Chapter 1: The Beginning

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It was a rainy day for the citizens of Konoha and possibly one of the worst weeks in history for this beautiful hidden village. Of course it wasn't as bad as the Uchiha Massacre or when the Kyuubi attacked and killed many innocent people or even the Sound and Sand invasion but it still was bad. The last Uchiha had defected to the Sound and the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade had sent a team of five genin to stop him from becoming the next vessel of Orochimaru. She even asked the Sand to help. They sent her three of their best ninjas they had. Tsunade knew deep down inside her that there was no way that eight ninjas would be enough to succeed yet when Naruto was involved, things usually turned out positive and she could only hope that the Uzumaki luck would hold up.

Our favorite hero was crawling towards the gates of Konoha, dragging a beaten and bruise Sasuke. Naruto on the other hand was in much worst shape. Two giant holes where going though his right shoulder and one dangerously close to his heart. If it wasn't for the Kyuubi sealed inside him, he would have been dead a long time ago. He was also low on chakra and blood. It wasn't looking good for him at all if he didn't get medical help soon.

Shikamaru and the others had returned only a few hours before Naruto got to the gates. They were sent to the hospital the moment they walk through the gate. Tsunade had asked what happen to Naruto but no one answered her either because they were unconscious or deep in thought. Shikamaru tried to tell them he was fine and wanted to go save Naruto, but the Mednins insisted he go and get medical help at the hospital. Tsunade was in tears at the thought of losing Naruto. She had always thought of him as the son she never had. She couldn't lose anymore family or at least she couldn't stand around and do nothing while he died. An ABNU member walked up to her as she was about to go look for her last piece of family. "Hokage-sama we need your help at the hospital, Neji and Choji are in critical condition and desperately need your help."

"Fine but please, for the love of God, send someone to find Naruto and bring him home" asked Tsunade in a desperate mother way.

"Ok just go, I will look for him myself." said the ABNU however when Tsunade was running towards the hospital, he turned and walked back to his home. 'As if I would go after that

demon' thought the ABNU with a smile on his face.

Sakura was waiting by the gates since Shikamaru's team arrived. She was in tears because of Sasuke's betrayal. She felt alone without him and loved him with all she had in her. But it wasn't enough to keep him here. Deep down she thought Naruto couldn't bring Sasuke back. Even with that feel all she could do was picture Naruto and Sasuke holding each other as they walk through the gates, smiling at each other. It was crazy but that's how she hope they would come back.

She was the first person to see Naruto drag sasuke into Konoha. She was tearing up at the sight. For one moment Naruto was undescribably happy to see Sakura actually caring about him. However the Moment was ruin when she punched him in the face, while screaming,

"What the hell did you do to my Sasuke-kun, you monster!"

Nothing in the world could have hurt Naruto as bad as those words. Naruto wanted to die right there and then. He started to shed tears as he cried out,"Please don't say that Sakura-chan I kept my promise and brought him back for you."

"You promise to bring him back home not kill him!" screamed Sakura

"Sakura-chan, he isn't even close to dead, he's just unconscious." cried Naruto fearing he was about to lose one of his precious people.

"I don't care demon (right there Naruto cringed) don't you ever and I mean ever try to hurt Sasuke-kun again or you will regret it!"

After saying her version of thanks to Naruto for bring Sasuke back, she picked the traitor up and race towards the hospital as fast as her pathetic legs would let her. However the only problem with this was that Naruto was laying in the street covered in his own blood. It was a horrible sight. No one was there to help Naruto because the entire medical crew was back at the hosptial.

Suddenly a beautiful blue haired angel came running up to him, crying "Naruto!" As the goddess got into focus he realize who it was and with his last breath he quietly whispered "Hinata" as he passed out from blood lost.

