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Ninja's in a nook

Chapter 1

Chelsea sighed. It had been a long day. She was already on a plane for 3 hours and was on a bus to get to the town where her friend lived. They had been friends for a few years. Her thoughts drifted to her friends back home. Kim Alicia, and Jessica (I hope I have their names right) and what they were doing without her. She could just imagine Jessica trying to kill Kim with her colour guard pole. She laughed. The bus entered the small town. She got off the bus and before she could take a step a shout cut through the crisp air.

"Chelsea! Over here!" a girl with long black hair was waving. Chelsea walked over.

"Hi there Jordan!" Chelsea answered. "And you're her friends right?" she asked the 2 girls beside her.

"Yup. Name's Brittany. I came here from Ontario." Brittany said.

"I'm Baileigh. Nice to meet you." Baileigh added.

"Nice to meet you both." Chelsea answered.

Jordan's mom drove them to the house. It was a little ways in the country. "Ok you know the rules Jordan. I'll phone you when I get to Calgary. See you! Take care!" Jordan's mom dropped them off then quickly left.

"She has to go to a teacher conference." Jordan explained. "Dad's at work for 2 weeks and my brothers are on a fishing trip."

They were greeted by a hyper collie. "that's missy." Baileigh said. They went inside the house to see another dog, a shitzu named peanuts.

"Lets play games." Brittany offered "I even brought soulcallibur 3!" so they played games. One they really liked was Naruto ultimate ninja.' They played games until finally they fell asleep on the floor in Jordan's room. Baileigh woke up a few hours later and walked to the fridge when a noise behind hre made her jump. She turned around to find…

"Hi! I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Believe it!" he jumped out of the nook in the kitchen.


The other 3 woke up and walked to the kitchen. Baileigh met them half way and began pointing toward the kitchen "N-N-Naruto! O-Over there!"

Brittany laughed "I think you've had too much pop. Naruto ha!"

"Hey! Watch what you say! Believe it!" Naruto said appearing in front of them in a puff of smoke. Now it was Brittany's turn to scream.

'I knew it.' Chelsea thought. "Do you know if there are others with you?"

Naruto thought hard. "I don't know. I only remember Orochimaru doing a weird jutsu and I woke up here."

"Then lets go look." Jordan said. "me, Naruto and Brittany can look in one group and Baileigh and Chelsea can be in another group." So Jordan and Brittany began their search starting with the bathroom, they heard an argument.

"Ino-pig! It goes this way you dolt!"

"Shut up billboard brow! I know what I'm doing!" they cautiously opened the bathroom door to see Ino and Sakura fighting on how to get open the shower door. Jordan took the liberty to open it for them.

"See! I told you it was supposed to go that way!" Sakura said victoriously.

"Shut up." Ino turned towards the 2 girls "hey where are we?"

"Canada…." Brittany answered.

"Hey sakura, Ino!" Naruto yelled.

Jordan looked around "hey britt, can you take our guests to the living room while I continue looking?"

"You sure?"

"yup." Jordan nodded.

"Be careful." Brittany said then turned to the three ninjas "well if you'll follow me." They disappeared.

Chelsea and Baileigh walked to the master bedroom and were about to open it when a voice called "I know you are out there, show yourself and we might just spare you."

"what's happening Neji? Who's out there?" another voice asked. Baileigh cautiously opened the door to see Neji armed with kunai and Rock lee in a fighting stance, Rock lee immediately relaxed. "neji we can't hurt those un-armed." Neji reluctantly put away his weapon. Chelsea felt someone tap her shoulder and she turned around to see Hinata.

"W-What's happening?" she asked.

Baileigh shrugged. "We're about as stumped as you are, hey! Can you two use your Byakugan to help us find the others?"

The two hyuuga looked at eachother then at the 2 girls suspiciously "how would you know that?" Neji asked.

"The hyuuga clan is a very prestigious clan how have we not heard of you?" Chelsea answered she'd rather not tell them the truth from experience.

"O-Ok…" Hinata activated her byakugan and began to walk toward the spare room.

Jordan walked to her brothers' room and saw a scene that was too cute. "Hey look! There's cute furry things in this cage! Shikamaru you're smart, do you know what these animals are!" Kiba was looking in the hamster cages, one thing Jordan noticed was the absence of Akamaru so kiba must be going through separation anxiety.

Shikamaru walked over "this is so troublesome." He paused to look and he looked shocked "I don't know what they are."

Jordan decided to make her presence known "They're called hamsters. There're others here too, lets go meet them." She turned around "besides I have a furry friend that you'd like kiba." So they walked out and met Baileigh and Chelsea's group. "Well we only have to check this room and we'll be done."

Baileigh led Sakura, Ino and Naruto to the living room where they unexpectedly meet Kakashi and Sasuke. To put it simply, we don't have to worry about Sakura or Ino going anywhere, and Kakashi was too busy reading his come come paradise.

Meanwhile there was a slight problem in the spare room. Gaara blew up the spare bedroom door just as they were about to open it, which caused Baileigh to have another fear of sand. And everyone going into attack mode, after some calming down they finally got Gaara to come with them. So now they were in the living room.

"ok, I'm Jordan, and that's Baileigh that's Chelsea and that's Brittany. We all know who you are cuz we have connections." She yawned then a look of panic swept across her face, "Oh I'm going downstairs…..i have to get the dog and since it's pretty much an empty room I can look down there as well, I'll be right back." Jordan walked off.

She immediately found peanuts fighting tooth and claw to get through the baby gate and now that she thought about it she thought she heard thuds and things breaking once in a while. She let peanuts out and grabbed a baseball bat that was beside her and marched into the dark. She turned on the light to get knocked off her feet. She looked to see Orochimaru and Itachi having a death match, Orochimaru turned to her as she got up.

"My my…a girl." Orochimaru advanced on her with his sword. Jordan without even thinking swung her bat as hard as she could and hit him square on the head he slumped to the ground. she looked around to see that nothing much had been damaged….all the power tools and the computer and the furniture didn't get damaged at all or too much but she couldn't say the same about the walls or her dad's wood and his desk. Luckily the walls were just plastic covered insulation so all they needed was tape and rubber gloves.

Jordan sighed and was about to say something when Brittany called "Jordan! Are you ok! You're taking forever and peanuts came up the stairs and-" she came into view "oh boy."

"Yeah we've got a problem." Jordan answered thinking about how ticked off Orochimaru was gonna be when he woke up. "well we better go to the others." Itachi grabbed Orochimaru's body but not before taking a ring off his finger and into his pocket. He followed the 2 girls to the living room.

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