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Rebirth of Godzilla


Reddish, orange energy surged through the immediate vicinity as a powerful nuclear pulse exploded from the gigantic green monster's enormous body. The assimilating alien known as the Orga never stood a chance against the nuclear titan called Godzilla. The radioactive behemoths watched the corpse of his foe fall to the ground and begin to disintegrate, before stomping away from the charred body. His footsteps rumbling, Godzilla walked over to the building holding the tiny creatures known as humans. Everybody on the tower's platform ran inside for cover, except for Katagiri, the head of the Crisis Control Intelligence agency. The tall, dark haired man stood there and lit a cigarette while he and Godzilla observed each other, until Godzilla's massive claw crashed onto the floor near where Katagiri was standing. The shorter man, Shinoda, tried to bring the taller Katagiri with him, but found himself knocked to the ground by the stubborn Deputy Secretary of the Interior. Katagiri's last words were heard as he cried,

"Godzillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" when the beast thrust his claw through the, causing the head of the C.C.I. to fall to his death. The green nuclear giant then turned away from the stunned and frightened humans, and began to stomp straight through Shinjuku back to the ocean. Godzilla then stopped abruptly as his razor sharp, jagged dorsal plates began to bright, fluorescent orange. The atomic monster then launched his mighty radioactive death beam in a complete circle around him, before treading back to the ocean.

Elsewhere on an Island in the middle of the ocean, a large beautifully patterned set of gossamer wings attached to a giant insect like body began to land on the ground near a large cave. The giant moth's crystal like, sapphire colored eyes peered into the dark cave to observe the large round egg. The beautiful insect remembered when it first hatched. She broke through the barrier of her shell when her mother was fighting the dark, three-headed dragon, Death Ghidorah. She had scuttled to the battle field to fight alongside her mother, however they were both defeated, her mother suffering a fatal wound. She remembered how her mother had carried her out to sea before falling into the ocean from the severity of her wound. She remembered how she had swum to shore and crawled to the life tree, where she spun her chrysalis. She remembered how she had emerged from her cocoon and resealed Death Ghidorah in his mountain. The giant moth walked into the huge cave as she recalled the whole situation with Dagarah. How she had tried to fight the undersea terror and was soundly defeated, how she had received the power boost that turned her into Rainbow Mothra, and how she was able to transform into Aqua Mothra and cripple the ocean beast, Dagarah. Most recently the galactic horror known as King Ghidorah had arrived on earth to finish the extinction of Earth that he had started 65 million years ago. The beast that was responsible for the destruction of Mars, began to collect children into a large, dark feeding dome immediately upon arriving on Earth. Mothra remembered the first time she had tried to fight the golden, three headed dragon. She was quickly overpowered and defeated, and was nearly killed by the dragon's might. As a last ditch effort, the mortal goddess traveled back to the past to try to defeat the golden terror while he was still an infant. She remembered how hard the battle was even though the beast was still a baby; however after dropping him into a volcano she was able to kill him. However she didn't get by unscathed, she was mortally wounded and thought she was going to die for sure. She would have had it not been for her prehistoric predecessors who wrapped her in a silk cocoon to heal for the next 65 million years. Little did Mothra know, King Ghidorah was still alive and she had only postponed his arrival to Earth by one day. The dragon king then began the feeding process once again, this time uninhibited. However before he was successful in draining the life-force of anyone, the mountain next to his feeding dome exploded, revealing a new and even more powerful Mothra. Her entire body was covered in a futuristic looking silver armor, and her wings had changed shape. She then proceeded to defeat King Ghidorah with her most powerful attack, it allows her to destabilize the molecules of her opponent by passing through them. After defeating the golden beast, her armor came of, revealing her current form. Eternal Mothra. That last incident had been almost a year ago. Mothra had laid her egg, she was nearing the end of her life cycle. She was worried about her offspring, because even in these times of peace, she couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding.

And for good reason. For somewhere deep in space a gigantic golden beast was flying at breakneck speeds toward the Milky Way galaxy. He was angry and he wanted revenge. He didn't know exactly who, but he knew someone had destroyed his kin, and he intended to exact his vengeance. It was only a matter of time before he arrived, but when he did, he would make sure the entire planet paid the price.

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