Hinata had started the day off quite normally. Her alarm went off at the usual time, even though she didn't have team practice today. Something about Kiba being on a important mission she really didn't know. She growled and grabbed the screaming alarm clock. She then chunk it out the window with a satisfying crunch sound as it smashed onto the sidewalk below her window. The alarm clock had committed one of the worst crimes to Hinata, it had woke her from a dream about Naruto. Those were the best and sometimes raciest dreams she ever had, and because of that stupid alarm clock she couldn't get back to sleep. So instead of just laying in bed trying all day to return to that wonderful state of mind, she decide to get up and go for a long walk around Konoha and maybe visit a few friends.

Hinata ,first, went to take a very cold shower, to help her wake up. After that freezing shower, She decide to fix herself some breakfast which included eggs and bacon. Now normally the servants would get her some breakfast but it was too early in the morning for anyone to be up (5:00 a.m.) except Neji who she couldn't find. Even though she had servants to help her, most of the time she like doing things like cooking her own breakfast on her own.

She was about to run out the door when she saw it was raining and instead of just giving up and returning to bed, she decide to get an umbrella. She plan to walk over to see Tenten today. They had been roommates in the hospital after the Chunin exam and had developed a strong friendship. Tenten's house wasn't that far from the Hyuga's compound but she decide to take the long way there to clear her head. Something had been bothering her all week, and that something is named Naruto. The reason for the annoyance was that she hadn't seen him for at least two days and was starting to get her nervous. Now it didn't take much for the young Hyuga heir to get wound up however this time it started when she asked Sakura where Naruto was and all Sakura could do was cry and run away.

As she jogged around the village her thoughts shifted from Naruto's safety to her erotic dream she had about the blond haired boy. It had been a very intimate dream about Naruto finding her in the middle of the forest. She had a twisted ankle so of course Naruto pick her up and carried her backed to his place. Once there he dropped her on his bed and had his way with her over and over again. Now this isn't the first sexual dream she had about Naruto, no far from it. In fact probably the only type of dream she had was a dirty dream with Naruto (once Neji had join them)in it since she hit puberty.

Hinata, my friends, belongs to a special group of people called closet perverts. Many of her closest friends and/or family know this because they have caught her in the act of being perverted. Kiba once found her copy of Icha Icha Paradise in her backpack and hasn't let her live it down yet. Or another awkward time when Neji walk in on her rubbing herself while she was watching a movie. It was the most embarssing moment in her young life, she couldn't even look him in the eyes for about a year, and even after that both of them had incredible blushes. However Hanabi (her sister) and Tenten supported her just because they are as perverted as she is. She didn't care about what Kiba or Neji thought because she likes sex and all the romantic things involved with it. She probably masturbates at least three times a day or at least every time she sees Naruto.

One of her favorite fantasies has Naruto taking her virginity by roughly in her room, with people right across the hall. She desperately needed to touch Naruto in a very sensual way. However her shy good girl side always overpowered her perverted bad girl side, but lately her perverted side had gain more control over her. It was getting harder not to take what was truly hers, what belong to her, what she wanted, no needed to complete herself. She just wished he would look at her in the same way as she looks at him or at less he could pass out for a few hours so she could do things to him that even Jiraiya wouldn't do.

As she was jogging towards the gate out of Konoha and imaging how good it would feel to get Naruto all alone, when she saw a strange red spot in the distant, however because of the rain it was hard to tell what it was. So she decided to check it out.

When she got closer she realized it was a person, a very bloody person. Finally she saw who it was and her stomach turned. Her Naruto-kun was covered in blood and mud but the worst part was the tears falling from his face. She cried out "Naruto!" and ran as fast as she possibly could towards him. By the time she got there he was already passed out. She drop the umbrella she was holding and pick his broken body up. With all her strength she ran to the hospital with the man she loves in her arms.

Naruto awoke in a dark and damp hallway. The walls were drippy and it was kind of creepy to him. Of course he had been in that hallway before and knew were to go but it still was creepy. He walked around until he found a huge door. Carefully he open it and walk through. There he saw the familiar cage and seal which meant that his tenant wanted to talk.

