Hey guys, so I understand it's literally been about FIVE years since I've updated this story. I want to thank everyone for all the encouragement, appreciation, advice, and support that was given to me during my two or so years writing Naruto fanfiction.

The truth is, I stopped caring about Naruto in high school. The manga and anime lost my interest. I didn't follow the story, and therefore, never felt compelled to write about characters that I no longer felt attached to and no longer felt I understood.

Although I highly doubt the same readers from back then are still following this story, I thought I'd put an official word out that this is ON HIATUS (oh as if that wasn't obvious Jaded, dumb you.) However, I will be RE-EDITING all of the chapters to this story, and if I somehow manage to get through that, then I will continue to update the story. This is NOT a promise of any sort, for re-editing could take years or I may never even finish, so it's best to just think of this story as on hold until any actual development.

Naturally, a lot has changed in five years. I began this story when I hadn't even graduated from middle school and now I'm already halfway through college. I haven't written fiction or written for leisure in a long time so perhaps I'm even worse than I was when I was 14/15 years old. This story makes me cringe on many levels. The writing (along with the writing in most of my other stories) really pains me. Some drastic changes need to be made, both in style and in overall plot so bear with me.

My love for Naruto and for SasuSaku has been rekindled these past few months and I do really miss the community as well. This is just me, slowly trying to ease back into things. :)