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Chapter Two

Last time on Rebirth of Godzilla:

"So, we are getting a demonstration today, are we not?" asked Hitokiri in a deep, silky voice.

"Yes, we are. In fact, why don't we…" Ryu never got a chance to finish as a loud, trumpeting roar surged through the air.


Alarms all around the C.C.I. building began blaring with the approach of the nuclear titan known as Godzilla. Everybody involved in the boardroom meeting had already arrived at the underground hanger where the weapon was being stored.

In fact, pilot Battou was already inside of the giant mech, awaiting orders.

"Okay, Now he's the best you've got right?" asked Ryu slightly nervously.

"He had the highest synch ratio on the simulator if that's what you mean" stated Miyasaka. This however didn't leave Ryu feeling extremely confident though he kept quiet.

"Alright, SITO activate." said Ryu into the intercom. The red machine's eyes then began to glow bright gold.

The nuclear titan known as Godzilla began stomping into the city of Tokyo. He had not yet reached it, but he could see the huge metropolis with his fierce orange eyes. As he continued to walk towards the city, the forest covered ground 100 meters in front of him, exploded in a large cloud of dust. Godzilla continued to watch as a gigantic, red machine rose out of the sinkhole. The green behemoth tilted his head slightly in curiosity as the red mech just stood in silence.

"Man this thing's harder to pilot than that simulator." stated Battou as he forced the controls.

SITO took a slow, lumbering step forward and drew its giant fist back before thrusting it toward Godzilla's reptilian head. The green titan didn't even have time to duck as a gigantic, red fist collided with the side of his face, and threw him into the ground.

"I don't believe it. Godzilla was forced to the ground with one blow." commented Aso.

"Hmm. Not bad Maru" said Hitokiri indifferently.

Godzilla picked himself up off of the ground and stood at his full height before throwing his head back and letting his trumpeting roar rip through the air in defiance of the red creature in front of him. He then charged at the giant machine, hands raised intent on pushing the mech out of his way, but never made it as the robot's other fist knocked him off course and into a cliff. Godzilla stood up, completely enraged at the machine that had forced him away not once, but twice. He snarled at SITO as his jagged dorsal plates began to glow a dim orange.

"That's strange." stated Ryu.

"What is it?" asked Miyasaka confusedly.

"Well, look at Godzilla's dorsal plates, they're not as bright as normal. I think he's been weakened." replied Ryu.

"By what though? What could be strong enough to weaken him?" asked MIyasaka. However before Ryu had a chance to reply, a voice came over the intercom.

"Hey Maru, your machine is faulty. Its not responding right." said a slightly angry Battou.

"What are you talking about! My machine's just fine, the only way you would be having trouble is if…" however Ryu never finished that sentence as he turned to look at Miyasaka and Aso. "What was his last synch ratio?" he asked quietly.

"The last measurement on the simulator was 83." replied Aso.

"83!" Ryu burst out, "You have to have at least a 95 synch ratio to bring out SITO's full potential! No wonder he's having such a hard time."


"Belvera!" both sisters cried.

"What do you mean 'his father'?" asked Lora suspiciously.

"What I mean dear sister is that even King Ghidorah has a father, and his father just so happens to be on his way here." replied Belvera with malice. "He will arrive in less than an hour."

"Isn't there anything we can do? asked Moll urgently.

"No, the power of the emperor of the universe is unmatched, going against Emperor Ghidorah is certain death." replied Belvera.

Moll and Lora couldn't say anything to respond to the shocking information they had just heard.

Suddenly a beam of slightly dim orange energy launched from Godzilla's maw. However it collided harmlessly with SITO's arm shields. Once the blast of nuclear fire dissipated, SITO stomped forward and thrust its tremendous fist towards Godzilla. However, this time Godzilla was ready, he managed to dodge the fist and wrap his arms around it. He then used his gigantic mass and tugged the hulking mech forward, causing it to trip. Though, before it fell, SITO righted itself and yanking its huge arm back.

"Take this you monster!" cried Battou from inside the cockpit while slamming his fist onto a button to his right.

The plates on SITO's abdomen then opened up, revealing six missile turrets. The missiles then fired towards Godzilla and exploded in a brilliant flash of light and fire. However once the smoke cleared it was revealed that they did nothing more than anger him. Godzilla then roared defiantly and turned to whip the mech with his thick, heavy tail. However, SITO caught the tail mid-whip, but was having a hard time holding it and was beginning to weaken.

"Hey, Maru! What the hell is wrong with your robot? It's not doing what I tell it to!" yelled Battou into the intercom

"What are you talking about, nothing's wrong with SITO." came Ryu's voice through the intercom.

Battou was about to reply when Godzilla ripped his tail out of the mech's grip. The giant beast then charged forward and began to pound his fists into the red machine. However, Battou was able to raise SITO's giant fist and bat Godzilla away. The nuclear titan lost his balance and toppled over from the force of the blow. SITO brought its gaze down and its yellow eyes began to glow brightly with energy before two thin beams of yellow energy launched towards Godzilla. Said monster roared out in pain as the beams exploded against his hide. However as the beams ceased, Godzilla forced himself back to his feet. Completely enraged, his dorsal plates began to glow the same dim orange color before launching a beam of nuclear energy at the annoying machine. SITO, in response, raised his large forearms and blocked the beam with his arm shields. Once the blast finally gave out, SITO lowered its arms and fired its eye lasers. The beams of light exploded on Godzilla's chest and caused the behemoth to cry out in pain.

From her perch on Infant island, Mothra looked towards the sky and saw a golden streak fly across it. The battle was coming, she could feel it. He was almost here, and when he arrived, the world would never forget his power. Mothra then flapped her enormous, gossamer and took to the skies. She may not be strong enough to stop him, but she had to try.

'Yes!' he thought to himself as he descended through the atmosphere to the planet Earth. It wouldn't be long now, he would have revenge against the one who destroyed his son. Then he would show everyone on this puny planet why he was known throughout the universe. He sped up his velocity in his descent though the atmosphere in his impatience when he felt a two large powers, he then altered his course and headed towards them. The heat from his flight, however did not bother him with his thick hide.

Meanwhile in the control room, one of the techies noticed something.

"General Aso, there is a huge power falling through the atmosphere. It looks like it's headed towards Godzilla and the SITO." he stated.

"Warn Battou." replied Aso.

On the battle field, SITO continued to blast Godzilla with its eye lasers when Battou got a transmission over the intercom. However he did not hear it as a golden comet traveling at high velocity crashed into the mountains near the battlefield causing a giant explosion. Once the dust had settled, a deep, guttural roar emanated from the large crater.

Everyone in the control room froze, none of them knew what this was, but they all had the same feeling of foreboding. This thing was not good!

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