"Oy brat how are you feeling because you look like shit" said the cheeky fox

"I feel like I just got punch in the face for calling baa-chan old" said Naruto painfully

"It's better than being dead and what the hell were you think. You do know that if you die I die." said the Kyuubi as he growled at Naruto.

"Baka fox what do you mean, I kick Sasuke-teme's ass..." Suddenly Naruto looked away to hide his face covered in deep emotional pain.

"Kit it's okay you did what you need to do and you did bring him back which was no easy task. In fact I bet the forth would have been proud." the mighty demon's face soften for a bit. 'It looks like the brat has grown on me, damn it I am the lord of all demons and now I am getting soft' thought the great fox. And it was true, the Kyuubi had develop a soft spot in his heart for Naruto even though he would never mention it, but Naruto knew. So to keep Naruto from getting depressed he decide to change the subject. However what subject could be use to knock Naruto out of his funk. Maybe a heated discussion about ramen and its effects on world economics. No that wouldn't work that had that debate last week. Maybe the topic of love would cheer him up and finally realize Hinata is the one for him. Kyuubi had gained strong feelings of love for the only girl that cared for his container.

"So boy what are you going to do about pinky."

As he said that all the memories from the last few hours hit him. "I don't know, I mean I have always loved Sakura for as long as I remember how can I give it up."

"Well it seems to me that she doesn't return the same feelings"

"I don't know you might be right I mean she is kind of bitch"

"She isn't even that good looking. Why did you like her in the first place"

"She was always good?" was the best Naruto could come up with.

"See now is she really all that great?"

"Now that you mention it I really don't like her at all except it's hard not to feel anything towards her."

"Ok so who do you think will make a better mate than that...that whore?"

"I'm not sure maybe Ino but wait she is in love with Sasuke too hmm maybe Tenten but I don't know anything about her..."

"You know what, have you ever considered the white-eyed girl for your mate?"

"Baka fox, you mean Hinata and maybe you're right but she is a high class kind of girl, what would she ever see in me?"

"You're the baka if you haven't even noticed it by now."

"Notice...notice what? What are you talking about?"

"God your stupid, never mind just talk to her when you wake up."

"Fine, hey how long am I going to be out"

"For about...hmm... HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW YOU BAKA!"

"Well there's no need to get snippy you know, besides were stuck together for a while."

After a long moment of awkward silence, Naruto spoke up "Do you have any board games in here?"

Three days of nonstop excitement with Naruto can drive anyone crazy, even the lord of demons. They played quite a few different board games, also the Kyubbi had a deck of cards to play with. Even though Naruto wouldn't admit it, he was having fun with the crazy beast. They talked about many things from girls to crazy stories of when the Kyuubi was young.

"Any nines?" "Go Fish" "Are you sure let me look at your cards?" "What makes you think I am lying you're the one that is always cheating." "Why you cheap bastard..." Naruto was cut off right there.

"Hey kit...hmm... seems like something interesting is going on outside"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I think you should wake up now"

"Hey how do I wake up"

"It's kind of like a dream, you just do I guess."

"Wow big help...well here I go." He tried but nothing happen. Then he had a great idea. What if he knocked himself out since he already was unconscious. Naruto then started to get a running start and sped straight towards the wall. He rammed the wall head first which in the end, turned out to be not such a great idea but at least it did wake him up.

Three days after the team got back, everyone was in the hospital. Kiba, Neji, and Choji stayed in the same room. They were mostly heal thanks to Tsuande. Naruto had his own room because he was still critical. Tenten, Shino, Ino, and Lee stayed with the broken heroes while Hinata stayed with Naruto. Even thought Hinata checked up on Neji and Kiba, they keep telling her to stay with Naruto.

Hinata sat by Naruto side for three days straight not leaving one, well except to use the bathroom and get something to eat. She spent most of her time holding Naruto hand and reading the her entire Icha Icha collection. Now this of course cause her to get in a certain every so often. So she would peek under his hospital gown which would make her blush and pass out. Soon she stop fainting and got use to peeking at his intimate parts or at least as use to it as she could get.

