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Chapter One

Six months later. A medium height, dark haired man walked through the halls of the large corporation. The brown leg of his relaxed suit slacks, shifted with every rushed step he took. He was about to be late for a very important meeting. Four months ago he received a call from an American man who spoke surprisingly good Japanese.

Four months earlier. Miyasaka was walking toward his large, new office on the top floor of the Crisis Control Intelligence agency building. It had been two months since Secretary Katagiri's death at the hand-er-claw of Godzilla. Many repaired were needed to the Shinjuku area after the battle of the two titans, and with the death of Katagiri, the C.C.I. needed a new head director. That was when he was promoted to the job.

Miyasaka had been busy meeting with multiple corporations concerning restitution funds, that he hadn't had any time to move his things into his new office. He walked into the large elevator, pressed the top floor button and began to think about the past two months. Ever since Godzilla had walked away from the city following his titanic battle with that assimilating alien, he hadn't been seen. Suddenly a soft ding interrupted his train of thought as the large elevator came to a stop.

As he stepped out of the elevator, he immediately saw a large set of oak doors with a small desk next to it where a young secretary sat and walked over.

"Good morning, Mr. Miyasaka. You have a meeting with General Takada at two o'clock about some classified files, another meeting with Mr. Yashita concerning a mistake with their restitutions, and there is a man in your office. He doesn't have an appointment, but he insists to see you sir." said the young girl.

"Thank you Mari. As to this man, I will see what he wants." replied Miyasaka. He then smiled and opened the large, wooden doors. Upon walking in, he saw a large desk with a laptop on it at the other end of the large office, along with a high-backed chair. Looking over to the right side of the office, he saw a short, leather couch with a tall man wearing a black, duster-style overcoat, and blood red hair sitting on it. "May I help you?" Miyasaka asked.

"Ah, good morning Mr. Miyasaka. I congratulate you on your promotion." said the man in a smooth, cool voice, as he stood and extended hand toward the new head of C.C.I.

"Thank you, but who are you?" asked Miyasaka curiously while grasping the hand.

"My name is Ryu, Ryu Maru. I'm here because I have a proposition for you." the red-headed man stated.

"Okay, I'm listening. What is it?" asked Miyasaka.

"Right now, I am in the process of building a weapon to help you stop Godzilla." replied Ryu while pulling a small disk out of his coat. He walked over to the desk and put the disk into the computer, which began running as soon as Miyasaka walked over. "This is a list of the weapon's specs, weapons, and a picture of it." stated Ryu.

"So, that's it?" asked Miyasaka, pointing to a picture of giant, blood-red mech. The machine was huge, it had to be 65 meters tall. It had a human looking face with two triangular points coming out from what appeared to be its hairline and its head was pointed from its cranium. It had a wide chest with a narrow lower torso and its hips had points pointing out to the sides. Its upper arms were thin columns while its lower arms were oversized. The outside of the mech's forearms each had a thick shield that started at its wrist and ended above the silver piston in both of its elbows. Its legs were quite similar, with narrow thighs and very large lower legs that ended with feet that had a spike curving up from its toe.

"Yes, this is it." was Ryu's quick reply. "This is the machine that can stop even Godzilla."

"It is very impressive, but how can you be sure that it'll be able to stop Godzilla?" asked Miyasaka interestedly.

"To be honest I really can't. I suppose that we'll have to wait and find out." was Ryu's frank reply. "Until then, take this." said Ryu as he handed Miyasaka a small, round disk.

"What is it?" asked Miyasaka.

"It's the operating system that my weapon will be using. You'll be receiving a practice cockpit in about a week. Just put that into the test cockpit and monitor the rate that the pilot synchs with the computer." explained Ryu.

"Okay. When will this weapon be ready?" asked Miyasaka once again.

"Not quite sure, but it should be ready in about four months." said Ryu. "Well I thank you for your time and hospitality, but I really must be going. I will call as soon as the weapon is ready, for a meeting." said Ryu as he left the office.

Present day. He did call as promised, one week ago in fact. During that call, he informed Miyasaka that the weapon was finally finished and that he wanted to set up a meeting. Which was what Miyasaka was about to be late for. He turned the corner and looked down at his watch. It was 8:58, the meeting was at 9:00. He then ran down the long hall and stepped into a door on his right. Immediately upon entering, he saw five men in the room.

Four of them were sitting at a long, wooden table, while the fifth was standing in the front of the room. The four at the table appeared to be with the military, as he recognized both General Takada and General Aso. The third man he recognized as Yamashita Battou, the short, brown-haired man who had gotten the best synch ratio from the American's simulator. The fourth man was one of the less known about backers of the C.C.I. His name was Koji Hitokiri, and while Miyasaka had never met him personally, he new that Hitokiri was very wealthy. He was also very handsome, with a smooth face and high cheek bones that almost gave him an almost effeminate look. The only thing that contrasted his handsomeness was the black patch, with a cross, that he wore over his left eye.

The fifth and final man in the room, Miyasaka assumed, must have been the American, Ryu Maru. He was tall, at least 6'1", he wore a black, duster-style overcoat with the sleeves cut off, that showed off his lean, but muscular arms. His shoulder length hair was tied back into a small ponytail at the nape of his neck with a few locks at his hairline left loose. Ryu was standing next to a large, white projection screen that showed an image of his blood red machine.

"Glad to see Mr. Miyasaka. Now that you're here we can continue." said Ryu as Miyaska silently sat down at the end of the table. "As I was saying, this is my creation, S.I.T.O., the Superior Ionic Titanium Organism." stated Ryu with a smirk of pride, while pointing to the image on the screen.

"What is contained in its armament?" asked General Takada.

"Ah. I'm glad you asked this, S.I.T.O. has quite a few weapons. The most noticeable are the silver cylinders in the elbow region of each arm. They're called impact pistons, and they are the reason that the mech has such large forearms. When one draws back, it forces air into a pressurized chamber inside of the arm, the piston then thrusts forward and expels the air at an extremely high velocity through special vents in the machine's wrist. However the most powerful weapon would have to be the charged Ion cannon, located in its chest." explained Ryu.

"So, we are getting a demonstration today, are we not?" asked Hitokiri in a deep, silky voice.

"Yes, we are. In fact, why don't we…" Ryu never got the chance to finish as a loud trumpeting roar surged through the air.

In the Solar System. He could see it, the place where his kin was slain. When he arrived he would not only kill his offspring's killer, he would lay waste to the entire planet. When he arrived, the creatures of this strange, blue planet, they would suffer the wrath of the Emperor of the Universe.

On Infant Island. Mothra looked up at the morning sky. She could feel the dark aura that she sensed six months ago, it was close. The dark energy that the moth goddess could was immense, but she would fight. Not only to the people of Earth, but also to ensure the survival of her newly hatched offspring. She looked over to her larval offspring and guaranteed that she was going to fight. Over on a hill behind the living goddess, the two, small Elias sisters stood on a short cliff.

"Moll, I am worried, this energy is just like King Ghidorah's." stated one of the two fairy women.

"I know Lora, but it isn't possible, Mothra destroyed King Ghidorah." replied Moll.

"I know that, but why else would it feel like him?" asked Lora.

"Because, dear sister, that is his father." said a dark, malevolent voice behind the two sisters.

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