somewhat pissed off expression on his face.

"What the fuck?" he muttered, trying to drag his suitcase down the stairs. He became frustrated with it, so he just kicked it and it landed in front of us. I hid a smile seeing his angry expression on his face. He turned to look at me and his face brightened enough to be noticeable.

"Did you invite these people or something Kit?" he teased.

"Actually no, they came on their own." I replied, smiling at him. A light turned on and I saw Logan, Peter, and Storm coming down the stairs.

"What is this?" I heard John mutter under his breath. I ran forward and embraced Storm, trying not to let my emotions show.

"I'll miss you." I whispered, my voice wavering. She hugged me back, and for a second I thought I saw a tear in her eye.

"I'll miss you too, Kitty." She said, holding me for a moment and then letting me go. I turned to Logan and he smiled and opened his arms.

"You're a great kid." He said, stroking my hair as hugged him and let some of my tears out. I looked up at him and smiled through my tears towards Peter. He smiled at me and I embraced him and he put his arms around me.

"Katya, you know I'll be here if you need me." He said, as me broke apart, and I looked at him and everyone else I was leaving behind, wanting to place my feelings into words, but I couldn't.

"It's alright kid, you'll be able to come back and visit." Logan said, smiling affectionately at me. I nodded and went to go grab my suitcase.

"Hell with it." I heard John muttered and looked behind me in time to see him and Bobby embrace briefly. He nodded to everyone else, maybe to embarrassed to hug them, and he looked over to me.

"You sure you don't want a ride?" Logan asked.

"Yeah. We're good. It's not too far away." John said quietly.

"I hope you two have a great trip." I heard before I saw the person behind the voice. The Professor walked in, and I was over the fact that he could walk now. I smiled at him and ran toward him and embraced him. I let go.

"Thank you." I said, and he smiled at me.

"You know where we are." He said, and I nodded and walked back to John.

"Thanks Professor." John said quietly and the Professor nodded. I picked up my suitcase and I nodded towards John.

"Bye, everyone." I said quietly, and waved as I phased John and I through the wall. We walked in silence for a few minutes.

"Way to go quietly." He said sarcastically, watching me closely. I smiled softly.

"Yeah." I said quietly. We reached the gate of the institute, and I looked back at the mansion for a minute. I turned to look at John, and saw he was doing to same thing.

"Ready?" he whispered, and I nodded. I phased us through the gate and we continued our walk to the bus station, which wasn't too far from the mansion.

"You sure you want to come with me?" John asked, and stopped walking.

"John if I wasn't sure, you would know. I want to go. It's why I'm here." I said, giving him a half-smile. He seemed reassured by this thought, and we turned toward the bus station.

"So this is it." John said quietly as we reached the florescent lights of the station.

"Yeah. It is." I said, looking at the directory map.

"Our bus is over here." John said, and pulled my hand toward the bus parked in the middle. I felt a strong feeling of sadness, but I ignored it and let John help me, holding my bulky suitcase, board the bus. I gave the bus driver our tickets, and he glared at us, probably knowing we were mutants. I ignored him and averted the eyes of the passengers as John and I made our way to the back. We sat down and I grasped John's hand as the bus started to move. I closed my eyes, and felt John's hold on my hand tighten. I felt tears roll down my face, but I wasn't crying, there was just tears.

"It's alright Kitty, we'll come back and visit soon, and maybe we can even teach when we're older." John said in a quiet voice, and I smiled, proud of the kind, sweet man he had become ever since he joined the X-Men again, even if he was the same old John sometimes. But that's what I liked so much about him.

"I know John, I know." I said, and opened my eyes to smile at him. He smiled back and I leaned against him, falling asleep and dreaming of our new life together.