One day Jiraiya caught Hinata peeking at Naruto. He was coming for a visit to see if the boy had woken up yet. When she got caught, Hinata fainted on the spot and Jiraiya laughed pervertly. Once Tsunade hear him laughing and remembered that Hinata was in the same room as the womanizer, she ran to Naruto's room and smacked Jiraiya so hard he flew out the window. Then Tsunade tried to figure out what happen but Hinata was out cold, so she shrugged it off and decide to check up on Jiraiya since they were on the third floor.

The day Naruto finally woke up, Hinata's perverted side got the better of her and she had to take a look under his covers. She picked up the covers to see him in his gown, yet this wasn't enough to satisfy her needs. So she reached down and left his gown up. However he wasn't wearing any underwear so she got a good few of his family jewels. As she looked at his penis, her loins suddenly started to heat up. She gently caressed her groin to relieve the building pressure, but it just made it worst. Soon her lust overpowered her and she unbuttoned her pants and started to masturbate. She griped Naruto's leg and closed her eyes as she softly moaned his name over and over again. After awhile she let out a very loud scream before she hit her sexual climax. When the pleasant feeling started to disappear, she turned to look at Naruto. However Naruto was looking right back at her with a wide eyed expression.

'Man my head is killing me and what's wrong with my leg' was the first thought that went through his head as he wake up from his three day coma. When he finally opened his eyes the sight in front of him shocked the hell out of him. There, right in front of him was probably the most innocent girl in the world pleasuring herself and calling out his name HIS NAME. At that very moment, he had never been more surprised or turned on in his life. In fact just seeing her like that made him speechless and of course very lustful. After what seem like hours, she let out a very scream and turned around to look at him. He was hoping that she wouldn't look down at the very large tent under his blankets.

'OH MY GOD' thought Hinata, "N-N-Na-Nar-r-r-Naru-u-to-kun...gomen...I-I-I...Gomen..." she studded incoherently. She then turned as fast as she possibly could and was about to run away when something grabbed her pants. Her pants, which were still unbuttoned, were pulled down to reveal pair of lavender panties. To her though, the need for running away was greater then the need to pull up her pants. Which of course gave Naruto a perfect view of her gorgeous lower body. The first thing that went into his mind was 'Wow she has some nice legs.'

"Hinata, why are you running away?" asked Naruto.

"Uh...Uh...G-Gomen..Naruto" Hinata said and then thought 'Oh no he must think I'm a pervert.' she looked away shamefully.

'Oh no she must think I'm a pervert,' thought Naruto because he was thinking she must of caught him drooling over her luscious legs and was offended so much that she looked away.

"I'm sorry Hinata-chan, it's just...your legs are so sexy and I just couldn't look away" cried Naruto and was he expecting to get slap by her, yet it never happen.

'Why is he apologizing to me when I was the one who did something wrong' thought Hinata 'and did he just say I had sexy legs.'

With a very red face, she mumbled, "Naruto-kun...uh...I'm the one...who should apologize, for that...that" she was silenced by Naruto when he placed his finger on her lips.

"Apologize, why would you do that. I actually kind of liked it." said Naruto shyly, scratching the back of his head.

"Really...well maybe we could do it... again together you know" Hinata wasn't that good with words. However Naruto was stunned to find out that Hinata had a bit of a wild side and was wanting to see more of it. But now wasn't the time, and he knew it.

"Hinata-Chan what are you doing here and how long have I been out?" asked Naruto.

"Three days Naruto-kun, and the rea-a-son-n is... it's just I-I-I guess I you know" answered Hinata awkwardly.

"What was that your not making any sense. Please tell me Hinata-chan, I won't think any less of you."said Naruto very gently.

"I-I-I it''s just that yeah and yeah and I really like you Naruto-kun." said a flustered Hinata as she quickly surprised Naruto with a deep and intimate hug so she wouldn't have to see the look of disgust on his face. After a few moments, she finally gained enough courage to see what his reaction to her deepest secret was. When she looked at his face, she was surprised to see that he didn't looked sicken or angry at her, but had a small, happy looking smile on his face and it wasn't the normal fake cheerful smile that he usually shows but a real and sincere look of joy.

