Hey I got this idea from reading a Rent fan fiction. It all just poured out so please don't kill me at the end.

Lynette's P.O.V

I walk over to your grave. Instantly all the memories come flooding back. You should never have gotten into that car with Nora. You knew she was drunk. The police told me her blood alcohol was 3 times above the legal limit. She escaped with a broken leg and I lost you. I cried in my room for days. Bree had to drag me out of bed and force me to eat. The kids miss you so much. I hate Nora for what she did to you. I remember when we first fell in love. I can remember every detail from when we first kissed to the day you got in the car. I can't look at our wedding photo without crying. I hate how I had a fight with you before you left. I didn't get to say goodbye.

I miss you Tom.

I Love you Tom.

Goodbye Tom.

The End

Did you like it? I'm crying right now. I'm sorry I had to kill Tom.