"H-Hinata I like you too" said Naruto quietly as a blush creeped onto his face.

"Really!" she yelled because her dreams seemed like they were coming true.

"Of course Hinata you gave me strength when I needed it for the chunin exams, and you are truly kind to me no matter what, plus your like one of the hottest kunoichi of all time." say Naruto with a flirtatious smile.

"Thank you Naruto-kun." said Hinata with her normal blush as she snuggled deeper into Naruto's chest.

"Your welcome Hina-chan, Man, lady luck must be on my side." said Naruto as he wrapped his arms tightly around Hinata.

However lady luck was not on their side as Jiraiya, Tsunade, Iruka, Kakashi, and Kurenai walked in on them and caught them in the very awkward position. Hinata was clinging onto Naruto very tightly and she had no pants on. They all had very mixed reactions, Jiraiya giggled like a perverted school girl and said, "That's my boy!" while he wrote down the scene in his dirty notebook, Iruka and Kurenai fainted at the sight but not before Kurenai grabbed the notebook and shredded it to pieces, Kakashi was just grinned and said "Way to go, Naruto" while he returned to his book, and Tsunade screamed "Naruto, stop taking advantage of that innocent girl!", which Naruto responded to with a "She's taking advantage of me Baa-chan"and finally Hinata passed out after Naruto had said his bit. The entire room (except Hinata, Iruka and Kurenai) broke into laughter.

After a while, Naruto asked in a light whisper, "Is Sasuke...okay?" which caused everyone that wasn't passed out to go serious.

Tsunade said with a frown, "Yes, Naru-kun he's fine. You did a number on him though."

"So what happen, Naruto?" asked Kakashi

"Well the group spilted apart as we were fighting those stupid sound four and I went after sasuke. Sasuke and me ended up at the valley of the end. Before we fought, he started to talk about his past and something called the Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi told Sasuke that the only way to get it was to kill your best friend. After we stopped talking we started to fight. Soon Sasuke struck me in the chest with a Chidori (One Thousand Birds) and after that things got a little blurry. When I finally got control, Sasuke was knocked out." said Naruto with a hint of despair.

'He actually use the Chidori on Naruto' thought Kakashi as he started to regret ever teaching Sasuke that move.

"I'm so sorry Naruto...I...I...I just don't know what else I can say" said Kakashi as he started to look a little teary eyed.

"It's ok Kakashi-sensei, it's not your fault, hell it's not even Sasuke's fault." said Naruto comforting.

"What do you mean Naruto?" asked Tsuande.

"Well I mean... this all started when Sasuke got the cursed seal right. So that means it's Orochimaru fault. See so all we have to do is get rid of the cursed seal and Sasuke will be normal again."

"Hey Jiraiya, can you look at the cursed seal on the Uchiha brat?" asked Tsuande.

"Yeah I can but there is a problem." said Jiraiya.

"What's the problem and don't you dare tell me that you have to go to the hot springs?" asked Tsuande.

"No I'm being serious here." said Jiraiya with a somber look. "The cursed seal is an incredibly risky seal to remove because there is only a 10 chance he will survive."

"What are you sure? Do we even have to remove it?" asked Naruto.

"There is only one way to remove it and I know how to do it, and it isn't even hard to do, its just the chance of surviving is so low. Plus if we don't do it and soon, Sasuke will lose his soul to the seal." said Jiraiya.

"Please Jiraiya, save Sasuke for me. I know I have asked for a lot, it's just I don't want to lose one of my precious people." Jiraiya was completely suprised when Naruto called him Jiraiya and not Ero-Sennin.

"Naruto, I don't know what to say. I mean I wish I could tell you everything will be all right but I'm not sure. It depends greatly on the will to live that the boy has." said Jiraiya.

"It's ok, Ero-sennin just help him I know you can do it." said Naruto with a small but terribly sad smile.

Jiraiya didn't even get angry with Naruto when he called him Ero-sennin, he just smiled back at Naruto and said, "Sure, I will do my best."

"Enough of this sad stuff Naruto ." said Tsunade as she gave him a warm hug. "We were very worried about you."

"You've really become a man Naruto." said Jiraiya as he ruffled Naruto hair. "And we are very proud of you."

Now normally someone would be embarrassed by these shows of tenderness and love, but these things are what Naruto wanted more than anything else. He enjoyed the warm and tender love that only a mother or father could show because he had never experience it before. These heart filled actions were the only things that he wanted more than to become Hokage.

After a few hours of talking with everyone (except Hinata who was passed out and fell asleep) and a promised bowl of ramen when he got out of the hospital, everyone except Hinata left for the night. Hinata of course was still snuggling up to Naruto, (Naruto finally had slid Hinata's pants back on) he soon fell asleep by her side. However the couple didn't have much time to spend cuddling up together because a very angry Hiashi broke down the door and woke them up.

Hiashi was having a great night. He had enjoyed a tasty piece of chocolate cake without anyone seeing him and he was about to read his copy of Icha Icha Paradise II when he realize he hadn't seen Hinata all day. As a matter of fact he hadn't seen Hinata for at least a few days now. Normally Hiashi didn't really care about his daughter and how she spent her time because he always had important clan issues to deal with, but he always saw her at least once a day. He tried to forget about it and returned to his book, but he just couldn't get over it. Finally he gave up and decided to check up on her. He walked through the cold and impersonally hallways towards her room.

When he arrived at her room he knocked on her door. After a few minutes of this, he asked, "Hinata are you in there?". When he got no response, he opened her door. Her room was incredibly clean and complete white as if it had snowed in there. She had a huge window on the opposite side of the room from the door. She loved to sit by it and read while she looked out it. She also had a huge king size bed and a nice desk in her room. However there wasn't a personal item there that showed you it was her room except her team picture and a strange orange stuff fox that laid on her bed. He was about to get very angry about the fox when he realize she wasn't even there. Most of the time Hinata went to bed pretty early, but it was already late at night and she wasn't even in her room.

Hiashi stormed out of her room and straight towards his other daughter's, Hanabi, room. He didn't even bother with knocking as he slammed open Hanabi's door. She woke up quickly to see her father fuming. "What are you doing Father..." she was interrupted by Hiashi as he asked in a loud and demanding voice, "Where the hell is Hinata!" Hanabi knew that Hinata was at the hospital, however she cared deeply for her sister because she never knew their mother and Hinata always supported and cared for her like a mother would.

"I don't know Father, maybe she's at Tenten's house." Hanabi didn't have the confidence problem that Hinata had because she had someone to care for her unlike Hinata.

"No she would have told me she was staying with a friend. Don't lie to me, I can tell you know the truth. NOW SPILT IT!" With that Hiashi slapped Hanabi across the face. She just stayed quite except for the fact she was crying heavily. He grabbed her and started to shake her.

When she couldn't take anymore, she cried out "I'm... sorry... daddy... I... don't... know... Please... stop... your... hurting me." He just dropped her on the bed and looked down at her with a face of disgust. He left without saying a word, and she just laid there crying. She wasn't even crying for herself, she was worried what her Father would do to Hinata when he found her.

Hiashi walked down the hall with a frown on his face. Hiashi hated to do that to his daughters but what else could he do to make sure they were strong and not weak. 'I'm doing this for their own good. I'm doing this for their own good...' Hiashi repeated to himself as he prayed to his dead wife to forgive him and understand him.

As he neared the front gates, he overheard the guards gossiping, "I can't believe Hinata-sama is with that demon." "Yeah I know just think what her father well do if he finds out." "I almost feel bad for her." "What do you mean by almost?" "She deserves much worse for bedding with the Kyuubi." Hiashi decided to interrupt them right there.

"Where is she!" asked Hiashi as he picked up one of the guards by he's shirt. "H-Hospital" and with that Hiashi sped towards the Hospital as fast as a angry father could. When he got there, he didn't even bother with asking where she was. He just activated his Byakugan. It didn't take him long to get there and instead of slowing down, he just kept on running right into the door. What he saw pissed the hell out of him, his daughter laying in the same bed as that demon.

"Hinata! What the hell do you think you're doing with...with that Demon." He screamed

A small epp was all that Hinata said in response as Naruto pushed her behind him in a protective manner. Naruto could see the anger radiating from Hiashi and he was worried about Hinata's safety. However this just infuriated Hiashi even more. Hinata on the other hand, was feeling slightly better because of Naruto.

"F-f-fa-fath-ther h-he's not a demon he is a nice, charming, sweet boy who has given me the strength to change myself for the better!" She had started with a voice that Hiashi could hardly hear and had finished with a loud and rebellious tone. To say Hiashi was took completely by surprised was a understatement. The daughter he knew never raised her voice above a whisper let alone disagreed with him.

His anger completely took over. He shouted "You little bitch, I'll show you to disrespect me!" His emotions were in control now, as he leapt across the room to slap her. The slap never connected because Naruto stopped him with one hand half way.

Naruto didn't look very friendly after that. His hair was more messy, his whiskers were deepened, and his nails were long and pointy. But two things stood out the most was his eyes were no longer the same crystal blue, they were crimson and dripping with killer intent, and his chakra was turning just as red with even more killer intent.

"If you even think about laying a hand on the woman that I treasure with all my heart, I will make sure that every nightmare you ever had would come true." said Naruto in the most demonic voice Hiashi had ever heard.

Hiashi was about to wet himself from fear. He had seen plenty of things, however this took the cake. Naruto had surprised him by that out burst almost as much as Hinata's. Hiashi didn't know that Naruto cared that much about Hinata.

"F-Fine with me you monster have her, I don't need a weak little girl who will just end up ruining the clan." said Hiashi cruelly

"Shut up Hinata is better than your little stick in the ass clan will ever be." said Naruto still in his kyuubi form.

"Hinata you are band from coming back to the compound ever again." said Hiashi as he stormed out.

Naruto smirked with a hint of satisfaction as he saw Hiashi turn tail and run. Naruto then turned around to check and see if Hinata was ok. He was also worried that she might be afraid of him. Her face was plowed down in a pillow and it was obvious that she was crying her heart out. He knew how painful it is to be abandon, the loneliness can be unbearable. He reached down and picked up Hinata by the waist. He then gave her the most loving hug he could muster up and sat down on the bed with her on his lap.

"I-I-I'm so sorry Naruto. All I am is just a huge burden. I don't deserve you." She cried as she buried her head into his chest. "Oh Hina-chan you have no idea of how much you mean to me now, do you?" He whispered in her ear.

"Do you mean that Naruto?" She looked at him with extremely puffy red eyes.

He tightened the hug and said, "Hinata, don't ever believe you're a burden. In only a short amount of time, you have cared and said more nice things about me than any other person in this village. You have helped me through the darkness of my depression and given me the one thing I have always wanted, love. You're my glorious princess, Hina-hime."

"Thank you, Naruto, thank you so much, but wait were am I going to live?" asked Hinata

"Well if it's ok with you maybe you could stay with me. I mean I need a roommate and it would be nice to have the company." said Naruto with a huge blush that made him look like a tomato.

"Well I don't know I guess it could be fun." said Hinata when she really was thinking, 'OH MY GOD, HE WANTS ME TO LIVE WITH HIM! HIS THIS A DREAM, PLEASE DON'T WAKE ME UP!'

"To be honest with you Naruto-kun I would love to stay with you." whisper Hinata with her usually blush. She realize he wasn't listening. "Naruto-kun? Naruto-kun? What..." but it was too late Naruto was passed out cold from the excitement of the day. So Hinata just smiled and snuggled up next to him. Never letting go of that smile, she just fell asleep for the first time in her life feeling truly happy.

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